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The course handbook provides you with a comprehensive list of all courses available across all programs at UoN, including both online & face-to-face choices. The course handbook can be used to search for electives if required.

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Course Listing

AART: Fine ArtBack to top
AART1010Foundations in Creative Arts
AART1020Foundation in Creative Arts for Early Childhood
AART1100Critical Studies 1
AART1110Critical Studies 2
AART1230Creative Enquiry 2D
AART1240Creative Practice 2D
AART1270Creative 2D Practice
AART1300Creative Enquiry 3D
AART1310Creative Practice 3D
AART1400Creative Enquiry Photomedia
AART1410Creative Practice Photomedia
AART1500Introduction to 2-Dimensional Studies
AART1600Introduction to 3-Dimensional Studies
AART1920Visual Arts Theory
AART2100Australian Art
AART2110Visual Analysis
AART2120Professional Practice
AART22002-D Art: Colour and Experimental Media
AART22102-D Art: Multi-media investigations
AART2260Principal Studio 1 (2D or 3D or Photomedia)
AART2270Principal Studio 2 (2D or 3D or Photomedia)
AART23003D Art: Concept and Technology
AART23103D Art: Evaluation and Analysis
AART2400Photomedia: Studio to Bureau
AART2410Photomedia: Constructing with Light
AART3000Contemporary Art Issues
AART3010Writing and Art Theory
AART3020Australian Art History
AART3040Historical Perspectives on Photomedia
AART3050The Arts in Health and Community
AART3070Drawing for Double Degree Students
AART3105Contemporary Issues in Art
AART3110Analysis of the Visual Image
AART3140Currencies 1: Contemporary Focus on Historical Themes in Art
AART3150Currencies 2: Contemporary Focus on Historical Themes in Art
AART32002-D Art: Sources and Presentations of Imagery
AART32102-D Art: Selected Themes and Approaches
AART3220Painting Concepts, Modes and Media
AART3230Interdisciplinary Painting
AART3240Photomechanical Methods in Print
AART3250The Print as Object
AART3260Principal Studio 3 (2D or 3D or Photomedia)
AART3270Principal Studio 4 (2D or 3D or Photomedia)
AART33003-D Art: Aesthetics and Expression
AART33103-D Art: Professional Practice
AART3320Site Specific Sculpture
AART3330Multi-Media Sculpture
AART3340Paper as Form
AART3350Soft Sculpture
AART3360Experimental Ceramics
AART3370Ceramics Production
AART3400Photomedia: Research and Practice
AART3410Photomedia: Portfolio Production
AART3500Directed Study
AART3780Experimental Drawing
AART3790Observational and Expressive Drawing
AART4110Honours 1
AART4120Honours 2
AART4130Honours 3
AART4140Honours 4
ABOR: Indigenous StudiesBack to top
ABOR1110Introduction to Aboriginal Studies
ABOR1112Introduction to Torres Strait Islander Studies
ABOR1370Working with Aboriginal Communities
ABOR1390Australian Aborigines and Human Rights
ABOR1410Academic and Career Communication
ABOR1420Communicating with Aboriginal People Across Genres
ABOR1901Aboriginal Studies
ABOR1902Indigenous Australian Cultural Experience
ABOR2022Aboriginal Cultural Immersion
ABOR2241Aboriginal Political Protest
ABOR2242Aboriginal Labour: Past and Present
ABOR2243Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
ABOR2244Reconciling Australia's Colonial Past and Present
ABOR2245Aboriginal People and Law
ABOR2330Traditional Aboriginal Society
ABOR2340Abor Health:Causes & Burden of Ill Health
ABOR2381Aboriginal Workplace Human Rights and the Minority Worker
ABOR2440Aboriginal Health Past and Present
ABOR2450Aboriginal Health Practices
ABOR2500Aboriginal Childbearing
ABOR3021Australian Indigenous Language & Cultural Issues Today
ABOR3024Aboriginal Community Development and Advocacy
ABOR3080Indigenous Research
ABOR3251International Indigenous Comparative Studies
ABOR3380Human Rights & the World's Indigenous Communities
ABOR3440Indigenous Health Around the World
ABOR3450Health Equity for Indigenous Australians Closing the Gap
ABOR3500Aboriginal Education, Policies and Issues
ABOR3999Aboriginal Professional Experience
ABOR4010Aboriginal Studies Honours I
ABOR4020Aboriginal Studies II
ABOR4030Aboriginal Studies Honours III
ABOR4040Aboriginal Studies Honours IV
ABOR6001Aboriginal Foundation Studies
ABOR6002Decolonisation: An Australian Context
ABOR6003Contemporary Aboriginal Studies
ABOR6004Community Development
ABOR6005Abor Educ 1st World Policy/Third World Outcomes
ABOR6006Switching Black Power back on in Indig. Learning
ABOR6007Investigating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in the the public health context
ACFI: AccountingBack to top
ACFI1001Accounting for Decision Makers
ACFI1002Accounting Practice
ACFI2001Company Accounting
ACFI2002Financial Accounting
ACFI2003Management Accounting
ACFI2004Advanced Management Accounting
ACFI2070Business Finance
ACFI2080Corporate Finance
ACFI2200Personal Financial Planning
ACFI3001Accounting Theory
ACFI3002Issues in Financial Accounting
ACFI3003Issues in Management Accounting
ACFI3005Auditing and Assurance
ACFI3006Personal Financial Planning
ACFI3007Accounting and the Sustainability Ethos
ACFI3018Portfolio Management
ACFI3070Issues in Taxation
ACFI3130Derivative Securities
ACFI3140International Finance
ACFI3190Financial Institutions Risk Management
ACFI4005Theory in Finance
ACFI4030Theory in Accounting
AHIS: Ancient HistoryBack to top
AHIS1000Ancient Greece
AHIS1020Rome to the Gracchi
AHIS1040War in the Ancient World
AHIS1060Rome: A Survey of History and Archaeology
AHIS1070Classical Literature: An Introduction
AHIS2000The Augustan Age: Politics, Society and Literature
AHIS2051Athens and Empire
AHIS2370Ancient Cultures: The Art of Magic
AHIS2900Overseas study experience
AHIS3000The Ancient Historians
AHIS3020Late Roman Republic
AHIS3065Ancient Cultures: Greek and Roman Society
AHIS3130Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England
AHIS3140Philip II and Alexander the Great
AHIS3220Early Roman Empire: from AD 14 to 68
AHIS3310Greek and Roman Epic
AHIS3330Greek Tragedy
AHIS3350Greek and Roman Erotica
AHIS3500Sport and Spectacle in Antiquity
AHIS3510Greek Society
AHIS3520Roman Society
AHIS3530Greek Art: Bronze Age to the Classical Period
AHIS3540Etruscan and Roman Art
AHIS3550Greek and Roman Mythology
AHIS3560Sexuality in Antiquity
AHIS3580Health and Disease over the Ages
AHIS3600Women in Ancient Literature
AHIS3601Ancient Cultures: World Greek Theatre
AHIS3663Myth and Fairytale
AHIS3670The Ancient World on Film
AHIS4140Ancient History Honours - Study I
AHIS4150Ancient History Honours - Study II
AHIS4160Ancient History Honours - Thesis Preparatory
AHIS4170Ancient History Honours - Thesis
AHIS6000Ancient History Directed Study
AHIS6001Ancient History Methodologies
ARBE: Architecture and BuildingBack to top
ARBE1100Communication in the Built Environment 1
ARBE1101Construction Technology 1
ARBE1102Construction Ecology 1
ARBE1103Communication in the Built Environment 2
ARBE1104History and Theory in the Built Environment 1
ARBE1200Architectural Design 1A
ARBE1220Architectural Design 1B
ARBE1301Construction Law and Legislation
ARBE1303Introduction to the Construction Industry
ARBE1304Building Codes and Compliance
ARBE1305Construction Technology, Sequencing and Representation
ARBE1500Introduction to Design Practice
ARBE1501Project Development
ARBE2100Construction Technology 2
ARBE2101Construction Ecology 2
ARBE2200Communication in the Built Environment 3
ARBE2201Architectural Design 2B
ARBE2202Communication in the Built Environment 4
ARBE2203History and Theory in the Built Environment 2
ARBE2220Architectural Design 2A
ARBE2301Measurement of Building Works
ARBE2303Health and Safety in the Built Environment
ARBE2306Maintenance Services and Rehabilitation
ARBE2307Economics of the Construction Industry
ARBE2308Cost Planning and Estimating
ARBE2309Construction Procurement and Tendering
ARBE2500Furniture, Form and Function
ARBE2501Technology Project Development
ARBE2503Design Collaboration
ARBE2504The Application of Design Heuristics
ARBE2505Sustainable Design
ARBE2506Model Making
ARBE3100Construction Technology 3
ARBE3200History and Theory in the Built Environment 3
ARBE3220Architectural Design 3A
ARBE3221Architectural Design 3B
ARBE3300Construction Business Management
ARBE3301Construction Project Planning
ARBE3304Development Economics
ARBE3305Infrastructure Development
ARBE3306Building Fire Safety and Compliance
ARBE3307Contract Administration
ARBE3308Building Information Modelling (BIM)
ARBE3501Computational Design and Modelling
ARBE3503Ergonometric Principles for Furniture Design
ARBE3506Design Development and Management
ARBE3507Project Design and Development
ARBE3520 Industrial Design Professional Project
ARBE3521Design for Innovation
ARBE4101Construction Ecology 3
ARBE4102Construction Technology and Services
ARBE4120Research in the Built Environment 2
ARBE4121AResearch in the Built Environment A
ARBE4121BResearch in the Built Environment B
ARBE4125Special Project
ARBE4301Construction Entrepreneurship
ARBE4302Disaster Management and Resilience in the Built Environment
ARBE4303Facilities Management
ARBE4323Work Integrated Learning Building Information Modelling
ARBE6121Disaster Management Research Project
ARBE6201Architectural Management
ARBE6202Architectural Practice
ARBE6220Architectural Design 4A
ARBE6221Architectural Design 4B
ARBE6222Architectural Design 5A
ARBE6223Research in Architectural Practice
ARBE6230Architectural Design 5B
ARBE6312Sustainable Development
ARBE6321Property Economics and Finance
ARBE6331Property and Facilities Management
ARBE6341Property Law and Planning Legislation
ARBE6351Property Investment and Evaluation
ARBE6362Advanced Property Valuation
ARBE6371Property Research Report
ARBE6372Statutory Valuations
ARBE6382Property Market Analysis
ARBE6401Project Scoping and Integration
ARBE6402Project Scheduling, Resource Management & Leadership
ARBE6403Project Communication
ARBE6404Project Procurement, Cost, Quality & Risk Management
ARBE6405Program Management
ARBE6406Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
ARBE6407Project Closure
ARBE6408PM Research Paper
ARBE6601Theory and Practice of Disaster Management
