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Multi-awarded UON Music Student & Composer – A Rising Star

Monday, 10 November 2014

UON Bachelor of Music 1st year student Christopher Pantelidis has been touted one of Australia's rising young musical talents. He recently received his 2nd prestigious accolade for the year - the 2014 Willoughby Symphony/Fine Music 102.5 Young Composer Award.

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"I was 14 when I first started composing, although when I started writing music it was simple orchestrations of tunes I had created, rather than formally structured works.  My interest in composition began through listening to film and game scores – the richly orchestrated and cinematic themes of these art forms greatly inspiring my emotions," shared Chris.

Apart from a cash prize, Chris' winning composition, Southern Cross, will be premiered by the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra in their final concert for the year, entitled Amadeus: Classic Mozart and Bach. The performances will be held at The Concourse Concert Hall Chatswood in Sydney's North Shore and will be recorded by Fine Music 102.5 for broadcast. The premiere event starts at 7PM on Saturday 15-November, and a matinee performance will be held in the same venue at 2PM the following day.

"I am incredibly excited and honoured to have been chosen as this year's winner.  I am humbled to have such a fantastic orchestra premiering my composition - it is the first time my work will be publicly performed. I am excited not just for the exposure but that my own composition is being fully realised in the only way I believe a piece of music can be – though performance," said Chris.

Earlier in the year, Chris also won the prestigious Frank Hutchens Scholarship award administered by the Sydney Con and organised by the Music Teachers Association (MTA) of NSW.

"Again, I am truly humbled to have been selected the winner for this prestigious scholarship.  I intend to use the funding to continue to support myself throughout my studies, as well as help with compositional lessons."

The young composer is the only talent to have won both these awards within the same year. The awards were granted for separate original compositions, showing the extent and range of his musical talent. As a University freshman, Chris certainly has more to look forward to in his journey, both as a student and as a composer.

"So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies at UON and I have been exposed to many opportunities and skills that will stay with me throughout my professional career. I strongly feel that Mr Colin Spiers and other teaching staff have greatly helped improve my skills as a composer - exposing me to new ideas and allowing me to develop skills which allowed me to achieve my recent accomplishments."

For more information on the final Willoughby Symphony performance for 2014, Amadeus: Classic Mozart and Bach, click here.

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