Honorary degrees

The University of Newcastle honours the leaders, creators and innovators that strengthen their communities. Through Honorary Degrees, we acknowledge these exceptional individuals' commitment to the University's values of engagement, innovation, integrity, sustainability, and equity and social justice.

Nominations for Honorary Doctorates may be made by a member of Council, staff, the Alumni Advisory Committee, or by a University of Newcastle student. If you would like to nominate an exceptional individual please read more here.

Noni Purnomo

Meet Noni Purnomo (Honorary Doctor of Letters, 2019; Bachelor of Engineering 1995) a well-known philanthropist and business leader in Indonesia. As President and CEO of Blue Bird Group Holding, she leads the largest taxi company in her home country.

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YearNameHonorary Degree
2020Dr Vera Deacon OAMDoctor of Letters
2019The Honourable Arthur Sinodinos AODoctor of Letters
2019Dr Frances Gentle AODoctor of Letters
2019The Honourable Greg Combet AMDoctor of Letters
2019Prof. John GermovDoctor of Letters
2019Noni Sri Ayati PurnomoDoctor of Letters
2019Ross Gittins AMDoctor of Letters
2018Prof. Geoffrey Whitty CBEDoctor of Education 
2017Prof. ER Meng HwaDoctor of Engineering
2015Dr John BlakemoreDoctor of the University
2015Tan Sri Datuk Mohd Razali Abdul RahmanDoctor of Letters
2015Dr Joanne McCarthyDoctor of Letters
2015Dr Peter TayDoctor of Engineering
2015Geraldine DoogueDoctor of the University
2015His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho KikweteDoctor of Laws
2014The Honourable Dr John Price AMDoctor of Letters
2014The Honourable Rodney HarrisonDoctor of Business
2014Prof. George KlinzingDoctor of Engineering
2013Prof. Barry Marshall ACDoctor of Medicine
2012Prof. Balakrishnan Nair AMDoctor of Medicine
2012C/Prof. Gillian TurnerDoctor of Medicine
2012Dr John DaiDoctor of Business
2011C/Prof. Trevor Waring AMDoctor of the University
2011Sister Maureen McGuirk AMDoctor of Education
2011Dr Michael JohnsDoctor of the University
2011Dr Victor LeviDoctor of the University
2011Prof. Patrick McGorry AODoctor of Medicine
2011Prof. Christopher CHENDoctor of Medicine
2011Dr Michael GrayDoctor of Business
2011 Dr Toshiyuki YamadaDoctor of Engineering
2011Dr John Olsen AO OBEDoctor of Letters
2011Dr David MarrDoctor of Letters
YearNameHonorary Degree
2010Dr CHEONG Koon HeanDoctor of Architecture
2010Prof. David Hill AODoctor of Medicine
2009Dr Jeff McMullen AMDoctor of Letters
2009Dr W.E.J. Paradice AMDoctor of Letters
2009Prof. Arie FeuerDoctor of Engineering
2009Dr Zhang Shi JieDoctor of the University
2009Dr Indra AbidinDoctor of Letters
2008The Honourable Mahla Pearlman AODoctor of Law
2008Prof. Osamu MizutaniDoctor of Letters
2007Dr John DrinanDoctor of Education
2007Dr Gary Quinlan AODoctor of Letters
2007Dr Susan LimDoctor of the University
2006Dr Leon Burwell OAMDoctor of Education
2006Dr Margaret Olley ACDoctor of Fine Art
2006Dr Jeanette Dixon AMDoctor of Education
2006Y.Bhg. Dato Dr Pahamin RajabDoctor of Law
2006Dr Roy ChungDoctor of the University
2006Prof. Lloyd Sansom AODoctor of Health
2006Dr Raymond KellyDoctor of Letters
2005Bryce Courtenay AMDoctor of Letters
2005Sr Margaret MortDoctor of Health
2005Tan Sri Esa MohamedDoctor of Architecture
2005Dr Elizabeth ShingDoctor of Business
2005Dr Roger Riordan AMDoctor of the University
2005Emeritus Professor Brian Anderson ACDoctor of Engineering
2004Nancy BorlaseDoctor of Fine Art
2004Emeritus Professor Kenneth Eltis AMDoctor of Education
2004Dr Brian GilliganDoctor of Science
2004Dr John PescharDoctor of the University
