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6000 level

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Project in Enterprise Development is a capstone course in the Master of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. This course builds on theory but also puts into practice what has been learnt from the series of courses undertaken in Master of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Students have two alternatives. One is to work with your current employer or identified business to implement a new product (good or service) or new process. Or secondly to create a new product for a new entrepreneurial venture and implement a new product development (NPD) process based on your own creation. The latter approach is recommended for international students. The course provides mentorship and support for the respective project. The course also provides project management support for students as they move along the NPD process (new processes will use similar tools). Each week students will be responsible for demonstrating adequate progress in development and application of their project. This course conforms to work integrated learning and focuses on students having the ability to apply their skills to real world problems. The final report of the project needs to be comprehensive with substantive evidence of the implementation strategy.

Availability2018 Course Timetables

Newcastle City Precinct

  • Trimester 3 - 2018

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Critically evaluate and utilise relevant theories, concepts and models underpinning new product and process development;

2. Analyse and be capable of implementing the processes involved in new product development (or new process development);

3. Critically evaluate all the ingredients involved in taking a product or process to a target audience including: idea generation, scoping, building a business case, pitching to an audience, design and development, testing and validation, launch and commercialisation;

4. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the theory and application of new product and new process development;

5. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of taking a new product (good or service) or new process to a targeted audience including how to commercialise the outcome.


Topics will include a selection from:

  1. Explanation of new product and process development and various tools involved
  2. Detailed understanding of open innovation and innovation pipelines and stage gate process
  3. Detailed understanding of theory and practice involved in idea generation
  4. Detailed understanding of theory and practice involved in scoping a new product/process
  5. Detailed understanding of theory and practice involved in putting together a business case for a new product/process
  6. The ability to be able to pitch and communicate a new product/process idea to management and investors
  7. Detailed understanding of theory and practice involved in design and development of a new product/processes
  8. Detailed understanding of theory and practice involved in new product development/process testing and validation
  9. Detailed understanding of theory and practice involved in launch and commercialisation of a new product/process
  10. Detailed understanding of theory of how to do a post launch review
  11. Demonstrated knowledge of how to achieve a successful launch of a new venture to support a new product
  12. Demonstrated knowledge of how to seek sponsors and champion a new product/process internally in an organisation
  13. Demonstration of the overall theory and practice of new product/process development activities and their effective implementation.

Assumed knowledge

GSBS6509 and GSBS6510

Assessment items

Portfolio: Portfolio of interim reports

Presentation: Business Case and Pitch Presentation

Written Assignment: Business Case

Portfolio: Final Portfolio, report and presentation

Contact hours

Newcastle City Precinct


Face to Face On Campus 3 hour(s) per Week for 12 Weeks

The workshop is interactive.