Israel and the Middle East: Roots of the current conflict

Course code HIST2672
Not available in 2016


Examines the historical origins of the current conflict in the Middle East with particular reference to Israel and the Arabs. Topics: Colonialism and Zionism; Arab nationalism and the demise of the Ottoman Empire; the British Mandate in Palestine; the Holocaust and the Middle East; the UN and the establishment of Israel; Nasserism, Suez crisis and Six Day War; rise of the PLO; Cold War and the Middle East; Camp David, Oslo Accords and the Road Map to peace.


Not currently available.

This Course was last offered in Semester 2 - 2015.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Identify major themes and issues pertaining to the origins of the conflict between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arabs as a whole.

2. Discuss historiographical issues pertaining to the Middle East conflict.

3. Conduct research, analysis, and the presentation of arguments both written and verbal at an intermediate level.


Course content will be drawn from the following range of topics:

  1. Colonialism and Zionism
  2. Arab nationalism
  3. demise of the Ottoman Empire
  4. the British Mandate in Palestine
  5. the Holocaust, Palestine and Israel
  6. the UN and the establishment of Israel
  7. Nasserism, Suez crisis and Six Day War
  8. rise of the PLO
  9. Cold War and the Middle East
  10. Camp David, Oslo Accords and the Road Map to peace.


This course replaces HIST3672. If you have successfully completed HIST3672 you cannot enrol in this course.

Assumed Knowledge

20 units in History at 1000 level or equivalent

Assessment Items

Written Assignment: Two or more written assignments

In Term Test: Class test

Participation: Group/tutorial participation and contribution

Contact Hours