Key initiatives

Work Integrated Learning for all

Experiential workplace learning opportunities promote skills development, build self-awareness, foster innovative thinking, assist in career planning and support student transition into the world of work.

All of our undergraduates will have a Work Integrated Learning experience during their studies. Engagement will be with business, government, start-ups, research teams, not-for-profits, multidisciplinary initiatives, and international organisations. The offer will beflexible and personalised to the needs of our stakeholders, including a focus on local opportunities that will see our students contributing to our regions. Such an experience, supported by employability learning, will enable our graduates to make informed career choices. It will also contextualise their academic learning and will help graduates to understand the skill sets that are relevant to employers.

We will look at innovative ways to facilitate greater engagement by developing a flexible academic calendar and new modes of program delivery.

Graduate attributes

To prepare our students for this future, we will develop and instil a set of skills and attributes that will guide their development – to mark them as distinct, globally aware, ready for the world of work and committed to lifelong learning. We will develop the capability for students to digitally store, share and manage the credentials, skills and attributes they obtain from the University to support Work Integrated Learning, employability and lifelong learning. Our graduates will be encouraged to be active members of our alumni community.

Celebrating excellence

We will offer a prestigious scholarship and extra-curricular development recognition program, acknowledged during graduation ceremonies, to those students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement aligned to our University values, future employer skills needs and contributions made to the community. This will offer them a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Student-centred wellbeing

We will design a student wellbeing framework that exemplifies our student experience and supports wellbeing throughout the student journey, including lifelong learning. We will deliver a comprehensive care infrastructure which provides quality support for students' social, mental, and physical wellbeing.

We will develop a range of initiatives to guide students to understand themselves and build self-help strategies. Our graduates will have the resilience and determination to effectively engage with the challenges and opportunities presented by modern society.