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Industry and community

Do you know how to engage with UON’s brightest minds to advance your organisation? The University is keen to partner with external organisations to establish scholarships and engagement opportunities for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students.

Engagement Opportunities

UON Graduate Research facilitates opportunities for research engagement between organisations and PhD candidates. These engagements provide mutual benefit through sharing and exchange of knowledge, skills and experience. Such projects enhance PhD candidates’ employability through experiencing current organisational practice, developing professional networks and applying research and professional transferable skills in a non-academic context.

Organisations benefit from PhD candidates’ advanced research skills and knowledge being applied to bespoke projects, while enhancing their profile and relationship with the university.

We invite partners from commercial, public sector, community and not-for-profit organisations to participate.  Successful engagement projects to-date include commercial, community and public sector partners.

There are two specific engagement programs managed by UON Graduate Research - COLLABORATE and UNITE - which are detailed below.

Details on how HDR candidates may register for advertised programs can be found on the Current Students webpages.



COLLABORATE projects involve small teams of PhD candidates from different disciplines working together with a facilitator on an issue identified by the partner organisation. There are no costs involved for the partner organisation.

Projects run over 8 weeks and candidates are based on the University campus.



UNITE internships involve one or more PhD candidates completing a specific project designed with the partner organisation.

Internships range from 4 to 12 weeks and candidates will normally be based at the partner organisation’s premises.

UON Business and Industry Scholarships

UON Business and Industry Scholarships provides industry with an opportunity to engage with research students studying at the University of Newcastle. This collaborative relationship across sectors enables our future leaders to transform innovative research into workplace practice, deepening the partnership between the University and the private sector.

The University works collaboratively with industry, business and government to research and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.  In conjunction with industry partners, University of Newcastle researchers have made remarkable contributions to the knowledge and understanding of issues of global significance across multiple areas. This is your opportunity to get involved.

The Dean of Graduate Research will determine the award of these scholarships with priority given to applications where an eligible research student has been pre-identified.


For more information on scholarships, an engagement program or other opportunity please contact us at and we will get back to you.