Psychology students undertake research projects under close supervision from staff. Students and members of the general public can apply to participate…

Research Participation

The School of Psychology has a strong and continually expanding research focus. Some of these research projects involve PhD, Masters, Professional Doctorate, Honours and fourth year psychology students who undertake research projects under close supervision from staff.

The SONA database

Staff and students in the School recruit from a variety of the participation population for their research projects. To facilitate this, SONA is our experimental management system that provides a list of all current research projects and enables individuals to sign-up and participate in the studies of their choice.

SONA saves time for participants and protects their confidentiality by ensuring volunteers are not identifiable to researchers.

There are two different volunteer programs. The First Year Psychology Research Awareness Exercise is for students, while the Psychology Volunteer Register is for the general public. More information is offered below.

Research awareness exercise

The School operates a Research Awareness Exercise for students enrolled in selected undergraduate courses in psychology.

For these courses all students are provided with the opportunity to participate in psychological research studies undertaken by experienced researchers and students in exchange for partial course credit.

It isn't compulsory but the Exercise represents a fundamental aspect of teaching in psychology and provides students with the facilities to undertake their own research required for fourth year.

Psychology students wanting to participate in research projects should read the Research Awareness Exercises Guide. Students should consult the Student SONA Documentation for instructions about how to operate this system.

You can then check participant eligibility and register through SONA.

Psychology volunteer register

The Psychology Volunteer Register enables individuals from the general public and the broad university student and staff population to participate in research projects carried out by staff and research students within the School of Psychology.

Research projects offer a range of participation incentives including cash as travel reimbursements, store gift vouchers, entry to prize draws or access to educational services.

There are two simple steps to register your interest in being a volunteer:

  1. You need to create a SONA account
  2. You can now access and sign-up to a psychology research project

This will give you immediate and permanent access to the SONA system and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Resources for Researchers

Researchers who would like to recruit from the participant pool should read the Overview and Research Participation sections of the Research Awareness Exercises Guide.

Researchers should consult the Researcher SONA Lab Study Documentation for details about how to run a lab-based study in SONA, or the Researcher SONA Online Study Documentation for details about how to run an online study in SONA.