Reporting sexual assault and sexual harassment

The University of Newcastle follows a victim/survivor led approach, with our primary concern being the safety and support of those affected. You do not need to submit a report to access this support.

Reporting to the University

  • Identified report of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment - This form requires you to log-in using your staff or student details. You will then be contacted by Campus Care to understand how we can best support you, and guide you through the options available to you through the University, and external services.
  • If you are a member of the public, alumni, or a previously employed staff member and would like to lodge an Identified Report of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment, please contact Campus Care directly.
  • Anonymous report of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment - This form may be used to lodge a report of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Please note, we are unable to contact you for further information or support if an anonymous report is lodged.  We encourage you to consider an Identified Report so that we may better assist you.

For further information on how reports to the University are managed, please visit our FAQs on Reporting.

Reporting to NSW Police