UON Peer Mentor Program Testimonials

Here is some of the feedback from our UON Peer Mentors and Mentees. The program has been a success and has assisted many students in beginning their NEW journey with UON.

From our UON Peer Mentors

I really enjoyed the ability to help students with study skills and time management, especially when they are starting university for the first time. We know how it feels to be in their shoes and having someone to talk to even can make all the difference. I also feel like I am able to contribute to the university community through this program and it allows me to get more out of my time at the university (it's not all about study, assignments and exams).

For me, it was meeting new students and getting their perspective, and being able to pass on the experience. I believe it helps students feel that support is available, and the atmosphere is friendly.

It was great to have an opportunity to help out first years with uni. Especially the ones in a slightly different program than the one you do.

The mentees are given someone they can ask specific questions to without having to go through formal avenues, they can get advice from students who have been there before.

I think the program is an excellent way for new students to meet up with more experienced students in a friendly and informal way to learn about university life.

[I liked] that mentees became more settled as the semester went on, and they seemed appreciative of my help.

I enjoyed meeting new people, helping mentees with their concerns and hearing about how they have improved and how well they're going.

The mentees continually find the information provided to them very helpful.

I enjoyed assisting students who are timid and unsure of where to get help/who the 'right' person to ask is and watching mentees come out of their shell over the course of the semester.

From our Mentees

The mentor I had helped me understand the difference of how to tackle an assignment in university compared to what I had done in school.

It is a great program. Makes settling to life at university a whole lot easier.

My mentor was kind, patient and extremely helpful with any questions - It is a fantastic program!!!

It was nice knowing I had a mentor who knew what it's like being a student here.

As a nervous first year, it can be helpful to have someone point out where to go.

It was great having a mentor that I could bounce things off when I needed to.

Sally was a great mentor, with the beginning of semester being really intimidating she really helped me through.