ARBE6602Post-disaster Project Management
ARBE6603Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable Re-development
ARBE6604Professional Practice in the Post Disaster Management
ARBE6605Policy and Social Considerations in Disaster Management
ARBE6606Economics of and for Disaster Recovery
ARTC: Creative ArtsBack to top
ARTC3701Theatre and Performance Studies
ARTC6402Community Theatre and Performance
AVIA: AviationBack to top
AVIA6110Human Factors in Aviation Systems
AVIA6120Crew Resource Management
AVIA6130Advanced Aviation Human Factors Research Skills
AVIA6140Human Factors in Specialised Operations
AVIA6150Aviation Safety Management Systems
AVIA6160Aviation Training and Instruction
BIOL: Biological SciencesBack to top
BIOL1001Molecules, Cells and Organisms
BIOL1002Organisms to Ecosystems
BIOL1003Professional Skills for Biological Sciences 1
BIOL1040Introduction to Biology I
BIOL1050Introduction to Biology II
BIOL1070Introduction to Biology II
BIOL2001Molecular Laboratory Skills for Biological Sciences
BIOL2002Laboratory Skills in Biological Systems
BIOL2011Fundamentals of Biology & Biochemistry
BIOL2020Animal Physiology and Development
BIOL2050Molecular Genetics
BIOL2090Microbial Biology
BIOL2220Plant Cell Development
BIOL3001Advanced Laboratory Skills in Biological Sciences
BIOL3020Reproductive Physiology and Development
BIOL3090Molecular Biology
BIOL3310Plant Cell & Molecular Biology
BIOL3330Plant Development and Physiology
BIOL4110Biology Honours 4110
BIOL4120Biology Honours 4120
BIOL4210Biology Honours 4210
BIOL4220Biology Honours 4220
BIOL6001Science Policy and Commercialisation
BIOS: BiostatisticsBack to top
BIOS6010Data Management and Statistical Computing
BIOS6020Categorical Data and Generalised Linear Models
BIOS6030Survival Analysis
BIOS6040Mathematical Background for Biostatistics
BIOS6050Principles of Statistical Inference
BIOS6061Design of Randomised Controlled Trials
BIOS6070Linear Models
BIOS6080Health Indicators and Health Surveys
BIOS6090Longitudinal and Correlated Data
BIOS6100Clinical Biostatistics
BIOS6130Bayesian Statistical Methods
BIOS6141Advanced Clinical Trials
BIOS6150Work Placement Project A
BIOS6160Work Placement Project B
BIOS6170Probability and Distribution Theory
BIOS6910Biostatistics A
BIOS6920Biostatistics B
BIOS6940Intermediate Biostatistics in Epidemiology
BIOS6950Advanced Biostatistics
BIOS6960Short Data Analysis Project
BIOS6970Quality Monitoring
BIOS6990Applied Longitudinal Analysis
BTEC: BiotechnologyBack to top
BTEC3200Cellular Biotechnology
BTEC3220Biotechnology Finance and Commercialisation
BTEC3250Biotechnology Placement
BUSN: BusinessBack to top
BUSN1001Globalisation and International Management
BUSN1992Foundation in Business 1
BUSN2050Contemporary Sports Management
BUSN2700Creating Customer Satisfaction
BUSN2992Foundation in Business 2
BUSN3001Project in Business
BUSN3500International Work Placement in Business
BUSN3600International Study Experience
BUSN4100Business Research Methods
BUSN4200Research Thesis 1
BUSN4300Research Thesis 2
CAPA: Creative and Performing ArtsBack to top
CAPA1001Creative And Performing Arts in Space, Place & Time
CAPA1010Introduction to Drama 1
CAPA1020Introduction to Drama and Performance
CAPA1080Introduction to Drawing, Painting and Sculpture
CAPA1090Visual Creativity: Sculpture
CAPA1101Introduction to Digital Imaging & New Media
CAPA1420Introduction to Drama and Theatre Studies
CAPA2000Art History and Theory: Images and Interpretation
CAPA2001Texture, Text & Event Making in Creative & Performing Arts
CAPA2010Current view of Art History
CAPA2020Painting, Sculpture and New Media
CAPA2210Performance Histories 1
CAPA2220Performance Histories 2
CAPA2301Primary Drama in Action
CAPA2410Australian Theatre and Performance
CAPA2700Acting 1
CAPA2710Acting and Performing
CAPA2900Performance Exercise 1
CAPA3000Body and Environment
CAPA3001Creative and Emerging Technologies in the Creative and Performing Arts
CAPA3002Collaboration and Innovation in the Creative Industries and Creative Arts
CAPA3010Visual Arts: Practice and Research
CAPA3050Painting Workshop 3B
CAPA3302Creative Arts: Drawing & Painting (upper level)
CAPA3310Performance & Contemporary Culture 1
CAPA3320Performance & Contemporary Culture 2
CAPA3440Performance Histories 1
CAPA3480Body, Performance and Culture
CAPA3490Writing for Performance
CAPA3500Acting and Performing
CAPA3510Community Performance
CAPA3530Writing Forbidden Stories: Stage and Screen
CAPA3701Theatre and Performance Studies
CAPA3820Writing for Performance 1
CAPA3850Acting 3
CAPA3860Writing for Performance 2
CAPA3900Performance Exercise
CAPA4001Research Methods
CAPA4002Research Project Development
CAPA4003Creative and Performing Arts Honours 3: Research Project/Thesis
CHEE: Chemical EngineeringBack to top
CHEE1000Chemical Engineering Principles
CHEE2421Safety and Risk
CHEE2691Heat Transfer and Design of Energy Systems
CHEE2820Transfer Processes Laboratory
CHEE2931Green Engineering and Sustainability Principles
CHEE2940Particle Processing
CHEE3690Environmental Process Technology
CHEE3731Modelling of Separation Processes
CHEE3741Mass Transfer and Separation Processes
CHEE3841Research Laboratory
CHEE3920Coal and Mineral Processing
CHEE4320Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
CHEE4510Proj Management & Innovation in Process Industries
CHEE4940AChemical Engineering Design Project Part A
CHEE4940BChemical Engineering Design Project Part B
CHEE4971AChemical Engineering Research Project Part A
CHEE4971BChemical Engineering Research Project Part B
CHEE6007Particle Processing II
CHEE6008Advanced Energy Systems
CHEE6200Advanced Clean Coal Technologies
CHEE6410Advanced Coal & Mineral Processing
CHEE6420Safety and Risk Management
CHEE6510Project Management & Innovation in Process Industr
CHEE6690Environmental Process Techology
CHEE6990Industrial Systems Project/Seminar
CHEM: ChemistryBack to top
CHEM1010Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM1020Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM1110Chemistry for the Life Sciences I
CHEM1120Chemistry for the Life Sciences II
CHEM2110Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2201Analytical and Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM2210Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM2310Organic Chemistry
CHEM2410Physical Chemistry
CHEM2510Applied Chemistry
CHEM2610Environmental Chemistry I
CHEM3110Instrumental Chemical Analysis
CHEM3210Metal Complexation, Structure and Reactivity
CHEM3310Molecular Organic Synthesis
CHEM3410Energy and Structure
CHEM3550Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
CHEM3560Materials Chemistry: Solids and Semiconductors
CHEM3570Applications of Spectroscopy: Quantitative Analysis and Characterisation of Compounds
CHEM3580Polymers and Colloids
CHEM3590Chemistry Research Project
CHEM3610Environmental Chemistry II
CHEM4110Chemistry Honours 4110
CHEM4120Chemistry Honours 4120
CHEM4210Chemistry Honours 4210
CHEM4220Chemistry Honours 4220
CHIN: ChineseBack to top
CHIN1110Elementary Chinese I
CHIN1120Elementary Chinese II
CHIN2201Intermediate Written Chinese I
CHIN2202Intermediate Written Chinese II
CHIN2301Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese I
CHIN2302Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese II
CHIN3101Advanced Spoken Chinese I
CHIN3102Advanced Spoken Chinese II
CHIN3201Advanced Written Chinese
CHIN3202Advanced Chinese with Translation
CHIN4150Chinese Honours I
CHIN4160Chinese Honours II
CHIN4170Chinese Honours III
CHIN4180Chinese Honours IV
CHIN6001Business Chinese
CHIN6301Practical Translation: Chinese
CIVL: Civil EngineeringBack to top
CIVL2050Engineering computations and probability
CIVL2130Theory of Structures 1
CIVL2240Civil Engineering Materials
CIVL2280Geomechanics 1
CIVL2310Fluid Mechanics
CIVL2720Transportation Engineering and Design
CIVL3160Reinforced Concrete Design
CIVL3170Steel Design
CIVL3180Theory of Structures 2
CIVL3280Geomechanics 2
CIVL3410Hydrobiological Modelling
CIVL3431Land Surface Process and Management
CIVL3470Contaminant Hydrogeology
CIVL4110Theory of Structures 3
CIVL4120Residential Footings/Masonry/Timber Design
CIVL4201Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
CIVL4450Water Engineering
CIVL4521Structural Engineering Project
CIVL4541Water Engineering Project
CIVL4571Geotechnical Engineering Project
CIVL4591Environmental Engineering Project 1
CIVL4601Environmental Engineering Project 2
CIVL4640Project S1
CIVL4660Project S2
CIVL4670AAdvanced Project A
CIVL4670BAdvanced Project B
CIVL4830Stress & Finite Element Methods
CIVL6400Water Engineering
CLAM: Clinical Leadership and ManagementBack to top
CLAM1102Introduction to IPE, Clinial Leadership and Management in Healthcare
CLAM6001Evaluating, Assessing and Developing Clinical Competence
CLAM6002Australian Health Service Organisation, Infrastructure and Management
CLAM6003Clinical Medicine and Service Provision A
CLAM6004Clinical Practice Audit, Safety and Quality Improvement
CLAM6005Clinical Medicine and Service Provision B
CLAM6006Foundations of Clinical Leadership and Management
CLAM6007Anatomy of the Hospital
CLAM6008Application of Leadership and Management Skills
CLAM6103Research for Medical Professionals
CLAM6203Applied Research for Medical Professionals
CMNS: Communications and Media StudiesBack to top
CMNS1000Introduction to Digital Communication
CMNS1005Media Production: Cinematography
CMNS1090Introduction to Professional Writing
CMNS1130Media Production: Sound Production
CMNS1230Foundations of Media Production
CMNS1234Introduction to Communication Theory
CMNS1280Introduction to Journalism
CMNS1290Introduction to Public Relations
CMNS2035Media Production: Television
CMNS2040Music Video
CMNS2150Media Production: Radio
CMNS2160Media Production: Documentary
CMNS2280Feature Writing
CMNS2300Radio Journalism
CMNS2350Contemp Popular Music: Cult Prod & Use
CMNS2370Media Production: Sound
CMNS2400Media Production: Introduction to Radio
CMNS2500Developing Multimedia Publications
CMNS2600Audience Studies
