The Centre for Social Research and Regional Futures (CSRRF) provides innovative research services and new social perspectives to benefit industry, the community and government.

Working in metropolitan, regional and rural environments, the Centre is focused on the development of research projects that examine the roles that policy, people and organisations play in bringing about change and development in regional economies and communities, primary industries, energy and resource management, land use planning and natural environments. The Centre is committed to the development of research projects that aspire to a more sustainable future, including those that contribute to the development of resilient and diverse economies, industries and communities.

The Centre is hosted by the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER), one of the University of Newcastle’s flagship institutes, which draws together leading researchers to deliver a multidisciplinary model for transformational research. The Centre is also partnered with NIER’s International Centre for Balanced Land Use, a joint initiative between the NSW Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Division of Resources and Energy and the University of Newcastle. NIER’s collaborative environment facilitates direct engagement between research groups with industry, commercial sectors and government agencies to offer multidisciplinary solutions to real world challenges.