The role of HDR supervisors is crucial in engendering in the candidate the ability to carry out research, culminating in a thesis, which makes an original contribution to the field of study. The information on these pages has been compiled to assist all UON supervisors to develop and succeed in their roles.

Getting started

  • Your online profile
  • Application process
  • Supervisor expectations
  • Support for supervisors
  • Supervisory development resources

Helping students to progress

  • Meeting with students
  • Ethics approval and safety clearance
  • HDR milestones
  • Guidance and intervention strategies

Nearing completion

  • Proposing examiners
  • Your role near completion

Projects and scholarships

  • HDR projects opportunities
  • Establishing an externally funded HDR scholarship

Joint and Dual Award Programs

  • Current partners
  • Institution eligibility criteria
  • Policy and procedures
  • Forms and guidelines