2004Dr Eric Willmot AMDoctor of Letters
2004Dr Robin KleinDoctor of Letters
2004Dr Mark RichardsDoctor of Letters
2004Dr. S Chandra DasDoctor of Business
2003Dr Peter KleemanDoctor of Engineering
2003Dr William Bowmore AO OBEDoctor of Music
2003Prof. Ralph SlayterDoctor of Science
2003Patricia Davis-Hurst AO AMDoctor of Letters
2003Dr Micahel ElfickDoctor of Surveying
2003Dr CHEW Heng Ching DavidDoctor of Engineering
2003Dr Helen GarnerDoctor of Engineering
2003Most Rev Philip Wilson DD JCLDoctor of Letters
2002Dr Anne von BertouchDoctor of Letters
2002Sammy Poone JP SBSDoctor of the University
2002Dr Geoffrey Leonard AMDoctor of Business
2002Minister KHAW Boon WanDoctor of Engineering
2002Dr June Heinrich AMDoctor of Education
2002Prof. Beverley RaphaelDoctor of Medicine
2002Dr Ruth Dircks OAMDoctor of Education
2002John HartDoctor of Engineering
2002Dr David WilliamsDoctor of Science
2001E/Prof. Kenneth Dutton AMDoctor of Letters
2001Dr John Doyle AMDoctor of Letters
2001Gilligan Gale AMDoctor of Education
2001E/Prof.   John Hamilton AM OBEDoctor of Medicine
2001Cindy LükenMaster of Science
2001Dr George LewinDoctor of Engineering
2001Eric RichardsonMaster of Arts
2000Valerie Bryant-CarrollDoctor of Education
2000Dr Brian Suters AMDoctor of Architecture
2000Dr Patricia HarrisonDoctor of the University
2000Bishop Peter Carnley ACDoctor of Letters
2000Dr Helen CaldicottDoctor of Education
2000Tan Sri Dato KR SomasundramDoctor of Education
2000Dr Belinda Clark AODoctor of Education
YearNameHonorary Degree
1999E/Prof. Lois BrysonDoctor of the University
1999Dr Gaye Hart AMDoctor of Education
1999Prof. Janice MorseDoctor of Nursing
1999William EvansMaster of Science
1999Dr John RaceDoctor of Education
1998Dr Peter Hendry AODoctor of the University
1998Dr William Jonas AMDoctor of the University
1998Robyn WamsleyMaster of Nursing
1998Dr TAN Chin NamDoctor of Engineering
1998The Honourable Bruce Baird AMDoctor of the University
1998Prof. John HardingDoctor of Music
1998Dr Marinus van GendtDoctor of the University
1998The Honourable Michael McHugh AC QCDoctor of Law
1998Mark Taylor AOMaster of Surveying
1997John SmythDoctor of Medicine
1997E/Prof.   Geoffrey Kellerman AODoctor of Medicine
1997E/Prof. Raoul Mortley AODoctor of the University
1997The Honourable Kevin Edmund Lindgren AM QCDoctor of Law
1997Dr David Karpin AMDoctor of Law
1997Dr John Marshall BurgessDoctor of Engineering
1997Prof NG Tung SangDoctor of Engineering
1997Dr Edward MannersDoctor of  the University
1997Reginald ParkerMaster of Construction Management
1997Dr Roberta Carter-Brown OAMDoctor of Education
1997Dr Zhang SiminDoctor of the University
1996Prof. Howard WornerDoctor of Science
1996E/Prof. Michael CarterDoctor of Education
1996William John EdwardsDoctor of Engineering
1996Donald McNairDoctor of Science
1996Davis HughesDoctor of Education
1996Dr John RisbyDoctor of Engineering
1996Dr John McNaughton AM Emeritus Lord MayorDoctor of Engineering
1996Dr Greg PeadDoctor of Letters
1996Prof. Nigel ButterleyDoctor of Music
1996James CoxMaster of Occupational Health and Safety
1996Dr Niched SuntornpithugDoctor of Science
1995Maxwell MaddockDoctor of Science
1995E/Prof. Alan Roberts AMDoctor of the University
1995Dr Max RobertsDoctor of the University
1994Patricia TynanDoctor of Letters
1994E/Prof. Godfrey TannerDoctor of the University
1994Dr John SligarDoctor of Engineering
1994John Bell AO OBEDoctor of Letters
1994Prof Heng Chee CHANDoctor of Letters
1993E/Prof. Keith Morgan Doctor of Science
1993E/Prof. Clifton EllyettDoctor of the University
1993Dr Alan Beard OAMDoctor of Education
