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Announced November 2020
DP210100426A/Prof Hans KieserDiscovery ProjectThe ‘Peace’ of Lausanne (1923): Genesis, Legacies, Paradoxes$158,991
DP210100437Prof Shanyong WangDiscovery ProjectThe pull-out capacity of a newly developed grouted soil nailing system$360,000
DP210101122Prof Anna GiacominiDiscovery ProjectEfficient geotechnical risk management of rock cliffs$385,000
DP210101487Prof Mark StewartDiscovery ProjectStochastic Assessment of Terrorist Blast and Fragmentation Casualty Risks$703,561
DP210102073Prof Robert MelchersDiscovery ProjectShort- and long-term corrosion of steels in highly calcareous seawaters$405,000
DP210102239Prof Sarah JohnsonDiscovery ProjectNovel Techniques for Uncoordinated Massive Access in the Internet of Things$400,000
DP210103025Prof Jianglong YuDiscovery ProjectNovel H2 production technology using brown coal for clean power generation$370,552
DP210103304A/Prof Stephan ChalupDiscovery ProjectEstimating the Topology of Low-Dimensional Data Using Deep Neural Networks$411,000
DP210103383Prof Andrew FlemingDiscovery ProjectSubsurface Atomic Force Microscopy using Dual Probes$210,000
DP210100285Dr Tamara BucherDiscovery ProjectUnderstanding the impact of nature imagery on healthy food choices$353,227
DP210100313Prof Scott BrownDiscovery ProjectQuantitative psychological theories for a dynamic world.$366,000
DP210100553Dr Karl HassanDiscovery ProjectBacterial polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon transport and degradation$416,025
DP210100709A/Prof David PontinDiscovery ProjectUnderstanding the sources of the slow solar wind$375,000
DP210100873A/Prof Alister PageDiscovery ProjectOptimising One-Dimensional van der Waals Heterostructures$277,000
LP200100537Prof Brett NeilanLinkage ProjectsA novel platform for the biosynthesis of commercially valuable saxitoxins$419,059
LP200100367Prof Jinsong HuangLinkage ProjectsBayesian back analysis for settlement prediction of soft soils$263,112
LP200100261A/Prof Matt HaywardLinkage ProjectsSurviving the inferno: how threatened macropods survive catastrophic fire$234,427
Announced May 2020
LP190101283Prof Rob MelchersLinkage ProjectsShip response under corrosion, fatigue and complex sea-state environments$672,447
Announced March 2020
LP190100510Dr Geoff MacFarlaneLinkage ProjectsOyster biomonitor for endocrine disrupting chemicals$150,000
Announced January 2020
LP190100378Prof Craig WheelerLinkage ProjectDeep Learning Augmented Intelligent Grinding Mill Simulation and Design$545,000
LE200100016Prof Brett NeilanLinkage Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities (LIEF)Synthetic Biology: from Genomics to Valuable Bioproducts$400,000
LE200100220Prof Behdad MoghtaderiLinkage Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities (LIEF)Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography for Multiphase Flows$760,000
Announced November 2019


