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Current Exhibition


Curated by Annemarie Murland

Patricia Wilson-Adams | Dr Alison Bell | Chris Byrnes | Dr Penny Dunstan | Sarah Edmondson | Helen Hopcroft | Dr Annemarie Murland | Dan Nelson | Dr Lucy O’Donnell | Marika Osmotherly | Alessia Sakoff | Belinda Street | Kiera O'Toole | Rachel Thomas | Lezlie Tilley | Clare Weeks | Eila Vinwynn | Vera Zulumovski | Lee Zaunders

23 October - 16 November 2019

In Conversation

with the curator and artists
Saturday 16 November from 10:30am to 1:30pm

Join the Reimagining the Canon artists and curator on the closing of the exhibition for an informal discussion on the ideas, contexts and essay contributions from curatorial activist, Maura Reilly alongside other cultural producers whose endorsement has helped highlight gender inequality in the arts.

This event will be followed by a one-day only pop up exhibition downstairs in the Senta Taft-Hendry Museum, from 2pm-4pm. See below for more information.

In Reimagining the Canon 19 international and national female artists respond to the question: “If you could write yourself into the Canon of Western Art – how would it look and sound?”

It’s commonly observed that if you ask someone to name ten famous female artists, they struggle to do so. The Countess Report on gender diversity in the representation of visual art in Australia was released in 2016 and showed that while there are many more female than male artists, more men exhibit in Australian museums and galleries.

Reimagining the Canon, curated by Dr Annemarie Murland, questions gender inequality in the art world, and celebrates women artists’ contribution to art and exhibition practices. As a collective, the group brings ‘the everyday’ into the identity politics that surround the Canon of Western Art and its nemesis, ‘feminist art’, today.

In the Senta Taft-Hendry Museum

Origins: looking forward, looking back only to find yourself caught in the space of in-between

Curated by Annemarie Murland

Amanda Donohue |  Sue Haasnoot | Annemarie Murland | Kim Rich | Aine Marie Sheridan | Jacky Wordsell

Saturday 16 November 2019 - one day only
2pm - 4pm (after the Artist In Conversation Symposium in the Gallery)

Origins is a collaborative visual research project and exhibition that documents the migrant experience of six women who have collectively shared their memories of the past while contemplating the present.

The project textually and visually catalogues the journey of the women who originally come from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, but are now living in Newcastle, Australia. They each have individual, personal stories of migration to retell and jointly, over the duration of this year-long project, they have reconsidered the impact that migration has had in shaping their sense of self in place, who they are and how they live today.

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