The University of Newcastle, Australia


Monday, 30 June 2014

4th year Environmental Engineering student Declan Clausen took part in leadership training recently with the Climate Reality Project Australia.

The Climate Reality Project is the Australian branch of Al Gore's climate change leadership program, founded in November 2006 as a non-profit organisation.

TCRP's mission is to educate the public about the harmful effects of climate change and to work toward solutions worldwide. It is run in conjunction with the Australian Conservation Foundation.Al Gore inspires over 300 attendees for the Climate Reality Project

Declan spoke with ABC1233's Carol Duncan before attending the training.

"I was lucky enough to be selected from a pool of applicants to the Australian Conservation Foundation to head to Melbourne and spend three days learning about climate science and also about how we can best create change and global action on global warming as an issue," Declan said.

He particularly wants to address the ongoing debate about climate change in the media and make the issue less confusing for the general public.

"The debate should have been settled, it isn't and this project's the way of bringing that message that it should have been settled back to the grassroots through the community."

Al Gore inspired the 300 attendants to collaborate and determine the most effective ways of presenting the science to the broader community.

Declan will now become one of approximately 1000 Climate Reality Project leaders worldwide and bring his new skills and insight back to the Hunter.

Over the last couple of days Declan has been meeting with just under 50 Members of Parliament in Canberra to discuss the climate issues relating to each of their local areas.

Declan has made a commitment to give at least 10 presentations in the next 12 months to various community groups with this incredible experience behind him. Listen to his full interview with Carol Duncan on ABC1233.

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