The University of Newcastle, Australia
Available in 2020

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This course is the first in a series of professional practice courses that introduces students to professional skills that are integral to an engineering workplace. The focus of all the courses is on integrating professional skills with technical skills. The courses also incorporate academic survival skills and support, particularly in first year.

The course content is delivered by subject specialists and then students are asked to apply their theoretical learning to engineering-based assessments.

This first year professional practice course explores a number of large-scale issues that are increasingly becoming the focus of engineering across the globe. Adding to this macro picture is a more micro examination of the day to day life of an engineer. The aim of exploring both the macro and micro perspectives is for students to not only gain a realistic picture of what to expect in their future career, but also an understanding of the myriad ways engineers can be part of the solution for some of the issues the world is currently facing.

The course also focuses on developing underpinning skills such as practical problem solving, report writing, oral presentation skills, teamwork and W&HS that students will need in all years of their program. Students participate in a project of their choosing from provided options. Through the project, they demonstrate teamwork and other core skills. Each student is required to present a reflective learning journal as part of their assessment.

Availability2020 Course Timetables

BCA Singapore

  • Semester 1 - 2020


  • Semester 1 - 2020

PSB Singapore

  • Trimester 3 - 2020 (Singapore)

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Create a tangible engineering solution to a set problem

2. Identify and discuss large and small scale engineering issues in the context of their engineering studies

3. Identify the value and legal requirements of WH&S

4. Construct written and oral communications in an accepted professional format

5. Identify team roles and work in teams to meet a specified purpose

6. Utilise reflective tools to evaluate their own learning needs


The course will introduce students to the engineering process by following a practical project through from start to finish. This will involve but not be limited to:

  • Problem definition and scoping
  • Research
  • Design thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Making valid assumptions in engineering
  • Engineering on both a large and small scale
  • Design
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Communication (both written and oral)
  • Working in teams
  • Resource management
  • Reflection as a learning tool

The project will be supported by additional material delivered in lectures and tutorials to reinforce the above concepts. The students will also be exposed to other aspects of professional engineering including:

  • Industry speakers
  • Employability
  • Legal requirements
  • Workplace health and safety
  • International and indigenous topics
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship



You cannot enrol in this course if you have completed GENG1803.

Assessment items

Quiz: Self Assessment

Report: Preliminary design

Report: Peer review of reports

Report: Progress Report

Project: Project Testing

Report: Final Report

Report: Reflective learning

Contact hours

BCA Singapore, Callaghan and PSB Singapore


Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term starting in week 1


Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term starting in week 1

Students can only enrol in workshops associated with their program. Please check the timetable for appropriate days and times.