The University of Newcastle, Australia
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10 units


6000 level

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Innovative Supply Chain Management introduces students to the fundamentals of supply chain management as a strategic activity for businesses and entrepreneurs to compete, and accomplish their business goals. IN this course, students will address the strategic processes of sourcing and delivering of products and services to customers and destinations based on the operating business model and the cultivation, nurturing and management of supply chain processes and relationships.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Integrate theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the management of supply chains in a global and local context

2. Critically analyze, diagnose and apply expert judgement to identify problems in the supply chain and recommend and implement required modifications to improve its performance and effectiveness

3. Apply specialized knowledge of principles and practice of supply chain integration and process and relationship management

4. Identify, understand, appraise and exploit new developments and innovations in supply chain management for competitive advantage


The content in this course includes the following:

  • Introduction and overview of supply chain management
  • Critical thinking, supply chain diagnostics, and troubleshooting
  • Supply chain management, strategy and the business model
  • Functional elements of supply chain management
  • Eight key processes of supply chain management and process management
  • Supply chain management in not for profit contexts
  • Operations and capacity management in the supply chain
  • Supply chain integration and supply chain relationships
  • Managing risk and enabling resilience in the supply chain
  • Quality management
  • Measuring supply chain performance
  • New developments and innovations in supply chain management


To enrol in this course student must have successfully completed 40 units of GMBA courses and be active in the Master of Business Administrations (Global) program (40160).

Successful completion of 40 units of GMBA courses.

Assessment items

Case Study / Problem Based Learning: Participation in and Completion of a Learning Activity based on a case study and workshop

Written Assignment: Essay on a Supply Chain Management Queston or Issue

Report: Written Report: A structured analytical account of a supply chain investigation or process