International Collaborative Centre
for Carbon Futures

Strategic partners

The Centre has established a global network of university and industry partners which includes:

The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER)

The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER)

NIER brings together the University of Newcastle’s leading researchers working in the area of energy and resources. NIER offers an integrated facility, providing valuable opportunities to advance applied research through access to large-scale test bed and pilot plant operations

Pusan Clean Coal Centre (PCCC)

Pusan Clean Coal Centre (PCCC)

Thermal power plants account for 60% of the total power generation in Korea. In particular, coal plants generate approximately 70% of that power. Pusan Clean Coal Centre has been established by five thermal power companies in Korea along with the support of the Korean government to address coal-fire power plant emissions as well as develop clean coal technology and biomass utilisation.

University  of  Science  &  Technology  Liaoning  (USTL)

University of Science & Technology Liaoning (USTL)

USTL Centre for Clean Energy and Fuel Chemistry and the PRC Frontier Energy Technologies and Utilisation at the University of Newcastle have together worked to expand clean energy and fuel technology related research specific to efficient utlisation of coal and biomass, gas cleaning, coal-based carbon materials and fly ash utilisation.

Sino  Steel  Anshan  Research  Institute  of  Thermo-Energy  (RDTE)

Sino Steel Anshan Research Institute of Thermo-Energy (RDTE)

A sub-company of Sinosteel Group, this technology enterprise is located in Anshan City in the Liaoning province, has a solid history of collaborating with researchers from the University of Newcastle working in areas such as coal and coking processes, lignite pyrolysis and upgrading, coke oven gas cleaning, and flue gas dry cleaning.

Huaneng  Clean  Energy  Research  Institute  (CERI)

Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute (CERI)

CERI is the innovation centre of Huaneng Group (CHNG), China’s largest energy organisation. CERI is dedicated to the development of advanced power generation technology including renewable energy, coal gasification and capture technology.

Korean  Southern  Power  Company  (KOSPO)

Korean Southern Power Company (KOSPO)

KOSPO is working to develop a way to provide a stable supply of electricity and has the capacity to provide 11% of overall energy in Korea. As a global eco-friendly organisation, KOSPO develops business portfolios for renewable energy, low-carbon green growth.

Henan  Polytechnic  University  (HNPU)

Henan Polytechnic University (HNPU)

HNPU was the first university in China to provide tertiary education programs on resource mining and was also the first university to be established in the Henan province. Through NIER, HNPU has developed a strong collaborative research network with the University of Newcastle’s PRC Frontier Energy Technologies and Utilisation.

Naresuan  University  (NU)

Naresuan University (NU)

One of the leading government universities in Thailand, NU has a strong research focus on technology innovation and is focused on expanding their global research partnerships. NU has 22 faculties across multiple campuses and has more than 16000 undergraduate students and 3600 HDR students.