CMNS2710Public Relations Writing
CMNS2720Media, Law, Ethics
CMNS3170Screenwriting (Documentary)
CMNS3180Screenwriting (Drama)
CMNS3270Communication and Discourse
CMNS3310Communication, Creativity & Cultural Production
CMNS3320International Media Studies
CMNS3333Television Journalism
CMNS3440Media Production: Screen Drama
CMNS3450Media Production Project
CMNS3500Communication Professional Placement
CMNS3510Advanced Public Relations Studies
CMNS3520Public Affairs and Communication
CMNS3530Public Relations Strategy
CMNS3540Public Relations Campaigns
CMNS4100Communication Honours I: Research Methods
CMNS4120Communication Honours II: Directed Readings
CMNS4130Communication Honours III: Research Project
CMNS4140Communication Honours IV: Research Project
CMNS4150Communication Honours V: Research Project
CMNS6040Digital Video
CMNS6060eCulture and Audiences
CMNS6070Narrative and Interactive Design
COMP: Computer ScienceBack to top
COMP1050Internet Communications
COMP2230Introduction to Algorithmics
COMP2240Operating Systems
COMP2270Formal Languages and Automata
COMP3260Data Security
COMP3290Compiler Design
COMP3320Computer Graphics
COMP3330Machine Intelligence
COMP3850Computer Science Work Integrated Learning
COMP4110Special Topic A
COMP4120Special Topic B
COMP4140Special Topic D
COMP4240Special Topic G
COMP4251Computer Science Honours Project - Part 1
COMP4252Computer Science Honours Project – Part 2
COMP6050Internet Communications
COMP6230Introduction to Algorithmics
COMP6240Operating Systems
COMP6270Formal Languages and Automata
COMP6290Compiler Design
COMP6360Data Security
COMP6370Computer Graphics
COMP6380Machine Intelligence
CULT: Cultural StudiesBack to top
CULT4010Cultural Studies I
DESN: DesignBack to top
DESN1001Design Contexts 1: What – Definitions, Theories and Practices of Design
DESN1002Design Contexts 2: When - Histories of Visual Communication Design
DESN1011Design Projects 1: Visual Design Experimentation
DESN1021Design Projects 2: Visual Design Thinking
DESN1101Design Fundamentals
DESN1102Graphic Design in Practice
DESN1111Design Imaging 1: Seeing Photo-based and handmade images
DESN1112Design Imaging 2: Designing Photo-based handmade images
DESN1470Design Process
DESN2003Design Contexts 3: How - The Design Process in Theory and Practice
DESN2004Design Contexts 4: Why - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Design
DESN2031Design Projects 3: Designing for Print and Graphic Environments
DESN2041Design Projects 4: Designing for Screen and Movement
DESN2270Web Multimedia
DESN2302Photographic Construction and Art Direction
DESN2530Natural History Field Studies 3
DESN2550Natural History Field Studies 4
DESN2560Natural History Studio Studies 4
DESN2710Scientific Illustration
DESN2801Animation 1: Design for Animation
DESN2802Animation 2: Animation Production
DESN3005Design Contexts 5: Design Research Methodologies
DESN3006Design Contexts 6: Researching the Design Profession
DESN3051Design Projects 5A: Design Directions 1
DESN3052Design Projects 5B: Design Directions 2
DESN3061Design Projects 6: Design Exploration
DESN3730Illustration and Ideas
DESN4200Design Research Methods
DESN4210Design Research Planning
DESN4220Design Honours 1
DESN4230Design Honours II
DESN4240Design Honours III
DESN6350Design for Digital Media
DESN6410Usability and Interaction Design
EBUS: eBusinessBack to top
EBUS2000Information and Communication in Business
EBUS2123Supply Chain Decision Support
EBUS3010Strategic Business Systems
EBUS3030Business Intelligence
EBUS3050The Digital Economy
ECON: EconomicsBack to top
ECON1001Microeconomics for Business Decisions
ECON1002Macroeconomics in the Global Economy
ECON1003Basic Econometrics and Quantitative Modelling
ECON2001Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON2002Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON3002Economic Development
ECON3003Global Trade and Finance
ECON3004Money and Banking
ECON3005Economics of Wealth Creation
ECON3006Environmental Economics
ECON3007Intermediate Econometrics
ECON3008International Macroeconomics
ECON3450Econometric Modelling
ECON4001Research Methodology
ECON4004Advanced Topics in Applied Economics I
ECON4005Advanced Topics in Applied Economics II
ECON4006AResearch Thesis - Part A
ECON4006BResearch Thesis - Part B
ECON4100Economics IVA
ECON4110Economics IVB
ECON4130Economics IVD
ECON6430Issues in Developing Economies
ECON6440Economic Planning and Project Evaluation
ECON6450Applied Policy Analysis
EDST: Education StudiesBack to top
EDST2080Creative Arts Production for the Primary School
EDST2090Teaching Scientific Literacy
EDST4063Planning for Teaching in Special Education
EDST6511Early Childhood Literacies
EDUC: EducationBack to top
EDUC1001Technology Teaching Studies 1A
EDUC1002Technology Teaching Studies 1B
EDUC1008Foundations of Primary and Secondary Education
EDUC1014PE Studies 1: Motor Development and Skill Acquisition
EDUC1015PE Studies 2: Performance Activities
EDUC1016PE Studies 2: Court and Striking Games
EDUC1038Becoming a Teacher: Foundations of Education
EDUC1045Foundations of Early Childhood Education
EDUC1048Becoming a Teacher: Foundations of Education
EDUC1050K-6 Pedagogies
EDUC1055Foundations of Child learning and Development
EDUC1070Foundation of Creative Arts for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers
EDUC1090Specialist Studies in Mathematics 1
EDUC1101Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy
EDUC1203Specialist Studies in Junior PDHPE
EDUC1738K-6 English
EDUC1751Knowledge and Communication Technologies
EDUC2005Teaching & Learning in Design & Technology 1
EDUC2008Technology Teaching Studies 2
EDUC2014Teaching and Learning in English 1
EDUC2019Teaching and Learning in Mathematics 1
EDUC2033Teaching & Learning in Science 1
EDUC2036Specialist Studies in History 1
EDUC2044Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts 1
EDUC2050Specialist Studies in English 1
EDUC2052Specialist Studies in Science 1
EDUC2057PE Studies 3: Performance Activities
EDUC2058PE Studies 4: Invasion Games
EDUC2060Specialist Studies in Geography and Commerce 1
EDUC2065Play and Learning
EDUC2066Teaching, Learning and Play in Early Childhood
EDUC2070Early Childhood Education and Care: Children’s Places
EDUC2071Specialist Studies in Junior Visual Arts
EDUC2080Specialist Studies in Music 1
EDUC2090Specialist Studies in Mathematics 1
EDUC2100EC Professional Preparation 2
EDUC2101Introduction to Specialist Studies
EDUC2102Educational Psychology: Learners and the Learning Process
EDUC2103Schooling, Identity and Society
EDUC2136Specialist Studies in Drama 1
EDUC2143Specialist Studies in Languages 1
EDUC2145Specialist Studies in Technology 1
EDUC2152Extended Studies in Science I
EDUC2181Managing the Learning Environment
EDUC2185Managing the K-6 Learning Environment
EDUC2186Quality Teaching and Student Learning K-6
EDUC2190Extended Studies in Mathematics 1
EDUC2195Managing the 7-12 Learning Environment
EDUC2196Quality Teaching and Student Learning 7-12
EDUC2245Specialist Studies in Technology 2
EDUC2514Primary Kinetics 1
EDUC2515Primary Kinetics 2
EDUC2516Movement and Dance in the Primary School
EDUC2744K-6 Science and Technology
EDUC2746K-6 Society and Environment
EDUC2747K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
EDUC2748K-6 Literacy 1
EDUC2749K-6 Numeracy
EDUC3005Technology Teaching Studies 3 A
EDUC3026Special Education
EDUC3032Physical Education Studies 5
EDUC3036Technology Teaching Studies 5: Food Technology
EDUC3037Technology Teaching Studies 6: Textile Technology
EDUC3038Extended Studies in the Humanities
EDUC3050Extended Studies in English 1
EDUC3051Teach & Learn in PDHPE 3
EDUC3052Specialist Studies in Science 2
EDUC3055Pedagogies of Numeracy from Birth to 12 Years
EDUC3058PE Studies 5 - Lifetime Physical Activities
EDUC3060Teaching and Learning in Social Sciences 3
EDUC3065Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood
EDUC3066Early Childhood Education and Care: Children’s places
EDUC3071Extended Studies in Visual Arts I
EDUC3073Literacies Across the Vocational Curriculum
EDUC3075Multiliteracies, Communication and the Young Child
EDUC3080Extended Studies in Music 1
EDUC3090Specialist Studies in Mathematics 2
EDUC3103Early Childhood Special Education
EDUC3185Integrated and differentiated curriculum
EDUC3186Quality Teaching, Equity and Diversity K-6
EDUC3195Pedagogy and Inclusion
EDUC3196Quality Teaching, Equity and Diversity 7-12
EDUC3203Specialist Studies in Senior PDHPE
EDUC3245Specialist Studies in Technology 3
EDUC3739K-6 Mathematics
EDUC3745K-6 Creative Arts
EDUC3746K-6 Society and Environment
EDUC3748K-6 Literacy 2
EDUC4002Meet Spec. Needs in Diverse Social & Educ. Context
EDUC4003Physical Education Studies 7
EDUC4005Introduction to Materials and Design in Technology
EDUC4013PE Studies 6 - Physical Activity Behaviour
EDUC4014PE Studies 7 - Sports Coaching
EDUC4015PE Studies 8 - Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity
EDUC4025Leadership, Advocacy and Administration in EC Settings
EDUC4035Inquiry into Early Childhood Philosophy and Practices
EDUC4036Specialist Studies in Drama 2
EDUC4038Training, Learning and Assessment in Vocational Ed
EDUC4039Design and Technology Studies 4
EDUC4045Early Childhood Internship
EDUC4060Special Education Internship
EDUC4063Planning for Teaching in Special Education
EDUC4064Assessing and Addressing Learning Difficulties
EDUC4065Supporting Behaviour Change
EDUC4066Materials & Design in Technology
EDUC4067Applied Technology
EDUC4070Literacies Across the Secondary Curriculum
EDUC4073Aboriginal and Contemporary Issues in Education
EDUC4078Teacher Research Project
EDUC4090Specialist Studies in English 2
EDUC4091Extended Studies in English 2
EDUC4092Specialist Studies in Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies
EDUC4093Specialist Studies in Society and Culture, Aboriginal Studies and Studies of Religion
EDUC4099Specialist Studies in Senior Visual Arts
EDUC4100Extended Studies in Visual Arts 2
EDUC4103Specialist Studies in Music 2
EDUC4104Extended Studies in Music 2
