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Singapore Chief Justice visits Newcastle Law School to talk anti-corruption

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Newcastle law students were taught a valuable lesson about corruption in law last Friday, during an address delivered by the visiting Chief Justice of Singapore, the Hon. Justice Sundaresh Menon.

During the lecture at Newcastle Law School, Justice Menon stressed that corruption was the singular threat to the rule of law.

The renowned judge spoke about the rise of Singapore from its humble beginnings and noted that, without an abundance of natural resources, the state would have struggled to achieve its current status as an extremely wealthy economy but for its development of robust institutions built upon the rule of law.

Justice Menon also paid tribute to the founding leader Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for entrenching a revulsion for corruption in the Singaporean DNA.

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"Corruption is an insidious threat to be guarded against constantly … that [the idea of bribery] is anathema to Singaporeans," Justice Menon said.

Newcastle Law School Dean, Professor Sandeep Gopalan, said it was an honour to have the esteemed judge speak to students, who gained an inside look into the Singaporean legal system.

"Justice Menon is a distinguished jurist who has notched up transformative achievements since taking office as Chief Justice in November 2012," Professor Gopalan said.

"During his tenure, he has spearheaded efforts to establish an International Commercial Court at Singapore to provide a venue for predictable and transparent result ion of disputes in the wider region and reformed the family court system in that country.

"Justice Menon has also spoken out publicly about the need for all public servants, no matter how high, to be subject to the rule of law."

You can watch the full lecture here.

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