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Call for papers: Representations of the Mother-in-Law

Friday, 6 May 2016

Abstract proposals due by 30 July, 2016 for the proposed monograph, Representations of the Mother-in-Law.

Call for Papers: Representations of the Mother-in-Law

Mothers-in-law are familiar figures in jokes, stories, and culture. They are everywhere. Yet it is interesting to note that, to date, and even though the mother-in-law figure is an ever-present figure in life and an important part of our social and cultural history, it would seem that there are no published academic books on representations of the mother-in-law from the angle suggested in this call for papers.

The proposed collection of scholarly essays aims to discover how the mother-in-law is represented in British / American / Australian / and European literature, film, and television. It will be the first of its kind to explore whether or not there are characteristic features and definitions within the representations of the Mother-in-Law in popular culture; document and record how our western societies perceive and represent the socially important figure of the mother-in-law in film and literary works; establish a new and dynamic area of theoretical research in social history, and point the way to possible future work in an ever-expanding field through examining various representations of the mother-in-law in popular culture; permit scholarly consideration of the extent to which Anglophone writers establish popular representations of a figure who is an intrinsic part of the western culture as a whole.

Deadline for abstract proposal: 30 July, 2016

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