Our seminars features specialists in the field of biomedical sciences and pharmacy.

2017 Seminar schedule

We offer students the opportunity to attend our seminars which feature specialists in the area of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy.

Location for all seminars: MS202, Newcastle Campus, Callaghan

NEW START TIME: Fridays 1:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Seminar enquiries : Kathryn Skelding

10/03/2017Prof Lindsay Brown
University of Southern Queensland
"Functional Foods in Hypertension and Obesity"Prof Peter Howe
17/03/2017Prof Jin-Ah Park
Harvard School of Public Health
"Analysis and consequences of unjamming the epithelium"Prof Darryl Knight

Prof. Gerald Muench
Western Sydney University

               "Chronic neuroinflammation and the secrets of parsley”                           A/Prof Estelle Sontag
7/04/2017Dr Margaret O-Leary
University of Newcastle
“10 years of ASP (Australian Snakebite Project)” 
1:30 start

Dr Timothy Hore
University of Otago,
New Zealand

"CG methylation: Epigenetic Memory in Stem Cells and Divergent Vertebrates"Dr Heather Lee
12/05/2017Dr Karl Iremonger
University of Otago,
New Zealand
"Plasticity in hypothalamic stress circuits"A/Prof Chris Dayas
26/05/2017Seminar time available  

Dr. Kim-Anh Lê Cao
University of Queensland Diamantina Institute

"Multivariate methods for biomarker discovery, microbiome analysis and `omics data integration"Prof Jodie Simpson
9/06/2017Assoc Prof Zane Andrews
Monash University
"How does the brain sense and respond to energy deficit"A/Prof Chris Dayas

Dr Nikola Bowden
University of Newcastle

"Repurposing chemotherapy to exploit DNA repair, epigenetics and the immune system for cancer treatment"Dr Kathryn Skelding
23/06/2017Renee Butcher & Sarah PearsonBuilding industry partnerships and opportunities available to our researchersDr Kathryn Skelding
30/06/2017 TBA 

James Pinkerton 1pm

"Identification of novel mechanisms and therapeutic targets in severe, steroid-resistant asthma"

Dr Jay Horvat

14/07/2017Seminar time available  
21/07/2017Seminar time available 

Celeste Harrison 1pm

Vahid Heravi Shargh 1:30pm


Prof Phil Hansbro

Dr Roger Liang

4/08/2017Dr Emma Beckett
University of Newcastle 
TBADr Kathryn Skelding
11/08/2017Jyoti Goad 1pm
Shafiq Syed 1:30pm
TBADr Pradeep Tanwar

Duc Nguyen 1:30pm

TBAProf Phil Hansbro
25/08/2017A/Prof Mark Baker
University of Newcastle
TBARebecca Hood
Dr Kathryn Skelding

Kelly Smith 1pm

Kamal Dua 1:30pm

TBAA/Prof Brett Graham

Prof Phil Hansbro

Dr. Arne Ittner
Dementia Research Unit

TBADr Jean-Marie Sontag
15/09/2017Manish Kumar 1pm
Mariam Adebayo 1:30pm
TBADr Pradeep Tanwar
22/09/2017Dr Danielle Bond
University of Newcastle 
 Dr Kathryn Skelding

Zidan Zhao 1pm

Zhe Lu 1:30pm


A/Prof Rohan Walker

Prof Phil Hansbro

6/10/2017Seminar time available  
Tuesday 12-1pm
Dr Anthony Bosco
Telethon Kids Institute
TBAProf Phil Hansbro

Yury Nikolaev 1pm

Nurul Ain Mohd Tahir 1:30pm

TBAProf Derek Laver
Prof Shu Chuen Li
20/10/2017Dr Amelia Tomkins
Heart Research Institute
TBAProf. Neil Spratt
27/10/2017Jemma Mayall 1pm

Joshua Atkins 1:30pm
TBADr Jay Horvat
A/Prof Murray Cairns
3/11/2017Belinda Goldie 1pmTBADr Kathryn Skelding
10/11/2017A/Prof Kate Schroder
Institute for Molecular Bioscience University of Queensland 
TBAProf Phil Hansbro
17/11/2017Ryan Duchatel 1pm

Michael Geaghan 1:30pm
TBAA/Prof Paul Tooney

A/Prof Murray Cairns
24/11/2017Rebecca Hood 1pm
Lauren Poppi 1:30pm
TBAProf. Neil Spratt

Prof Alan Brichta
1/12/2017Date currently held Prof. Neil Spratt
8/12/2017Date currently held Prof. Neil Spratt
15/12/2017Dr Jude Weidenhofer
University of Newcastle 
TBADr Kathryn Skelding

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