Research and Innovation Centre

Health Services Human Resources, Inter-Professional Collaboration & Workforce Innovation

We have a number of researchers with active projects investigating employment in health services, the management and governance of human resources for health, inter-professional collaboration in health care teams and workforce innovations. In addition to research on how human resources contribute to health services innovation, we also investigate workforce participation for people with disabilities, and practice innovations, such as extended scopes of practice roles, designed to improve the delivery of health services.

Research Team

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle, Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle

Dr Ashish Malik, Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle

Conjoint Professor Rebecca Mitchell, Macquarie University, Australia

Associate Professor Anthony Smith Academic Lead, Research University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health

Dr Mariano Heyden, Department of Management, Monash University

Dr Karen Tian, Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle

Rachael O'Brien, School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle


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Mitchell, R., & Boyle, B. (2015). Professional diversity, identity salience and team innovation: The moderating role of openmindedness norms. Journal of Organizational Behavior36(6), 873-894. ABDC Rank: A* Link to Article

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