Dr Olivia EvansDiscovery IndigenousImproving the Well-Being of Low Socioeconomic Status Students at University$488,698
DP200103287Prof Michael StockenhuberDiscovery ProjectCatalytic conversion of Australia's natural gas to value added products$528,000
DP200103507Prof Minyue FuDiscovery ProjectDistributed Estimation, Control and Optimisation for Networked Systems$450,000
DP200103390Prof Andrei LyaminDiscovery ProjectEfficient Computational Strategies for Three-Dimensional Limit Analysis$395,000
DP200102940A/Prof Hongyu ZhangDiscovery ProjectData-driven Approach to Resilient Online Service Systems$250,000
DP200102605A/Prof Elham DoroodchiDiscovery ProjectBubble Dynamics in Fine Droplets: Behaviour and Control$280,000
DP200102122L/Prof Kevin GalvinDiscovery ProjectEnhanced Fractionation of Mineral Particles According to Density$520,000
DP200102364Prof Pablo MoscatoDiscovery ProjectMultiobjective Memetic Algorithms for Multi-task Symbolic Regression$518,000
DP200102346Prof Juanita ToddDiscovery ProjectMoving from assumptions to new learning$171,196
DP200101969Prof Graeme MurchDiscovery ProjectControl of Thermodiffusion in Liquid Multicomponent Alloys$490,000
DP200101079A/Prof Bill PalmerDiscovery ProjectLandscape, language and culture in Indigenous Australia.$445,000
DP200100746Prof Robert MelchersDiscovery ProjectLonger-term progression of localised corrosion of critical infrastructure$550,000
DP200100375Prof Victoria HaskinsDiscovery ProjectAyahs and Amahs: Transcolonial Servants in Australia and Britain 1780-1945$191,437
DP200101471Prof Frini KarayanidisDiscovery ProjectLinking arterial, brain and cognitive integrity in healthy older adults$539,056
DE200101834Dr Mat LangfordDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)The proposed research aims to develop our understanding of the structure of singularities in mean curvature and related flows, with certain applications in mind.$418,410
DE200101622Dr Yanpeng LiuDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)Synthesis of High-quality 2D Perovskites for Efficient Light Harvestings$424,498
DE200100099Dr Kate AriottiDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)Between Death & Commemoration: An Australian History of the War Corpse$379,405
Announced October 2019
CE200100009L/Prof Kevin GalvinARC Centres of ExcellenceARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals$35,000,000
Announced September 2019
SR180200015Dr Cheng FangSpecial Research InitiativesCombination of electrochemistry with sono to destroy and detoxify PFAS$589,007
SR180200059Prof Behdad MoghtaderiSpecial Research InitiativesPFAS Harvester: A Technology for Destruction / Resource Recovery from PFAS$820,000
Announced April 2019
LP180100704Prof Rosalind SmithLinkage Projects 2018Transforming the Early Modern Archive: the Emmerson Collection at SLV$247,000
Announced February 2019
LP180100835Prof Brett NeilanLinkage Projects 2018Mitigating the Risk of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Wastewater Ponds$456,527
Announced November 2018
DE190100965Dr Siddulu Naidu TalapaneniDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award 2019Janus nanosheets for the capture of CO2 and its conversion into clean fuels$408,000
DE190101134Dr Melissa HarrisDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award 2019Contraceptive choice for women with chronic disease$342,338
DP190100091Prof Phil HansbroDiscovery Projects 2019Elucidating the roles of steroid receptors in mitochondria$441,000
DP190100113Prof George KuczeraDiscovery Projects 2019Optimal trade-offs for managing environmental water in inland wetlands$505,000
DP190100646A/Prof Mark HarveyDiscovery Projects 20191 potato, 2 wotatoes, 3 otatoes: Lexical access in Australian languages$484,000
DP190100770Dr Lawrene OngDiscovery Projects 2019Information-theoretic secure communications via caching$420,000
DP190100788Prof Erica WanlessDiscovery Projects 2019Unravelling the dominant drivers of ion specificity$533,038
DP190100861Dr Amy WallerDiscovery Projects 2019Taking action: Increasing Advance Personal Planning by older adults$542,000
DP190101558Prof Olivier BuzziDiscovery Projects 2019Solving the Scale Effect for Rock Discontinuities$370,000
DP190101592A/Prof Jinsong HuangDiscovery Projects 2019Probabilistic Geotechnical Site Characterisation$168,000
DP190102103Dr David FarrugiaDiscovery Projects 2019Young Hospitality Workers and Value Creation in the Service Economy$197,433
DP190102407Dr Klaus ThoeniDiscovery Projects 2019A new framework for large-scale dynamic geotechnical simulations$320,000
DP190102455A/Prof Mark BakerDiscovery Projects 2019Proteomic and genetic analysis of subfertile bull spermatozoa$472,000
DP190102751Prof Lyazid DjenidiDiscovery Projects 2019Wall Turbulence Control: Beyond the Canonical Smooth Wall Case$550,000
DP190102859Prof Rick MiddletonDiscovery Projects 2019Robustness, Resilience and Security of Networked Dynamic Systems$502,000
DP190103221A/Prof Kenneth WilliamsDiscovery Projects 2019Modelling and Characterisation of Biomass Materials for Pneumatic Transport$390,000
DP190103307Dr Galina MirzaevaDiscovery Projects 2019Novel power system architecture and control for 'More Electric Aircraft'$255,000
DP190103314Prof Brett NeilanDiscovery Projects 2019Novel ultraviolet radiation filters from extreme environments$395,000
DP190103459L/Prof Graeme JamesonDiscovery Projects 2019Predicting the recovery of composite mineral particles in froth flotation$540,000
IN190100044Dr Dane LambDiscovery Indigenous 2019Developing a predictive toxicity model for metallic anions in plants$496,166
LE190100019Prof Hugh CraigLinkage Infrastructure Equipment &Facilities (LIEF)Time-layered cultural map of Australia$420,000
Announced August 2018
FT180100371Prof Rosalind SmithFuture Fellowships 2018Marginalia and the early modern women writer, 1530-1660$1,054,816
FT180100123Dr Karl HassanFuture Fellowship 2018Breaking through the Gram-negative cell barrier$874,125
Announced February 2018
LP170100576Prof Graham GoodwinLinkage Projects 2017Control strategies for Bagasse-fuelled boiler units$243,627
Announced November 2017
DE180100894 Dr Zamira Gibb Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Molecular mechanisms of equine fertility and early recognition of pregnancy $365,058
DP180100285 L/Prof Jennifer Gore Discovery Project Investigating the efficacy, complexity and sustainability of teacher change $567,574
DP180101781 Prof Adam McCluskey Discovery Project Micro-dissection of clathrins role in mitosis via chemical biology probes $802,912
DP180102064 Prof Daniel Nyberg Discovery Project Low carbon transition in the Australian energy sector $184,426
DP180102334 Prof Mark Stewart Discovery Project Stochastic Hazard Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Systems $473,315
DP180102421 Prof Christopher Grof Discovery Project Identification of novel plant transporters responsible for sucrose efflux $353,664
DP180102522 A/Prof Anthony Kiem Discovery Project Flooding in Australia - are we properly prepared for how bad it can get? $333,267
DP180103026 Prof Steven Weller Discovery Project Uncertainty in the social cost of carbon dioxide: control theoretic methods $357,999
DP180103497 Dr George Kouretzis Discovery Project Large-scale geotechnical analysis of new and aged pipeline infrastructure $365,812
DP180103613 Dr Guy Hawkins Discovery Project The value of time during decisions $327,019
DP180100448 Prof Allyson Holbrook Discovery Project Doctoral examiner feedback and its impact on doctoral outcomes $163,460
DP180100452 Prof Julie Byles Discovery Project Beyond successful ageing: Longevity - healthy ageing among Australian women $236,310
DP180100606 Prof Sarah Johnson Discovery Project Communications strategies for the internet of things $433,122
DP180101617 L/Prof Kevin Galvin Discovery Project Hydrophobic Particle Recovery using Permeable Hydrophobic Media $445,320
DP180103748 Prof Daichao Sheng Discovery Project Quantitative Risk Assessment of Unsaturated Soil Slopes $400,901
DP180103834 Prof Yong-Ling Ruan Discovery Project Improving plant reproductive success under heat stress: A sweet approach $412,121
DP180103971 Prof Geoffrey Evans Discovery Project Tuneable energy dissipation for optimal flotation recovery $488,418
Announced June 2017
FL170100032 Prof George Willis Australian Laureate Fellowship Zero-dimensional symmetry and its ramifications $2,837,520
FT170100460 Dr Michael Rotkowitz Future Fellowship Decentralisation and robustness for practical control of complex systems. $780,000
FT170100077 Dr Nicole Verrills Future Fellowship Novel models to advance our understanding of mammalian development. $928,140
Announced November 2016