EDUC4105Extended Studies in Mathematics 2
EDUC4108Teaching and Learning in Second Teaching Area
EDUC4109Extended Studies in Science 2
EDUC4136Specialist Studies in History 2
EDUC4143Specialist Studies in Languages 2
EDUC4146Early Childhood/Primary Intership
EDUC4160Specialist Studies in Geography 2
EDUC4175Pedagogies of Reading and Writing: Birth to 12 Years
EDUC4181Ethical Teaching in Classrooms
EDUC4182Research as Practice
EDUC4185Teachers, Ethics and Professionalism: K-6 Internship
EDUC4186Quality Teaching and Professional Practice K-6
EDUC4195Teachers, Ethics and Professionalism: 7-12 Internship
EDUC4196Quality Teaching and Professional Practice 7-12
EDUC4203Extended Studies in PDHPE
EDUC4245Specialist Studies in Technology 4
EDUC4700Education Using Technology
EDUC4703Addressing Special Needs in Adult Learning Context
EDUC4705Curriculum Application in Vocational Education and Training
EDUC4706VET Practicum 1
EDUC4707VET Practicum 2
EDUC4748Advanced Literacy Studies
EDUC4749Advanced Numeracy Studies
EDUC4750K-6 Curriculum Contexts: Integration & Inclusion
EDUC4801Politics of Education: Creating Sustainable Communities
EDUC4802Teaching Scientific Literacy For Sustainable Futures
EDUC4803New Learning, the Visual Narrative and Well-being
EDUC4804Educational Leadership for a Sustainable Future
EDUC4805Community Engagement to Enhance Educational Outcomes for Boys
EDUC4806Civics and Citizenship Education
EDUC4807Educating for Ecologically Sustainable Communities
EDUC4808Excellence and equity: Promoting communities of self directed learners
EDUC4809Historical Consciousness, Public Memory, and Nation Building
EDUC4940Research Design and Critique
EDUC4955Education Honours I: Introduction to Education Research
EDUC4965Education Honours II: Research Design and Methods
EDUC4990Honours III: Project and Thesis
EDUC6001Dis Stud: Persp on Individual, Family & Community
EDUC6002Disability Support & Services: Management & Eval
EDUC6003Planning Support in Disability Services
EDUC6004Collaborative Approaches in Disability Services
EDUC6005Social Justice in Early Childhood Education, Family and Communities
EDUC6006Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
EDUC6008Identification of Gifted and Talented Students
EDUC6011Curriculum and Programming in Gifted Education
EDUC6012Boys Education: Foundations for Successful Practice
EDUC6015School Orgn & Structural Issues in Educating Boys
EDUC6016Leadership and Strategic Management
EDUC6017Organisational Behaviour and Managing People
EDUC6018Contemporary Issues in ICT and Education
EDUC6019Instructional Leadership and Program Evaluation
EDUC6020Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership
EDUC6021Advanced Educational Studies 1
EDUC6023Cultural Variations in Language Learning
EDUC6024Practicum in TESOL
EDUC6025TESOL Curriculum and Methodology
EDUC6026Minor Thesis A
EDUC6027Minor Thesis B
EDUC6028Advanced Educational Studies 2
EDUC6030Power and Pedagogy
EDUC6036Educational Leadership and ICT
EDUC6038ICT in Education
EDUC6039Applications of Computers in Education
EDUC6042Digitally Supported Learning
EDUC6043Religious Education: Theory and Practice
EDUC6045Advanced Learning Theory
EDUC6048Research Methodology
EDUC6049Educational Research Methodology 2: Qualitative
EDUC6050Educational Research Methodology 1: Quantitative
EDUC6051Industry/Work Based Project
EDUC6052Advanced Educational Studies 3
EDUC6066Sensory Systems and Physiological Functioning
EDUC6067Orientation and Mobility for Educators
EDUC6068Curriculum and pedagogy for students with vision impairments
EDUC6070Literacy and numeracy development in learners with vision impairment
EDUC6076Seminar in Sensory Disability A
EDUC6077Seminar in Sensory Disability B
EDUC6079Assessment, Programming and Intervention in Behaviour Problems
EDUC6080Whole school approaches to supporting student behaviour
EDUC6081Using Resources in Behaviour Problems
EDUC6082Policy, Administration and Collaboration in Special Education
EDUC6083Communication Intervention
EDUC6084Com. Service Provision for People with Disability
EDUC6085Education of Students with Learning Difficulties
EDUC6086Education of Students with Behaviour Problems
EDUC6087Developmental Disabilities
EDUC6088Teaching Methods & Techniques in Special Education
EDUC6090Current Issues in Special Education
EDUC6101Web 2.0 and Beyond
EDUC6102Mathematics Curriculum Studies 1
EDUC6103Mathematics Curriculum Studies 2
EDUC6104Mathematics Curriculum Studies 3
EDUC6105Mathematics Curriculum Studies 4
EDUC6106Mathematics Curriculum Studies 5
EDUC6107Mathematics Curriculum Studies 6
EDUC6108Current Issues in Secondary Schooling
EDUC6109Integrated Fieldwork Studies
EDUC6113Advanced Theory and Practice in Orientation and Mobility
EDUC6116Transdisciplin Approach Curr Imp Sens Mult Dis
EDUC6124English for Special Purposes
EDUC6127Technology Education
EDUC6132Supervision and Mentoring of Teachers
EDUC6150Boys and Classroom Practice
EDUC6153Boys and Literacies
EDUC6154Meeting the Academic and Social Needs of Boys
EDUC6157History, Nature, and Practice of Science
EDUC6158Orientation and Mobility for Instructors in Training
EDUC6159School and Community Partnerships to Improve Boys' and Girls' Outcomes
EDUC6160Supporting communication skills in infants and preschoolers with additional needs
EDUC6161Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Intervention
EDUC6162Social-Emotional Learning and Positive Behaviour Support for children 0-5 years.
EDUC6163Collaborative and Inter-disciplinary Approaches in Early Childhood Intervention
EDUC6164Critical Reflection in Special Education and Disability Service Settings
EDUC6165Critiquing and designing research in inclusive, special education or disability service settings
EDUC6166Inquiry as Stance: Researching Teaching
EDUC6167Multiliteracies and Learning
EDUC6168Teachers, Learners and the Foundations of Schooling
EDUC6171Extended Studies in Visual Arts 1
EDUC6180Specialist Studies in Music 1
EDUC6190Extended Studies in Mathematics 1
EDUC6200Productive Classroom Practice
EDUC6201Productive Assessment
EDUC6202Productive Curriculum
EDUC6203Productive Teacher Learning
EDUC6204Intermediate Assessment Design
EDUC6205Intermediate Curriculum Design
EDUC6224Issues and Debates in History Education
EDUC6225Knowing, Teaching & Learning History
EDUC6226Teaching History in Primary Schools
EDUC6236Specialist Studies in History 1
EDUC6240Teaching the Digital Generation
EDUC6241Screen Education
EDUC6243Specialist Studies in Languages 1
EDUC6245Specialist Studies in Technology 1
EDUC6250Specialist Studies in English 1
EDUC6251Information Technology and ESL/EFL Teaching
EDUC6252Socio-cultural Context for ESL/EFL Teaching
EDUC6258Practicum in Orientation and Mobility
EDUC6260Education and International Development: Global perspectives
EDUC6261Comparative Education: Debates and Dilemmas
EDUC6262Educating for Peace
EDUC6263Psychology of Reading and Writing and Educational Practice
EDUC6264Inquiry in Early Childhood Philosophy and Practices
EDUC6265Conducting Teacher Research in Early Childhood Education
EDUC6266Advanced Theories and Approaches to Curriculum Planning, Programming and Eval in Early Childhood Ed
EDUC6267Advanced Practice in Early Childhood Education
EDUC6270Teaching for Diversity
EDUC6271Gender and Sexuality in Education
EDUC6272Social Theory for Education
EDUC6273Politics and Education
EDUC6274Indigenous Education
EDUC6280Creative and Performing Arts Pedagogies
EDUC6281Creative Arts Curriculum
EDUC6282Creative and Performing Arts, Culture, Community and Future Learning
EDUC6290Critical Thinking for Studies in Education
EDUC6291Professional Ethics and Values in Teaching and Educational Leadership
EDUC6292Perspectives on Ways of Knowing and Their Relevance for Educational Outcomes
EDUC6293Contemporary and Historical Controversy in the Philosophy of Education
EDUC6294Educating in the Knowledge Economy
EDUC6295Principia Methodologica: Theory and methodology in educational research
EDUC6296Narrative and Discourse Analysis in Education
EDUC6301Theory and Application of Technology in Vision Impairment
EDUC6336Specialist Studies in Drama 1
EDUC6343Specialist Studies in Languages 2
EDUC6345Specialist Studies in Technology 2
EDUC6350Educational Leadership Research
EDUC6351Data Mining for Educational Leaders
EDUC6352Australian Educational Leadership
EDUC6353Leading and Managing Educational Change
EDUC6360Specialist Studies in Geography and Commerce 1
EDUC6371Specialist Studies in Visual Arts 1
EDUC6380Extended Studies in Music 1
EDUC6390Specialist Studies in Mathematics 1
EDUC6400Extended Studies in Visual Arts 2
EDUC6403Specialist Studies in Music 2
EDUC6404Extended Studies in Music 2
EDUC6405Extended Studies in Mathematics 2
EDUC6409Extended Studies in Science 2
EDUC6436Specialist Studies in Drama 2
EDUC6445Specialist Studies in Technology 3
EDUC6450Higher Education Futures
EDUC6451Leading Research Capacity Development
EDUC6452Curriculum Leadership in Tertiary Education
EDUC6460Specialist Studies in Geography 2
EDUC6490Specialist Studies in Mathematics 2
EDUC6492Specialist Studies in Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies
EDUC6493Specialist Studies in Society and Culture, Aboriginal Studies and Studies of Religion
EDUC6499Specialist Studies in Visual Arts 2
EDUC6504Engineering Studies 1
EDUC6505Engineering Studies 2
EDUC6506Engineering Studies 3
EDUC6507Engineering Studies 4
EDUC6511Early Childhood Literacies
EDUC6536Specialist Studies in History 2
EDUC6552Specialist Studies in Science 1
EDUC6555Specialist Studies in Technology 4
EDUC6590Specialist Studies in English 2
EDUC6634The Practising Professional: Primary
EDUC6652Extended Studies in Science 1
EDUC6661Audiology for Special Educators
EDUC6662Speech Perception and Production of Children (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)
EDUC6663Foundations of Language and Literacy in Hearing and Deaf Children
EDUC6664Language and Literacy Assessment and Remediation
EDUC6665Social and Cultural Contexts of Deaf Education
