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Current Exhibition

'Still Life in Yellow, Steel and Mandarins'

5 October - 12 November 2016

Dani Marti 'Still life

Still life in yellow, steel and mandarins, continues Dani Marti’s exploration of the physical, psychological and emotional boundaries around intimacy, sexuality, relationships and the role of the artist. Well-known for creating challenging portraits that delve beyond the surface of human experience, Marti uses unconventional processes and materials to capture the essence of his subject and emotional estates. In this exhibition, he presents a series of ‘still-life’ installations that read like portraits of life.

Stripped of their fabric flesh, mattress frames in Still life in yellow, steel and mandarins become skeletons imbued with metaphor. The bed – the most intimate of objects – is sculpturally transformed. Recalling the vanitas tradition, the work kinetically describes the process of entropy during the course of exhibition. As the fruits embedded in the coils age over time, the changing scent becomes a trace and mnemonic trigger. The exposed grid of springs, juxtaposed against the bright fruits, brings the charged history of the mattresses together with living (and dying) objects.

Alongside this large-scale sculptural installation Marti presents The Story of I am, a new series of intricate hand-woven rope ‘canvases’, as well as the imposing Black Sun (commissioned by the 2016 Perth International Festival) and an emotionally-loaded video installation work, Notes for Bob. This moving video portrait draws the viewer into the private story of another, both intimate and challenging, and documents the need for touch and response. Through the multiple elements of portraiture and ‘still lifes’ in this exhibition, Marti describes with poignant reverence, that there is life - still.

Please join the artist for the exhibition opening at the University Gallery:
Thursday 6 OCTOBER from 5:30pm

Image: Dani Marti, Still life in yellow, steel and mandarins, 2016, mixed media.

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