Key initiatives

Living lab model

To advance our four Engagement Priorities, we will implement a Living Lab model to facilitate partner-led problem solving and innovation that stretches beyond the boundaries of our University.

This model will see students, researchers, academics, alumni and industry and community partners coming together to create new knowledge. They will be empowered to experiment with new technologies, craft policy concepts, explore cultural ideas, break new ground in teaching and learning, and embrace a spirit of entrepreneurship to drive commercial innovation.

Multidisciplinary networks

We will establish dedicated networks to drive multidisciplinary collaboration across the four priority areas. These networks will drive our research, innovation and collaboration efforts. They will also identify ways to involve staff and students in the creative problem-solving process and advise on academic needs to ensure we are preparing students for the future of work.

Engagement pathways

We will develop clear pathways that make it easier for businesses, industry and community to connect and collaborate with us. This will result in new partnerships, new research connections, improved entrepreneurship and commercialisation opportunities, and more Work Integrated Learning partners and employers for our students.

Institutional alignment

We will prioritise our strategic investments to support the four Engagement Priorities and drive true multidisciplinary collaboration between faculties, divisions, students, researchers, and our various stakeholders.