EDUC6666Inclusive and Collaborative Practice and Practicum
EDUC6667Child Development: Family and Community Contexts
EDUC6668Foundations of Vision Impairment
EDUC6669Advanced Studies in Vision Impairment
EDUC6706Practicum 1
EDUC6707Practicum 2
EDUC6709Teaching Practices Art
EDUC6712Teaching Practices Mathematics
EDUC6715Teaching Practices Science
EDUC6716Teaching Practices Social Sciences
EDUC6718Curriculum Studies in Visual Arts
EDUC6721Curriculum Studies in Social Science
EDUC6722Curriculum Studies in Mathematics
EDUC6723Curriculum Studies in Science
EDUC6724Foundations in Teaching Visual Arts
EDUC6727Foundations in Teaching Mathematics
EDUC6728Foundations in Teaching Science
EDUC6729Foundations in Teaching Social Science
EDUC6735Learners, Learning and Teaching
EDUC6738K-6 English
EDUC6739K-6 Mathematics
EDUC6740Students with Special Needs in Diverse Contexts
EDUC6741Literacies, Language and Learning
EDUC6744K-6 Science
EDUC6745K-6 Creative Arts
EDUC6748Advanced Literacy Studies
EDUC6749Advanced Numeracy Studies
EDUC6751Knowledge and Communication Technologies
EDUC6752Specialist Studies in Science 2
EDUC6761Quality Teaching in Primary Classrooms
EDUC6762Quality Teaching in Practice: Primary
EDUC6763Integrated Curriculum
EDUC6764The Practicing Professional Primary Teacher
EDUC6771Quality Teaching in Secondary Classrooms
EDUC6772The Adolescent Learning Environment
EDUC6773Quality Teaching in Practice: Secondary
EDUC6774The Practising Professional
EDUC6784The Practising Professional: Secondary
EDUC6801Teach Prac in K-6 Creative Arts & PDHPE
EDUC6855Professional Experience in Sensory Disability - Extension
EDUC6856Using Signed Communication with Young Children and Families
EDUC6857Sign Language in Education: Theoretical Perspectives
EDUC6858Advanced Pedagogy in Signed Language
EDUC6859Listening and Spoken Language: Audiological Management
EDUC6860Listening and Spoken Language: Foundations
EDUC6861Listening and Spoken Language: Early Intervention
EDUC6862Listening and Spoken Language: School Age Children
EDUC6864Child Development: Sensory and Multiple Disability
EDUC6911Schooling, Identity and Society
EDUC6912Aboriginal Education
ELEC: Electrical EngineeringBack to top
ELEC1300Electrical Engineering 1
ELEC1700Computer Engineering 1
ELEC2132Electric Energy Systems
ELEC2320Electrical Circuits
ELEC2400Signals and Systems
ELEC2700Computer Engineering 2
ELEC3130Electric Machines and Power Systems
ELEC3250Power Electronics
ELEC3400Signal Processing
ELEC3500Telecommunications Networks
ELEC3540Analog and Digital Communications
ELEC3550Wireless Communications
ELEC3720Programmable Logic Design
ELEC3730Embedded Systems
ELEC3850Introduction to Electrical Engineering Design
ELEC4100Electrical Systems
ELEC4150Special Topics in Power Systems
ELEC4160Advanced Drives and Power Electronics
ELEC4210Electronics Design
ELEC4400Automatic Control
ELEC4410Advanced Control System Design
ELEC4700Advanced Computer Systems
ELEC4840Final Year Engineering Project
ELEC4840AFinal Year Engineering Project - Part A
ELEC4840BFinal Year Engineering Project - Part B
ELEC6300Special Topic A
EMGT: Environmental ManagementBack to top
EMGT6001Conservation Biology
ENGL: EnglishBack to top
ENGL1000Introduction to Literary Studies  
ENGL1040Australian Popular Culture
ENGL1090Critical Reading and Writing
ENGL1101Classics of World Literature
ENGL1201Creative Reading and Writing
ENGL1650Fiction, Drama, Film: An Introduction
ENGL2000Key Concepts of Literary Studies
ENGL2002Renaissance Literature
ENGL2003The Rise of the Novel
ENGL2004Romantic Literature
ENGL2005Victorian Literature
ENGL2006Modernist Literature
ENGL2007Contemporary Literature
ENGL2008Modern American Literature
ENGL2009Contemporary Australian Literature
ENGL2011Children's Literature
ENGL2101Creative Writing: The Art of Fiction
ENGL2102Creative Writing: Creative Non-fiction
ENGL3000Advanced Studies in English and Writing
ENGL3001True Stories
ENGL3002Charles Dickens
ENGL3006Writing the Self
ENGL3008Shakespeare on Film
ENGL3009Canadian Literature: Reading the Environment
ENGL3012Detective Fiction
ENGL3013Women's Writing
ENGL3016Modern Asian Literature
ENGL3017Single Author Study
ENGL3021Topics in Renaissance Literature
ENGL3045Indigenous Australia in Literature: Listenin' Up
ENGL3101Modern World Literature
ENGL3202Advanced Creative Writing 2
ENGL3301Creative Writing: Poetry and Poetics
ENGL3430Postcolonial Literature
ENGL3656Issues in Speculative Fiction
ENGL3664Children's Fantasy Literature
ENGL3700Novel Into Film
ENGL3999Contemporary Australian Poetry
ENGL4070English Honours I (Introduction and Coursework)
ENGL4080English Honours II (Coursework and Literature Review)
ENGL4090English Honours III (Research, Part I)
ENGL4100English Honours IV (Research, Part II)
ENGL6004Creative Nonfiction
ENGL6005The Art of the Novel
ENGL6006Poetry Workshop
ENGL6007The Short Story
ENVS: Environmental StudiesBack to top
ENVS1001Environmental Science Concepts & Methods
ENVS1003Environmental Values & Ethics
ENVS1004Social Development & the Environment
ENVS2002Environmental Legislation & Planning
ENVS2005Ecology & Management of Australian Flora
ENVS2006Ecology & Management of Australian Fauna
ENVS2008The Sustainable Society
ENVS2009Catchment and Water Resource Management
ENVS2620Biosciences for EOHS
ENVS2710Environmental Control Practice
ENVS3001Integrated Impact Assessment
ENVS3002Applied Environmental Science
ENVS3003Conservation Biology
ENVS3005Animal Behaviour
ENVS3006Sustainability: Theory and Practice
ENVS3007Environmental Remediation
ENVS3008Organisational Placement in the Environmental Sector
ENVS3400Advanced Research Project
ENVS3610Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVS3750Industrial Ecology for EOHS
ENVS4001Environmental Science and Management Honours 4001
ENVS4002Environmental Science and Management Honours 4002
ENVS4003Environmental Science and Management Honours 4003
ENVS4004Environmental Science and Management Honours 4004
ENVS6500Business & Natural Environment
ENVS6510Environmental Legislation and Policy
ENVS6525Sustainability and Ecosystem Health
ENVS6530Environmental Management
ENVS6535Implementing Environmental Resilience and Addressing Complexity
ENVS6545Impact Assessment and Climate Change Policy
ENVS6555Applied Natural Resource Management
ENVS6560Contemporary Issues in Water Management
EPARTS: Enabling - ArtBack to top
EPARTS156Visual Art 1
EPARTS190Design Drawing
EPARTS191Design in Society
EPARTS192Graphic Design Fundamentals
EPARTS256Visual Art 2
EPBIOL: Enabling - Biological SciencesBack to top
EPBIOL140Environmental Studies 1
EPBIOL240Environmental Studies 2
EPBIOL259Introduction to the Life Sciences
EPBIOL340Environmental Studies
EPCHEM: Enabling - ChemistryBack to top
EPCHEM137Foundation Concepts for Chemistry & Life Sciences
EPCHEM314Introduction to Chemistry and the Life Sciences
EPGEOS: Enabling - GeoscienceBack to top
EPGEOS141Earth Science 1
EPGEOS241Earth Science 2
EPGEOS301Earth Science
EPHLTH: Enabling - HealthBack to top
EPHLTH160Introduction to Health Professional Studies I
EPHLTH161Introduction to Health Professional Studies II
EPHLTH170Science for Nursing and Midwifery 1
EPHLTH270Science for Nursing and Midwifery 2
EPHLTH370Science for Nursing and Midwifery
EPHUMA: Enabling - Society and CultureBack to top
EPHUMA110Community and Research
EPHUMA111Professional Practice 1
EPHUMA112Aboriginal Tertiary Foundations
EPHUMA113Professional Practice 2
EPHUMA120Media and Communications
EPHUMA122Academic Literacies 1
EPHUMA123Academic Literacies 2
EPHUMA131Australian History 1
EPHUMA135Directed Study I
EPHUMA136Directed Study
EPHUMA137Australian Culture and Society
EPHUMA138Classical Studies 1
EPHUMA144Literature and Film 1
EPHUMA147Studies in Law 1
EPHUMA148Introduction to Linguistics
EPHUMA149The Study of Language 1
EPHUMA150Philosophy 1
EPHUMA154Social Enquiry 1
EPHUMA155Introduction to Legal Studies
EPHUMA158Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 1
EPHUMA160Film Studies
EPHUMA231Australian History 2
EPHUMA238Classical Studies 2
EPHUMA244Literature and Film 2
EPHUMA247Studies in Law 2
EPHUMA249The Study of Language 2
EPHUMA250Philosophy 2
EPHUMA254Social Enquiry 2
EPHUMA258Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 2
EPHUMA303Australian History
EPHUMA304Classical Studies
EPHUMA306Literature and Film
EPHUMA310Social Enquiry
EPHUMA311The Study of Language
EPID: EpidemiologyBack to top
EPID6410Clinical Epidemiology
EPID6420Epidemiology A - Basic Methods
EPID6430Epidemiology B - Research Design
EPID6440Molecular Epidemiology
EPID6450Genetic Epidemiology
EPID6460Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases
EPID6470Infectious Disease Surveillance
EPID6500Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology
EPID6510Pharmacoepidemiology: Behavioural & Cultural Theme
EPID6520Pharmacoeconomics and Drug Selection
EPID6530Pharmacoepidemiology - Policy and Economic Issues
EPID6600Research Protocol Design
EPID6650Nutritional Epidemiology
EPID6660Public Health Implications of an Ageing Population
EPID6670The Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Professionals
EPID6770Introduction to Molecular & Genetic Epidemiology
EPINFO: Enabling - Information TechnologyBack to top
EPINFO150Information Technology
EPMANC: Enabling - Management and CommerceBack to top
EPMANC120Business Organisation and Management 1
EPMANC220Business Organisation and Management 2
EPMANC320Business Organisation and Management
EPMATH: Enabling - MathematicsBack to top
EPMATH124Mathematics Advanced
EPMATH125Mathematics Advanced
EPMATH126Mathematical Studies
EPMATH127Newstep - Mathematical Studies
EPMATH134Introductory Mathematics 1
EPMATH135Intermediate Mathematics 1
EPMATH153Extension Mathematics 1
EPMATH234Introductory Mathematics 2
EPMATH235Intermediate Mathematics 2
EPMATH253Extension Mathematics 2
EPMATH302Intermediate Mathematics
EPMATH303Introductory Mathematics
EPMATH309Extension Mathematics
EPPHYS: Enabling - PhysicsBack to top
EPPHYS152Physics 1
EPPHYS252Physics 2
EPSCIE: Enabling - ScienceBack to top
EPSCIE120Studies in Science
