ACSRC Research Highlights 2008

New task force to examine ISP level content filtering

Prof Vijay Varadharajan is to lead a new Australian Government initiative task force into ISP level content filtering.

Report - Submission for E-Security Review 2008 by Prof Vijay Varadharajan

Over the Horizon Forum

Experts from government, industry and community organisations met in Sydney on 13th June 2008 to discuss emerging e-security challenges and how to prepare for the future. Prof Vijay Varadharajan was one of the members of the forum.

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy and the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland MP, said discussions at the Over the Horizon forum will inform the Government's future e-security policy deliberations.

Invited Keynote Speaker

Professor Varadharajan was an Invited Keynote Speaker at the 4th International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience (ISPEC 2008) on 21-23 April 2008.

IT Business Leaders Forum

Professor Varadharajan chaired the IT Business Leaders Forum in Sydney on 7-8 April 2008. The invited speakers included CIO and Senior VP from CPS Energy (USA), CIO from Jetstar (Australia), Head of Infrastructure (Insurance Australia Group), CIO (REA Group) and President and CIO (Linfox Logistics) and Executive Director (Mallesons Stephen Jacques). The event was sponsored by CIO Network, ACS, Search CIO and others.

Research Presentations

In March 2008, Professor Varadharajan visited and had research discussions/presented seminars at Infosys SETLab, Bangalore, Microsoft Research India, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB) and Hewlett-Packard Labs India.