The Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Newcastle prepares its students for global citizenship

Faculty of Business and Law

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Law, where new knowledge is created. Our innovative degrees provide work-ready skills and our students are prepared for global citizenship.

Our research

Our research

The Faculty of Business and Law strives to find solutions so business and society can work together to create sustainable enterprises and communities in the areas of: Business and Management, Economics, Law, Politics and Tourism.

With renowned University Centres such as the Hunter Research Foundation Centre and the Health Research Services Centre the Faculty produces world-class research in all its areas of activity.

 Our international partnerships

International partnerships

The Faculty prepares its students for global citizenship. Our curriculum is international in focus and challenges our students to understand and question the global economy and society of which they are part.


In our community

We recognise the importance of mutually beneficial engagement with community, alumni and industry. Therefore, we are committed to teaching, research, community service and engagement that enable sustainable outcomes.

Our Executive and Corporate Programs (ECP) provide high quality training, education and professional development programs to meet the educational requirements of individuals and organisations.

Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching

By promoting student-centred learning, we encourage our students to be active collaborators, testing their ideas with both teachers and fellow students. We expect our students to be risk-takers, continuously contesting ideas and questioning conventional wisdom.