EPSCIE130Studies in Health Science
ESLA: English as a Second LanguageBack to top
ESLA1901Academic Language Skills for International Students
ESLA2001Academic Language Skills for International Student
EXSS: Exercise and Sport ScienceBack to top
EXSS1010Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science
EXSS1040Functional Anatomy for Exercise Science
EXSS2010Exercise Physiology
EXSS2030Foundations of Exercise & Sport Psychology
EXSS2040Functional Anatomy for Exercise Science
EXSS2050Exercise Testing & Prescription
EXSS2060Motor Control
EXSS2070Professional Skills for Exercise Scientists
EXSS2080Growth, Development and Ageing
EXSS3010Clinical Exercise Testing & Prescription
EXSS3030Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport
EXSS3040Professional Placement in Exercise and Sports Science
EXSS3050Advanced Exercise Physiology
EXSS3060Advanced Biomechanics
EXSS3070Motor Learning & Skill Acquisition
EXSS4110Exercise & Sport Science Honours 4110
EXSS4120Exercise & Sport Science Honours 4120
EXSS4130Exercise & Sport Science Honours 4130
EXSS4140Exercise & Sport Science Honours 4140
FMCS: Film, Media and Culture StudiesBack to top
FMCS1000Film, Media, Culture
FMCS1100Communication and Culture
FMCS1200Film and Television Studies
FMCS2000Media Structures and Practices
FMCS2100Music and Culture
FMCS2200Popular Culture and Society
FMCS2201Television Texts and Contexts
FMCS2300Cinema of the Americas
FMCS2301European Cinema in Context: Transforming Images, States, Histories
FMCS3000Perspectives on Film, Media and Culture
FMCS3100Digital Culture
FMCS3110Social Media and Network Culture
FMCS3200Body, Flesh, Subject
FMCS3500The City in Film
FMCS3600Documentary Cinema
FMCS3700Global Cinematic Cultures: Local, National, Transnational
FMCS3701Contemporary World Cinema
FMCS3800Cinematic Authorship: Writing the Film Director
FMCS3900Screening Sex and Gender
FMCS3901Queer Film and Television
FMCS4010Critical Perspectives
FMCS4020Research Methodologies
FMCS4030Thesis 1
FMCS4040Thesis 2
FREN: FrenchBack to top
FREN1100Elementary French 1
FREN1200Elementary French II
FREN2610French at Intermediate Level I
FREN2620French at Intermediate Level II
FREN3610French at Advanced Level 1
FREN3620French at Advanced Level 2
FREN3701Extended French
FREN3702Extended French 2: Translation
FREN4150French Honours 1
FREN4160French Honours 2
FREN4170French Honours 3
FREN4180French Honours 4
FREN6301Practical Translation: French
FSHN: Food Science and Human NutritionBack to top
FSHN1010Foods and Nutrients I
FSHN1020Foods and Nutrients II
FSHN1030Introduction to the Nutritional, Physical and Psychological Aspects of Wellness
FSHN2040Animal Food Products
FSHN2050Plant Food Products
FSHN2100Microbiology, Food Safety and Immunology
FSHN3010Food Processing and Quality Management
FSHN3020Nutrition in Health and Disease
FSHN3060The Biology of Nutrients Through the Human Lifecycle
FSHN3070Functional Foods and Health Claims
FSHN3080Professional Practice
FSHN3100Research Methods
FSHN3210Food Product Development
FSHN3230Food Analysis
FSHN3420Food Packaging
FSHN4110Food Science & Human Nutrition Honours 4110
FSHN4120Food Science & Human Nutrition Honours 4120
FSHN4130Food Science & Human Nutrition Hons 4130
FSHN4140Food Science & Human Nutrition Honours 4140
FSHN6000Sustainable Food Production
FSHN6010Contemporary Issues in Food Processing
GEND: Gender StudiesBack to top
GEND1600An Introduction to Gender Studies
GENG: General EngineeringBack to top
GENG1000Computer Aided Engineering
GENG1001Introduction to Engineering Mechanics
GENG1002Introduction to Engineering Computations
GENG1003Introduction to Procedural Programming
GENG1600Sustainable energy - the Australian setting
GENG1803Introduction to Engineering Practice
GENG2200Project/Directed Reading
GENG3200Project/Directed Reading
GENG3830Engineering Project Management
GENG4200Project/Directed Reading
GENG6000Engineering Project A
GENG6001Engineering Project B
GENG6005Innovation and Commercialisation
GENG6006Research and Development, Managing Intellectual Property
GENG6830Engineering Project Management
GEOG: Human GeographyBack to top
GEOG1020Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG1030Global poverty and development
GEOG2080Cities and Regions
GEOG2130Geographies of Development
GEOG3090Society and Space
GEOG3240Globalisation: Cities, Economies
GEOG3300Rethinking Development
GEOG3330Work Integrated Learning in Development Studies and Human Geography
GEOG4001Geography and Environmental Studies Honours 4001
GEOG4002Geography and Environmental Studies Honours 4002
GEOG4003Geography and Environmental Studies Honours 4003
GEOG4004Geography and Environmental Studies Honours 4004
GEOG4310Development Studies Honours 4310
GEOG4320Development Studies Honours 4320
GEOG4330Development Studies Honours 4330
GEOG4340Development Studies Honours 4340
GEOS: GeoscienceBack to top
GEOS1040Earth's Dynamic Systems
GEOS1050Earth Processes and Products
GEOS2050River Basin Processes
GEOS2080Earth Science Field Course
GEOS2161Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
GEOS2170Optical Mineralogy and Igneous Petrology
GEOS2190Structural and Field Geology
GEOS2200Earth's Sedimentary Rocks and Environments
GEOS3110Igneous Petrology & Crustal Evolution
GEOS3150Basin Analysis
GEOS3160Geology of Coalfields and Fuels
GEOS3170Resource and Exploration Geology
GEOS3220Coastal Dynamics, Evolution and Protection
GEOS3221Environmental Geology
GEOS3250Geographic Information Systems
GEOS3260Field Course in Carbonate Environments
GEOS3280Global Change
GEOS3290Advanced Structural Geology
GEOS3310Biogeography and Biodiversity Management
GEOS3320Earth Sciences Placement
GEOS3330Metamorphic and Field Geology
GEOS3340Resource Management and Climate Change
GEOS4410Earth Science Honours 4410
GEOS4420Earth Science Honours 4420
GEOS4430Earth Science Honours 4430
GEOS4440Earth Science Honours 4440
GREK: GreekBack to top
GREK1010Elementary Greek I
GREK2501Intermediate Greek I
GREK2502Intermediate Greek II
GREK3520Advanced Greek A
GREK3530Advanced Greek B
GREK3550Advanced Greek D
GREK4540Greek Honours I
GREK4550Greek Honours II
GREK4560Greek Honours III
GREK4570Greek Honours IV
GRMN: GermanBack to top
GRMN1092Images of Germany: The Youth Scene
GRMN1501German Language 1A Elementary
GRMN1502German Language 1B Elementary
GRMN2501German Language 2A Intermediate
GRMN2502German Language 2B Intermediate
GRMN3501German Language 3A Professional
GRMN3502German Language 3B Advanced
GRMN3503German Language 3C Advanced
GRMN3504German Language 3D Advanced
GSBR: Graduate Business ResearchBack to top
GSBR6002Advanced Topics in General Management
GSBR6010Global Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
GSBR6201Research Methods 1
GSBR6202Research Methods II
GSBR6203Literature Review
GSBR6204Research Proposal
GSBR6301Dissertation Project I
GSBR6302Dissertation Project II
GSBR6303Dissertation Project III
GSBR6304Dissertation Project IV
GSBR6305Dissertation Project V
GSBR6306Dissertation Project VI
GSBR6307Dissertation Continuation
GSBR6308Dissertation Revision
GSBS: Graduate BusinessBack to top
GSBS6001Managing Under Uncertainty
GSBS6002Foundations of Business Analysis
GSBS6004Organisational Behaviour and Design
GSBS6005Marketing Management and Planning
GSBS6006Employment Relations in Globalised Economies
GSBS6007Managing Human Resources in International Organisations
GSBS6008Global Business Management
GSBS6009Cross-Cultural Management
GSBS6010Foundations of Marketing Theory
GSBS6012Entrepreneurship and Innovation
GSBS6013Customer Decision Making and Behaviour
GSBS6014Digital Marketing
GSBS6015Services and Relationship Marketing Management
GSBS6030Australian Employment Relations
GSBS6031Marketing Research
GSBS6040Human Resource Management
GSBS6041Global Marketing Strategy and Planning
GSBS6042Employment Relations
GSBS6060Strategic Management
GSBS6090The Politics of Management and Decision Making
GSBS6100Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
GSBS6130Corporate Finance
GSBS6135Contemporary Consumer Marketing
GSBS6140Investment Analysis
GSBS6142Derivatives and Risk Management
GSBS6143Applied Portfolio Management
GSBS6144Financial Institutions Management
GSBS6145International Financial Management
GSBS6146Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Governance
GSBS6150Individual Financial Planning
GSBS6151Project in Human Resource Management
GSBS6160Applied Finance Research Project
GSBS6183Entrepreneurial Financial Management
GSBS6190Human Resource Development
GSBS6192Strategic Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
GSBS6200Accounting and Financial Management
GSBS6210Managerial Accounting
GSBS6230Asian Entrepreneurship
GSBS6231Contemporary Entrepreneurship
GSBS6300Integrated Marketing Communications
GSBS6301Brand Development and Marketing
GSBS6350Project in Entrepreneurship
GSBS6410Economics of Competitive Advantage
GSBS6420Macroeconomic Analysis
GSBS6430Issues in Developing Economies
GSBS6440International Trade and Policy
GSBS6450Banking and Finance
GSBS6481International Business Strategy
GSBS6484Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
GSBS6502Project in Marketing
GSBS6504Project in International Business
GSBS6505Marketing Research in Practice
GSBS6506Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation
GSBS6507Professional Practice in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
GSBS6610Operations and Supply Chain Management
HIST: HistoryBack to top
HIST1001Europe and the World
HIST1002The United States from Civil War to Superpower
HIST1010Foundations of Australian Society
HIST1020Australia in the Twentieth Century
HIST1050Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIST1051The Australian Experience
HIST1052Australia and the World
HIST1070The World in the Twentieth Century
HIST1350International Issues in Australian Politics and Foreign Policy
HIST1352Australian Government and Politics
HIST2002Reading the Past
HIST2025Contact Zones in Colonial History
HIST2031History, War and Film
HIST2051History and Heritage
