Procurement Training

This Training is for: -

  • Anyone who is involved in committing the University’s budgets and/or Funding to goods and services.
  • Anyone who is listed as having delegation to authorise to place/approve purchase orders and invoices.
  • Anyone who is involved in purchasing, quoting, and tendering requirements for goods/services.
  • Anyone responsible for staff who undertake the above roles.

Items covered in this training:

  • Policy, statutory and legislative requirements
  • Non Compliance consequences
  • Procurement Decision Matrix- Identifying the Procurement Route (Procurement Thresholds)
  • Preparing Request for Quotation/Tender Document
    • Specification
    • Contract
    • WHS Considerations
    • Environmental Considerations
    • Evaluation Criteria
    • Issue and Receipt of Requests for Quotation
    • Evaluation
    • Clarification
    • Negotiation
    • Award of Contract
    • Records Management
  • Purchasing Ethics and Code of Conduct

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