Dr Guy Hawkins


Cognitive models of mental architectures in consumer preference



Dr Mariano Heyden


A global analysis of the effectiveness of corporate board diversity quotas



Dr Amir Salehipour


Exact and hybrid algorithms for the Aircraft Landing Problem



Dr Kalpit Shah


A Novel Chemical Looping Process For Carbon Fiber Production From Plastics



Dr Malcolm Starkey


Understanding how innate lymphoid cells regulate mammalian lung development



Dr Sze Lin Yoong


Theory-based implementation of nutrition guidelines into childcare settings



Prof Paul Dastoor

Discovery Project

Phonon based condensed matter imaging



Prof Frini Karayanidis

Discovery Project

Modelling trajectories of cognitive control in adolescents and young adults



Prof Robert Melchers

Discovery Project

Microbiological and abiotic marine corrosion of steel in particulate media



Prof Graeme Murch

Discovery Project

Investigation of Mass Transport in High Entropy Alloys



Prof Rosalind Smith

Discovery Project

Early Modern Women and the Poetry of Complaint, 1540-1660



Prof Erica Wanless

Discovery Project

Electrostatic Formation of Liquid Marbles



A/Prof Christopher Wensrich

Discovery Project

Bragg-Edge Neutron Transmission Strain Tomography



Dr Yuen Yong

Discovery Project

Novel Microcantilevers for Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy



A/Prof Sarah Wright

Future Fellowship

Weather cultures: Enhancing adaptive capacity to environmental change