Aspirations and equity

The Aspirations Longitudinal Study was a significant four-year research project that was the first of its kind to seek a comprehensive insight into factors that shape the career and educational aspirations of students during schooling (Years 3-12).

The project attracted more than $1m in funding from the Australian Research Council and the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC). The research team, led by Professor Jenny Gore, tracked students from 64 government schools to investigate how their aspirations developed or changed over time.

This study collected more than 14,000 surveys (student, parent and teacher) and conducted interviews and focus groups with more than 1000 participants.

The project attracted additional funding for several related studies using and extending the comprehensive data from Aspirations Longitudinal Study.

Related Studies

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A free online professional development course designed to build teachers’ capacities to nurture student aspirations. Available to teachers (K-12) from all geographic areas and in all schooling sectors. NESA / TQI accredited for 10 hours.

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