HIST2055Political Violence in Twentieth Century Europe
HIST2065A Sunburnt Country: Australian Environmental History
HIST2133China from the Opium Wars
HIST2210Australian Foreign Relations: Australia and Asia
HIST2461Europe from Renaissance to Revolution, 1450-1800
HIST2490History of Australian Sport
HIST2650War and Australian Society
HIST2668Reading and Writing Australian Biography
HIST2672Israel and the Middle East: Roots of the current conflict
HIST2735The European Union in the New Millenium: Challenges of Integration
HIST3001Directed Reading and Research
HIST3003History Workshop
HIST3052Australia and the South Pacific
HIST3053Reel History
HIST3055Australian Cities in Context
HIST3151The African American Experience from Martin Luther King to Barack Obama
HIST3191The Christian World, 1400-1650
HIST3200Hst of Aus Foreign Relations: Aus & the great powr
HIST3220Issues in Australian History
HIST3242Growing Up in Australia
HIST3333Colonies and Empires
HIST3356Government-Business Relations in Australia-Asia Pacific
HIST3455The Russian Revolution
HIST3581Sex and Scandal in History
HIST3600Women's History
HIST3620Maps & Dreams: Aboriginal-Colonial Relationships in Australian History
HIST3630Chivalric Society
HIST3640Fascism, War and Genocide, 1900-1945
HIST3670The French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST4050History Honours I
HIST4060History Honours II - Special Study
HIST4070History Honours III Thesis I
HIST4080 History Honours IV - Thesis II
HIST6000History Directed Study
HIST6001Writing History
HIST6002History Directed Study II
HIST6003History Research Essay
HIST6010Aboriginal Australia through European Eyes
HIST6051Issues in Australian Heritage
HLSC: Health SciencesBack to top
HLSC1000Transition to Health Sciences Education and Practice
HLSC1200Nutrition 1
HLSC1220Food Science 1
HLSC2040Medical Imaging Pathways 1
HLSC2100Volunteerism - Perspectives and Management
HLSC2240Nutrition in Childhood
HLSC2241Engaging Communities: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives
HLSC2242Working With Men and Boys in Human Services
HLSC3006Teaching Health Practitioners
HLSC4020Special Topics in Health Sciences
HLSC4120Research Methodology and Design
HLSC4300Literature Review
HLSC4310Research Project
HLSC4310AResearch Project A
HLSC4310BResearch Project B
HLSC4401Health Science Honours I
HLSC4402Health Science Honours II
HLSC4403Health Science Honours III
HLSC6101Workplace Injury Management
HLSC6102Occupational Rehabilitation 1
HLSC6104Father Engagement - Theory and Practice
HLSC6105Community Engagement: Cross sector perspectives
HLSC6106Foundations in Family Studies
HLSC6107Families and Cultural Diversity
HLSC6112Father-Infant Attachment and Co-Parenting: Theory and Intervention
HLSC6126Working With Fathers in Vulnerable Families
HLSC6127Responding to Domestic and Family Violence: Theory and Practice
HLSC6130Applied Research in Health and Safety
HLSC6503Engaging Men and Fathers in Human Services: Theory and Practice
HLSC6506Program Design and Evaluation in International Family Studies
HLSC6507Family-Centred Practice Approaches
HLSC6508Families Across the Life-Course
HLSC6509Family Strengths and Challenges around the World
HLSC6510International Perspectives on Family Policy
HLSC6511Special Project in Family Studies
HLSC6512Dispute Resolution in the Family Law Context
HLSC6513Supporting Vulnerable Parties within a Family Law Environment
HLSC6514Child-Centred Practice in Family Work
HLSC6515Responding to Risk in Family Work
HLSC6516Counselling Theory and Practice
HLSC6517Counselling Approaches with Couples, Children and Young People
HLSC6518Effective Group leadership
HPRO: Health PromotionBack to top
HPRO6715Foundations of Health Promotion
HPRO6720Health Promotion Settings
HPRO6740Community Health Promotion
HPRO6760Health Promotion Program Evaluation
HPRO6840Supervised Reading
HPRO6900Health Program Evaluation
HUBS: Human BiosciencesBack to top
HUBS1105Musculoskeletal Anatomy
HUBS1106Head and Neck Anatomy
HUBS1107Neuroscience and Head and Neck Anatomy
HUBS1108Musculoskeletal Anatomy for Podiatry
HUBS1109Anatomy for Biomedical Science
HUBS1202Human Genomics and Biomolecular Analysis
HUBS1401Human Bioscience
HUBS1403Biomedical Science Part 1
HUBS1404Biomedical Science Part 2
HUBS1405Introduction to Professional Skills in Biomedical Science
HUBS1406Human Bioscience for Nursing and Midwifery
HUBS1416Advanced Human Bioscience
HUBS1417Foundations of Health and Disease
HUBS2103Neural and Visceral Anatomy
HUBS2105Sports Science 2
HUBS2107Mammalian Growth & Development
HUBS2203Introductory Pharmacology
HUBS2206Human Biochemistry and Cell Biology
HUBS2207Human Metabolic and Nutritional Biochemistry
HUBS2209Human Molecular Science
HUBS2503Clinical Exercise Physiology
HUBS2505Human Pathophysiology
HUBS2507Integrative Physiology for Biomedical Science
HUBS2520Sports Science 3:Exercise Physiology
HUBS2601Human Infection and Immunity 1
HUBS3204Advanced Professional Skills in Biomedical Science
HUBS3205Human Pharmacology
HUBS3280Nutritional Biochemistry
HUBS3302Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics
HUBS3409Projects in Biomedical Science
HUBS3410Advanced Skills in Research Design
HUBS3510Sports Science 4
HUBS3602Human Infection and Immunity 2
HUBS4401Biomed Sci Honours 411
HUBS4402Biomed Sci Honours 412
HUBS4403Biomed Sci Honours 413
HUBS4404Biomed Sci Honours 414
HUBS6201Specialist Applied Pharmacology
HUMA: Society and CultureBack to top
HUMA1001Career Development for BA Students
HUMA1010The World's Great Thinkers, I
HUMA2010The World's Great Thinkers, II
HUMA2070Auslan 1
HUMA2080Auslan 2
HUMA3000Indigenous Cultural Competencies in the Humanities
HUMA3003Arts Practicum
HUMA3010Debating the Big Ideas
HUMA3165Australian Families: A Sociological Analysis
IBUS: International BusinessBack to top
IBUS2000International Business Strategy and Strategic Alliances
IBUS2001Cross-Cultural Management and Negotiations
IBUS3002International and Geopolitical Risk
IBUS3003International Business Operations
IBUS4000Theory in International Business
IDEA: Industrial DesignBack to top
IDEA2450Workshop Skills
IDEA3450Design for the Future
INFO: Information SystemsBack to top
INFO1010Introduction to Information Systems and Technology
INFO6001Database Management 1
INFO6002Database Management 2
INFO6030Systems Analysis and Design
INFO6050Process Analysis and Problem Solving
INFO6080Distributed Computing Technologies
INFO6090Business Intelligence for the Enterprise
INFO6180Advanced Studies in Information Technology
INFT: Information TechnologyBack to top
INFT1001Foundations of Information Technology
INFT1004Introduction to Programming
INFT1201Digital Technologies for Media and Entertainment
INFT1992Introductory Information Technology 1
INFT2009Systems Modelling
INFT2012Applications Programming
INFT2031Systems & Network Administration
INFT2040Database Management Systems
INFT2050Mobile Applications and the Cloud
INFT2992Introductory Information Technology 2
INFT3007The Information Resource
INFT3050Web Programming
INFT3100Project Management
INFT3150Business Analysis
INFT3160Data Analytics
INFT3302Multimedia and Animation
INFT3920Contemporary Issues in Information Technology
INFT3930Information Technology Project
INFT3940Information Technology Applications
INFT3950Games Design
INFT3960Games Production
INFT3970IT Major Project
INFT4000Information Technology Honours I: Research Methods
INFT4010Information Technology Honours II: Directed Readings
INFT4020Information Technology Honours III: Research Project
INFT4030Information Technology Honours IV: Research Project
INFT4040Information Technology Honours V: Research Project
INFT6009Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications for the Enterprise
INFT6060The Digital Economy
INFT6201Big Data
INFT6202Configuring and Deploying IT Infrastructure for Organisations in Cloud Environments
INFT6300Computer Games Design
INFT63023D Modelling Animation and Rendering
INFT6303Computer Games Production
INFT6304Project Planning and Management
INFT6500Accounting Information Systems
INFT6801Information Technology Research Methods
INFT6900Information Technology Project
IRHR: Industrial Relations and HRBack to top
IRHR1001Managing the Organisation
IRHR2010Introduction to Industrial Relations
IRHR2270Introduction to Human Resource Management
IRHR3000Applied Human Resource Management & Employment Relations
IRHR3035Managing Diversity
IRHR3040Negotiation and Advocacy
IRHR3510Human Resource Development
IRHR3540International Human Resource Management
IRHR4000Theory in Human Resource Management
JAPN: JapaneseBack to top
JAPN1110Elementary Japanese 1
JAPN1120Elementary Japanese 2
JAPN2111Intermediate Japanese 1
JAPN2112Intermediate Japanese 2
JAPN2410Japanese Society and The World
JAPN2420Japanese Culture and Identity
JAPN3101Advanced Integrated Japanese I
JAPN3102Advanced Integrated Japanese II
JAPN3103Japanese Society in Transition
JAPN3110Advanced Spoken Japanese 1
JAPN3120Advanced Spoken Japanese 2
JAPN3210Advanced Written Japanese 1
JAPN3220Advanced Written Japanese 2
JAPN3702Contemporary Japanese Literature
JAPN4150Japanese Honours 1
JAPN4160Japanese Honours 2
JAPN4170Japanese Honours 3
JAPN4180Japanese Honours 4
JAPN6001Business Japanese
JAPN6301Practical Translation: Japanese
LATN: LatinBack to top
LATN1000Introduction to Classical Grammar
LATN1010Elementary Latin I
LATN1020Elementary Latin II
LATN2110Latin for Historians I
LATN2501Intermediate Latin I
LATN2502Intermediate Latin II
LATN3520Advanced Latin A
LATN3530Advanced Latin B
LATN3540Advanced Latin C
LATN3550Advanced Latin D
LATN4640Latin Honours I
LATN4650Latin Honours II
LATN4660Latin Honours III
LATN4670Latin Honours IV
LAWS: LawBack to top
LAWS1001ALegal System & Method - Part A
LAWS1001BLegal System & Method - Part B
LAWS1003ATorts - Part A
LAWS1003BTorts - Part B
LAWS2004ACriminal Law & Procedure - Part A
LAWS2004BCriminal Law & Procedure - Part B
LAWS3004AContracts - Part A
LAWS3004BContracts - Part B
LAWS4001Constitutional Law
LAWS4002Administrative Law
LAWS4003Civil Procedure
LAWS4005Company Law
