RHD Supervision is a overview of the University of Newcastle resources for research higher degree supervisors and rhd postgraduate students



Supervising research higher degree candidates is one of the most significant and intensive teaching and mentoring experiences available to a researcher. Supervisors need to be across the many procedures and practices within the university as well as national policies concerning doctoral education.

Workshop Series

The Office of Graduate Studies and Organisational Development work together to provide workshops to support supervisors with current, empirically grounded information and access to best practice.

Find out more about the Supervisor Workshops Series.

Support Materials

There is now significant international literature on research training, supervision as well as, national and international networks of researchers in the field.

The national body, The Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies in Australia (DDOGS) produce policy and position papers, that also can be used to guide supervision practice.

The University also subscribes to fIRST - for Improving Research Supervision and Training established in 2000 to provide resources for supervisors and research students across Australia and NZ.

Register of Supervisors

The Register of Supervisors allows students to search for a potential supervisor. Prospective RHD applicants are encouraged to consult with academics in their chosen field prior to submitting an application for admission.

The register draws information from the Research Portfolio Manager (RPM). Supervisors can nominate projects as 'Available for RHD Students' via the RPM system.


For enquiries about the 'Register of Supervisors' please contact the Office of Graduate Studies by
email research@newcastle.edu.au or  phone on +61 2 4921 6537.