Grading system

Your academic performance for your courses are usually graded at the end of each term.



High Distinction (85-100)


Distinction (75-84)


Credit (65-74)


Pass (50-64)


Ungraded Pass. There are no marks associated with this result and you have met the level requirements to pass the course.



Administrative Codes


Incomplete. Not all the information is available to calculate a mark at this stage. Reasons for this may be that you still need to provide an assessment requirement or that the lecturer has yet to complete the marking (excludes sitting a rescheduled exam during the rescheduled exam period). If you are unsure about the reasons for this mark you should contact your school office. 'I' results are automatically converted to 'FF' after 90 days.


Special Consideration/Adverse Circumstances. The result is pending the outcome of a rescheduled exam that will be sat during the rescheduled exam period. 'S' results are automatically converted to 'FF' after 180 days if the result is not amended.


Withdrawn No Penalty. Used where a student withdraws from a course by the relevant prescribed date; or a student is permitted to withdraw without penalty by the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Faculty and/or the Academic Senate in accordance with the relevant University policy or procedure; or a student is permitted by the Head of School to withdraw without penalty due to an administrative error. Please note: WW grades do not appear on Official Academic Transcripts.


Grade not applicable.


Grade or score not applicable.