Glenn and Ken Moss PhD Scholarships in Engineering Research

Closing Date: 01 January 2018 Apply Now

PhD Scholarship

This donor funded supplementation scholarship has been established and funded for University of Newcastle students studying PhD (Mechanical Engineering) or PhD (Mechatronics). If a candidate is not available in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics, then the scholarship may be offered to a student from another Engineering Discipline.

Dr Ken Moss, a long-term supporter of the University of Newcastle graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering, with honours in 1968. He gained his doctorate in 1974 in the same discipline.

In 2012, Dr Ken Moss served as Chancellor of the University of Newcastle. During his time at university, Dr Moss served as a member and President of the Board of the University Union and as a member of the Students’ Representative Council. He was elected an honorary life member of the Union, was a director of various subsidiary boards, a foundation board member of Hunter Medical Research Institute, a board member of Hunter Area Health Service and a non-executive director of several companies including NAB.

After Dr Moss witnessed a drop in the number of students undertaking research higher degrees in Mechanical Engineering, he and his wife Glenn decided to offer top-up scholarships at the discretion of the College to bolster post graduate engineering, so the University could remain competitive. Their intent continues to enable the College to retain its top students in the Hunter and address the leaching of those students caused by high demand for our graduates from industry and financially attractive scholarships being offered by other Universities.

PhD Scholarship details


Please see Scholarship Conditions

Supervisor: Dr Jubert Pineda

Available to: Domestic students


Eligibility Criteria

* Be enrolled in a PhD (Mechanical Engineering) or PhD (Mechatronics)
* An Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident residing in Australia.
* Have successfully completed the Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) or Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) with a grade of First Class Honours. Note that in determining an equivalent level of academic attainment, consideration may be given to previous study, relevant work experience, research publications and other research experience at the University of Newcastle.
* Must be enrolled full-time and on campus and maintain this enrolment for the duration of the PhD candidature

* Must currently be receiving a University of Newcastle stipend scholarship of either a Research Training Program (RTP), a University of Newcastle Research Scholarship Central (UNRSC), a University of Newcastle Research Scholarship External (UNRSE), or Business & Industry Scholarship.
* Are not in receipt of a supplementation scholarship of above $15,640.50 as a candidate cannot receive benefits greater than 75% of the stipend.
* Must submit an expression of interest and any required documentation no later than the application closing date;
* Not be in recipient of another University of Newcastle Donor funded scholarship concurrently

Application Procedure

The following documentation must be submitted to form the scholarship application.

*An expression of interest including the following information:
- Details of your current PhD enrolment at the University of Newcastle including; start date, program, on/off campus, part-time/full-time enrolment, research topic, current supervisors;
- An overview of your proposed research and the long term benefits from your research work.
- List of completed tertiary qualifications and copies of your tertiary transcripts if your qualifications are not from the University of Newcastle.
* A Curriculum Vitae

Any applicant that does not submit the required documentation above by the application closing date will not be considered for selection

Please send the email expressing interest to by 5pm on 01 January 2018.

Applications Close 01 January 2018 Apply Now

Contact Dr Jubert Pineda
Phone +61 2 4921 7034

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