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The Don McNair Herbarium

About the Herbarium

The Don McNair Herbarium houses a collection of over 14,500 dried plant specimens comprising mostly flowering plants (Angiosperms) but also representatives from Gymnosperms, Pteridophytes, and Bryophytes. The focus of the collection is the flora of the Mid North Coast and Hunter regions of New South Wales and the arid zone flora of New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia,  Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The herbarium has been built from 60 years of collecting by the herbarium founder, Don McNair and the work and donations from other community members including John Dorman, Dr John C Turner, Phyllis Williams, Barbara Burke, T. Peake and R. Robinson, Pamela Westcott, Val and W Walker.

Today it continues to grow with the lodgement of voucher specimens used in research and donations from other organisations and individuals. The collection is housed in a controlled environment with all specimen information databased and the process of digitising the collection has begun.

The aim of the Don McNair Herbarium is to provide a resource and support for research, teaching and community engagement, to build plant identification and curatorial skills and to ensure the preservation of the collections.