The University of Newcastle, Australia
Available in 2020
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10 units


4000 level

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Covers advanced topics in research methodology and statistics relevant to the current set of projects undertaken by the cohort of students at this level. Complex research designs are discussed, including experimental and applied psychology research, qualitative and quantitative methods. Additional advanced material in the statistical analysis of research data and interpretation are discussed.

The course forms part of a sequence of courses that have been approved by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Availability2020 Course Timetables


  • Semester 1 - 2020


  • Semester 1 - 2020

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Apply a range of research methods suitable for the profession and discipline of Psychology.

2. Select, administer and interpret a range of appropriate statistical methods using complex data sets.

3. Demonstrate advanced skills in analysing and interpreting data and communicating outcomes in accordance with research aims.

4. Evaluate advanced research techniques used in the profession and discipline of Psychology in relation to their personal career goals.


The course will cover a variety of advanced topics in research methods, such as measurement, multivariate statistics, meta-analysis, and program evaluation.


This course is only available to students enrolled in the B Psychology (Honours), B Arts(Hons), B Science(Hons), B Social Science(Hons), B Psychological Science(Hons) and Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

Assumed knowledge

Students enrolling in Psychology 4000 level courses should have successfully completed all 240 units of the BPsychology program at the 1000-3000 levels or an APAC accredited sequence in Psychology (yrs 1-3).

Assessment items

Quiz: Online Quizzes

Written Assignment: Written Assignment

Written Assignment: Written Assessment

Contact hours

Callaghan and Ourimbah

Computer Lab

Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for 5 Weeks starting in week 3

See schedule in course outline. Weeks 3, 5, 6, 8, 9


Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for 9 Weeks starting in week 1

See schedule in course outline.

Online Activity

Online 2 hour(s) per Week for 3 Weeks starting in week 10

See schedule in course outline.