Managing your scholarship

Commencement of Scholarship

Payment of your scholarship can only commence when you are in Australia, on campus and fully enrolled, and when confirmation has been received from your Head of School that you have commenced your studies.

Scholarship Variations

Scholarship payments are made through UoN Payroll and are paid fortnightly.

You should advise the Office of Graduate Studies as soon as possible of any variation to your scholarship status, for example, requests for leave of absence, sick leave, withdrawal from studies, change of address or changes to personal details.

Advice received after fortnightly deadlines may not be realised until the following pay period. This may result in a need for back payment to your commencement, or alternatively, it may result in an overpayment.

If you are an international student on an IPRS and you gain Permanent Residency status, you must advise the Office of Graduate Studies immediately as you are no longer entitled to receive the IPRS. As a domestic student you will not incur tuition fees.

All scholarships are paid subject to satisfactory academic progress in your research program.

Suspension of Scholarship

You may be granted up to 12 months suspension for any reason after six months of scholarship. No suspension is possible beyond two years in total.

Periods of approved suspension will not be deducted from your overall scholarship tenure if you take approved leave of absence from candidature for the duration of the suspension. If you do not take such approved leave of absence from candidature, the suspended period shall be deducted from your scholarship tenure and your expiry date will remain the same.

Candidature Variation Forms requesting a Leave of Absence are available here or from the Office of Graduate Studies. You must obtain the support of your supervisor and your Head of the School and your application should show the anticipated starting and finishing dates. Medical certificates should be attached where appropriate. You must inform the Office of Graduate Studies two weeks ahead of your nominated scholarship resumption date.

Scholarship Allowance Claims

Scholarship allowance claims vary between scholarships. You should check your conditions for allowances available to you. Allowances may cover relocation or thesis production. All claims must be substantiated with original receipts and full details of costs incurred.

Claims for travel allowance from international students must include original air ticket(s).

Thesis allowance is payable on production of receipts for costs associated with the printing and binding of your soft copy thesis and also for the resubmission of a thesis, or lodgement of the hard bound copy of the thesis. The claim must be made within one year of the submission, resubmission or lodgement date and two years of the expiry of the scholarship. The allowance does not include costs such as the purchase of computer equipment or editing/proofreading. The combined total of allowance for submission and resubmission must not exceed the maximum amounts allowed.

A claim form is available from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Part-time Scholarship

A part-time scholar is expected to progress at half the rate of a full-time award holder.

A part-time scholarship may only be approved where you are able to demonstrate heavy carer commitments or a medical condition such as:

  • Carer responsibilities for a pre-school child
  • Carer responsibilities for school-aged children as a sole parent with limited access to outside support
  • Carer responsibilities for an invalid or disabled spouse, child or parent
  • A medical condition, which limits the capacity to undertake full-time study (supported by medical certification)

Approval to remain on a scholarship while enrolled part-time will not be granted when the reason is work-related.

If you wish to apply for a part-time scholarship you must submit your request in writing to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval by the Dean, Graduate Studies. Part-time scholarships are taxable. You will be required to submit an Australian Tax Office declaration form providing your Tax File Number.

Termination of Scholarship

Your scholarship will be terminated if:

  • You fail to maintain satisfactory progress.
  • On the expiry of the period for which the scholarship was granted or 14 days after submission of the soft-bound thesis, whichever is the earlier.
  • You do not resume study at the conclusion of a period of suspension or you do not make arrangements to extend that period of suspension.
  • You withdraw from candidature.
  • You cease to be a full-time student and approval has not been obtained to hold the award on a part-time basis.
  • You accept another equivalent award, scholarship or salary to undertake the program providing a benefit greater than 75% of the stipend rate and you do not suspend your scholarship for the period of the concurrent award, scholarship or salary.
  • The University determines that you are guilty of serious misconduct.

Extension of Scholarship

Depending on funding availability, UNRSE scholarships awarded for a three year period may be extended for a maximum of six months. Please ensure to discuss the possibility of a scholarship extension with your supervisor.

If your scholarship is due to expire in the next two months and is supported by the supervisor and Chief Investigator, please apply for an extension by completing the Extension of Scholarship Request Form.

All other University and Government funded scholarships are awarded for 3.5 years and therefore extensions of scholarship will not be considered.