What is Unisights?

Unisights is a National Campus Photo and Video Competition just for Australian uni students to enter. The competition is sponsored by Canon Australia who are providing more than $16,000 worth of prizes in product, professional mentoring, vouchers and cash for both the winning students and their campus organisations.

This year’s theme for submissions is ‘Share Your Perspective of Student Life’.

You must capture your perspective of the student experience in a still photograph or short video incorporating your campus.

Wait, what happened to the National Campus Art Prize?

This is it! 

Unisights brings a fresh approach to the National Campus Art Prize: the premier tertiary art competition in Australia.

The prizes, the prizes!

Photo & Video Category

  • $500 cash
  • $1000 in equipment
  • Pesonalised mentoring experience
  • $1500 of equipment for your campus

Portfolio Category

  • $1000 cash
  • $1500 in equipment
  • Personalised mentoring experience
  • $1500 in equipment for your campus

People’s Choice Winners

  • $250 cash
  • $500 of equipment

Weekly Winners

  • $250 Canon voucher

How do I apply?

Glad you asked.

Visit the Unisights webpage and submit your entry via the online form between 8 August and 22 September.

With your completed form, you'll have successfully applied for Unisights!

How can the Student Life team help me?

The Student Life team from Student Central are available to assist you with your application by answering questions about Unisights, offering guidance and advice, and reviewing your material before you submit it.

They’ve also been in conversation with the creators of the competition and understand a few of the finer points that might help you get an edge.

You can find the Student Life team in The Basement (Shortland Building) under the stairs near the Callaghan Campus Pharmacy, or email them at student-life@newcastle.edu.au.

Are there any workshops?

Yes there is!

is offering two workshops at Callaghan to help students to develop their skills and encourage entry into the competition.

  • Intermediate Workshop - 12 September at 12.00pm
  • Advanced Workshop - 12 September at 1.30pm

Workshops are free and registration is required - click here.

Good luck!