1993Dr Michael WilfordDoctor of Science
1993Nancy PerkinsMaster of Letters
1992Donald MorrisDoctor of the University
1992Lenny De SilvaDoctor of Letters
1992Larry BeestonMaster of Arts
1992Mary Beeston Master of Arts
1992Betty Anderson AMDoctor of Science
1992Dr Marilyn JonesDoctor of Music
1992Dr Harold TullochDoctor of Science
1992Dr John Wilcox Doctor of Science
1991Roy MillsDoctor of Medicine
1991Vincent Clarence MillingtonMaster of Arts
1991Patricia RankinDoctor of the University
1991Roland RobinsonDoctor of Letters
1991Dr Richard GosperDoctor of Science
1991Dr Barry Flanagan AMDoctor of Engineering
1990Warren DerkenneMaster of Arts
1990Prof. Charles Renwick AODoctor of the University
1990Prof. Raymond ChambersDoctor of Science
1990John ThomsonDoctor of Engineering
1990Dr Edward FlowersDoctor of Letters
1990Dr Margaret BowmanDoctor of Letters
1990John MinerMaster of Laws
1990Patricia HewsonDoctor of Medicine
YearNameHonorary Degree
1989Prof. Warren HoganDoctor of Science
1989Walter Laurence HughesDoctor of Engineering
1989Ian StewartDoctor of Engineering
1989Ulric BursteinMaster of Arts
1989Dr John Varnum AMDoctor of Science
1988Prof. Gordon KerridgeDoctor of Medicine
1988E/Prof. Beryl Nashar OBEDoctor of Science
1988E/Prof. James Allen AODoctor of Science
1988Harold BradfordMaster of Arts
1988The Honourable Justice Elizabeth Evatt AO ACDoctor of the University
1988James ComerfordMaster of Arts
1988Dr Manuel AlvesDoctor of Engineering
1988Dr James KirkDoctor of Science
1988Dr Norman Keith Boardman AODoctor of Science
1987The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMGDoctor of Letters
1987Bryan CampbellMaster of Science
1986E/Prof. Donald George AODoctor of Engineering
1986Rolph FarrellMaster of Arts
1985James BalderstonDoctor of the University
1985Joyce CummingsMaster of Arts
1985Sir Gustav NossalDoctor of Medicine
1985Sir Roderick CarnegieDoctor of Science
1984E/Prof. Charles Blackburn ACDoctor of Medicine
1984E/Prof. Alan Shaw AODoctor of Letters
1984Percy HaslamMaster of Arts
1983Dr Alec ForsytheDoctor of the University
1983Edwin PitcherMaster of Arts
1982John WildDoctor of Science
1981Sir James McNeillDoctor of Science
1981The Honourable Kenneth BoothDoctor of Letters
1981Sir Rupert Myers KBE AODoctor of Engineering
1980Sir Zelman CowanDoctor of the University
1980Prof. Ronald Thomas SussexDoctor of Letters
1980Charles Manning Clark ACDoctor of Letters
YearNameHonorary Degree
1979Prof. Ralph StantonDoctor of Science
1979Prof. David MillerDoctor of Letters
1978E/Prof. Peter Karmel AC CBEDoctor of the University
1978Prof. Roger RussellDoctor of Science
1976Xavier HerbertDoctor of Letters
1974Frank Burnet OM AK KBE FRS FAA FRSNZDoctor of Science
1974Frank PurdueDoctor of Science
1974E/Prof. Eric ParkerMaster of Architecture
1974E/Prof. James AuchmutyDoctor of Letters
1974Bernard NeumannDoctor of Science
1973Marcel AurousseauDoctor of Letters
1971Sir Hermann BlackDoctor of Letters
1969Sir Charles CutlerDoctor of Letters
1969Sir James Vernon CBEDoctor of Science
1969Sir Arthur Cutler KBEDoctor of Science
1969Prof. Jack RoderickDoctor of Engineering
1969Dr Ralph BasdenDoctor of Science
1968Sir Ian McLennanDoctor of Engineering
1967Lord Richard CaseyDoctor of Engineering
1966Sir Allen Fairhall KBEDoctor of Science
1966Prof. Thomas JonesDoctor of Science
1966Sir John CrawfordDoctor of Science
1966Sir Phillip BaxterDoctor of Science
1966Sir Alister McMullinDoctor of Letters
1966James CorletteDoctor of Engineering
1966Malcom EllisDoctor of Letters
1966Morton HermanDoctor of Letters
1966Sir Robert Madgwick OBEDoctor of Letters

The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.