The University of Newcastle, Australia

Computer Scientist nominated for Rotary Humanitarian STAR Award

Friday, 1 February 2019

A Newcastle-based computer scientist, Professor Pablo Moscato, is a nominee for the prestigious Rotary Humanitarian STAR (Science, Technology, Aerospace, Robotics) Award.

Professor Pablo Moscato

Recognised in two different categories of Health and Medical and Knowledge Sharing, Professor Moscato was nominated for his application and development of mathematical models and computer algorithms for some of the most challenging problems in biology and biotechnology research.

The nomination for the Knowledge Sharing category is also based on the introduction of a technique called ‘memetic algorithms’. Professor Moscato’s published work on ‘memetic algorithms’ has created a new field of mathematics that has gained worldwide reputation with over 10,000 citations to date, attracting several more citations each week.

Among his achievements, Professor Moscato led the team that was the world’s first in identifying a panel of proteins, allowing for a longitudinal test that predicts the onset of Alzheimer’s several years in advance.

The Rotary Humanitarian STAR Award recognises outstanding scientific and technological achievements that significantly improve lives and positively impacts humanity.

The Third Annual Rotary Humanitarian STAR Awards will be held on January 31, 2019 at the University Club of Pasadena in California.

Professor Moscato is a University of Newcastle Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

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