LAWS4007Professional Conduct
LAWS4010Equity and Trusts
LAWS4012Public International Law
LAWS4054ALegal Practice 1 - Part A
LAWS4054BLegal Practice 1 - Part B
LAWS4055ALegal Practice 2 - Part A
LAWS4055BLegal Practice 2 - Part B
LAWS5003Advanced Criminal Law
LAWS5005Advanced Legal Research and Writing
LAWS5006Child Law
LAWS5007Competition Law and Policy
LAWS5009Employment Law
LAWS5010Environmental Law
LAWS5011Equal Opportunity Law
LAWS5013Health Law
LAWS5014International Human Rights Law
LAWS5015Intellectual Property Law
LAWS5016Law Review
LAWS5017Legal History
LAWS5020Public International Law
LAWS5021Sport and the Law
LAWS5024Indigenous People, Issues and The Law
LAWS5027Maritime and International Trade Law
LAWS5028Competitive Mooting
LAWS5029Workplace Health and Safety Law
LAWS5030Legal Theory
LAWS5031Competition and Consumer Law
LAWS5032Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS5033Native Title Law and Practice
LAWS5034Crime and Australian Society
LAWS5035Law and Religion
LAWS5036International Clinical Legal Externship
LAWS5037Public Interest Advocacy
LAWS5038Climate Change Law and Justice
LAWS5039Internet Law
LAWS5040Financial Services Regulation
LAWS5041Mining Law
LAWS5042Commercial Dispute Resolution
LAWS5061Commercial Law
LAWS5063Family Law
LAWS5065Taxation Law
LAWS6001Legal System and Method
LAWS6002ATorts - Part A
LAWS6002BTorts - Part B
LAWS6003ACriminal Law and Procedure - Part A
LAWS6003BCriminal Law and Procedure - Part B
LAWS6004AContracts - Part A
LAWS6004BContracts - Part B
LAWS6006Constitutional Law
LAWS6007Administrative Law
LAWS6008Civil Procedure
LAWS6010Company Law
LAWS6011Professional Conduct
LAWS6012Equity and Trusts
LAWS6013Public International Law
LAWS6014ALegal Practice 1 - Part A
LAWS6014BLegal Practice 1 Part B
LAWS6015ALegal Practice 2 - Part A
LAWS6015BLegal Practice 2 - Part B
LAWS6016Taxation Law
LAWS6017Family Law
LAWS6018Commercial Law
LAWS6019International Human Rights Law
LAWS6020Environmental Law
LAWS6021Advanced Criminal Law
LAWS6022Crime and Society
LAWS6023Legal Theory
LAWS6024Employment Law
LAWS6025Environmental/Natural Resources Law Clinic
LAWS6026Refugee/Migration Law Clinic
LAWS6027Consumer Credit and Personal Insolvency Law Clinic
LAWS6028Criminal Law Clinic
LAWS6029Social Justice/Public Interest Clinic
LAWS6031Client Interviewing and Negotiation Skills
LAWS6032Advocacy Skills
LAWS6033Corporations, Globalistion and Human Rights
LAWS6034Advanced Corporate Governance
LAWS6035Competition Law and Policy
LAWS6036Advanced Public International Law
LAWS6037International Environment Law and Policy
LAWS6038International Climate Change Law and Policy
LAWS6039Global Administrative Law
LAWS6040International Private Law
LAWS6041Sentencing: Global Theory, Law and Practice
LAWS6042International Child and Family Law
LAWS6043Advanced Legal Research Project
LAWS6044Advanced International Human Rights Law
LAWS6045International Human Rights Law: Collective Rights
LAWS6046International Air and Space Law
LAWS6047Legal System of Australia
LAWS6048Advanced Legal Research I
LAWS6049Advanced Legal Research II
LAWS6050Commercial Dispute Resolution
LAWS6081Advanced Taxation Law
LAWS6082Australian International Taxation
LAWS6083Corporate Taxation Law
LAWS6084International Insolvency Law
LAWS6085International Trade Law
LAWS6086Intellectual Property Law
LAWS6087Internet Law
LAWS6088Financial Services Regulation
LAWS6089Mining Law
LEGL: Legal StudiesBack to top
LEGL1001Foundations of Law
LEGL2002Law of Business Organisations
LEGL2003Competition Law and Policy
LEGL2004Law of Employment
LEGL2005Contract Law
LEGL2006Marketing Law
LEGL2007Workplace Health and Safety Law
LEGL2009Survey and Engineering Law
LEGL3001Finance Law
LEGL3003Special Topic in Law 2
LEGL3004Special Topic in Law 1
LEGL3008Child Law
LEGL3111Employment Law
LEGL6004Law for Workplace Health & Safety
LEIS: Leisure and TourismBack to top
LEIS1060Introduction to Tourism
LEIS1130Leisure Behaviour and Development
LEIS1320Cultural Dimensions of Tourism
LEIS2210Leisure, Society and Contemporary Culture
LEIS2220Leisure Interactions and Identity
LEIS2230Methods in Leisure Research
LEIS2240Leisure Management Practice II
LEIS2310Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management
LEIS2330Leisure, Tourism and Quality of Life
LEIS2420Adventure Tourism and Recreation
LEIS3130Leisure, Tourism and Environmental Issues
LEIS3150Tourism Policy and Planning
LEIS3170Festival and Event Planning
LEIS3320Critical Perspectives in Leisure
LEIS3330Leisure, Politics and the City
LEIS3350Leisure Management Practice III
LEIS3360Applied Leisure Project
LEIS4080Recreation and Tourism Honours I
LEIS4090Recreation and Tourism Honours II
LEIS4100Recreation and Tourism Honours III
LEIS4110Recreation and Tourism Honours IV
LING: LinguisticsBack to top
LING1100Language in early childhood
LING1110Foundations of Language
LING1111Introduction to Linguistics (1)
LING1112Introduction to Linguistics (2)
LING2000Language and Society
LING2001Languages of Australia and the Pacific
LING2501Cross-cultural Communication
LING2502Issues of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education 
LING2503Language and Identity
LING3000Linguistic Methods and Theory
LING3008Introduction to Phonology and Morphology
LING3110Language and Mind
LING3120Second Language Acquisition
LING3200Speech and Language Disorders
LING3220Language in Aboriginal Australia
LING3280Language in Education
LING3310Language and Meaning
LING3350Structure of English
LING3402Indigenous Languages of Australia
LING4050Linguistics Honours I
LING4060Linguistics Honours II
LING4070Linguistics Honours III
LING4080Linguistics Honours IV
LING6010Introduction to Syntax
LING6020Structure of English
LING6030Second Language Acquisition
LING6040Language Testing & Evaluation
LING6060Issues of bilingualism and bilingual education
LING6070Cross-Cultural Communication
LING6080Academic Writing
LING6090Introduction to Phonology and Morphology
LING6120Translation Theory and Practice
LING6202Linguistics In Translation
LING6311Language and Mind
LING6910Foundations of Linguistics
LING6930Language and Meaning
LING6950Research Preparation
LING6955Research Project
MARI: Marine ScienceBack to top
MARI2300Marine Biology
MARI2320Marine Ecology
MARI2410Coral Reef Experiences
MARI2900The Marine Environment
MARI3300Estuarine Ecology
MARI3320Ecological Methodology
MARI3330Marine Fisheries Biology and Management
MARI3400Marine Science Project
MARI3410Coral Reef Biology, Ecology and Sustainability
MARI4110Marine Science Honours 4110
MARI4120Marine Science Honours 4120
MARI4130Marine Science Honours 4130
MARI4140Marine Science Honours 4140
MARI6001Marine Ecology and Management
MATH: MathematicsBack to top
MATH1001Preparatory Studies in Mathematics
MATH1002Foundational Studies in Mathematics
MATH1110Mathematics 1
MATH1120Mathematics 2
MATH1210Mathematical Discovery 1
MATH1220Mathematical Discovery 2
MATH1510Discrete Mathematics
MATH1800Mathematical Modelling
MATH1900Elementary Mathematics
MATH2310Calculus of Science and Engineering
MATH2320Linear Algebra
MATH2340Linearity and Continuity
MATH2420Engineering Mathematics
MATH2470Partial Differential Equations in Engineering
MATH2600Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computation
MATH2730Operations Research 1
MATH2800Differential Equations
MATH2910Studying Mathematics with a View to Teaching
MATH2920Thinking and Working Mathematically
MATH3010Logic and Set Theory
MATH3170Number Theory
MATH3205Fourier Analysis
MATH3210Directed Studies in Mathematics
MATH3242Complex Analysis
MATH3400Research Topics in Mathematics
MATH3510Combinatorics and Graph Theory
MATH3700Advanced Differential Equations
MATH3820Numerical Methods
MATH3830Operations Research 2
MATH3840Optimisation in Business and Industry
MATH3850Industrial Project
MATH4101Directed Studies I
MATH4102Directed Studies II
MATH4103Directed Studies III
MATH4104Directed Studies IV
MATH4105Directed Studies V
MATH4107Project - preliminary
MATH4110Mathematics Honours 4110
MATH4120Mathematics Honours 4120
MATH4210Mathematics Honours 4210
MATH4220Mathematics Honours 4220
MCHA: MechatronicsBack to top
MCHA2000Mechatronic Systems
MCHA3000Mechatronic System Design I
MCHA3900Mechatronic System Design II
MECH: Mechanical EngineeringBack to top
MECH2110Mechanical Engineering Design 1
MECH2250Materials Science and Engineering 1
MECH2350Dynamics 2
MECH2420Engineering Mechanics
MECH2450Engineering Computations 2
MECH3110Mechanical Engineering Design 2
MECH3130Mechanics of Bulk Solids and Particulates
MECH3140Mechatronics Design
MECH3400Materials Science and Engineering 2
MECH3440Mechanics of Solids
MECH3700Transport Phenomena
MECH3750Applied Engineering Thermodynamics
MECH4220Bulk Materials Handling and Transportation
MECH4400Computational Mechanics
MECH4580Adv Computer Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
MECH4830Engineering Economic Analysis
MECH4841AMechanical Engineering Project A
MECH4841BMechanical Engineering Project B
MECH6250Bulk Materials Handling and Transportation
MECH6830Engineering Economic Analysis
MECH6920Directed Reading/Project
MEDI: MedicineBack to top
MEDI100Introduction to Medical Studies
MEDI1011Introduction to Professional Practice
MEDI1012Introduction to Medical Science
MEDI1013Introduction to Public Health
MEDI1014Professional Practice 1
MEDI1015Medical Science 1
MEDI1021Medical Humanities
MEDI1022Lifecourse determinants of health: lessons from film and literature
MEDI1040Lifecourse determinants of health: lessons from film and literature
MEDI1101Clinical Sciences, Scholarship and Practice
MEDI2011Professional Practice 2
MEDI2012Medical Science 2
MEDI2013Professional Practice 3
MEDI2014Medical Science 3
MEDI2101Clincal Sciences, Scholarship and Practice
MEDI3013Regional Rotation
MEDI3014Health Equity Selectives
MEDI3015Professional Practice 4
MEDI3016Clinical Science and Medicine
MEDI3017General Practice and Subspecialties 1
MEDI3018General Practice and Subspecialties 2
MEDI3101Engaging in Clinical Practice
MEDI3102Contexts and Practice of Clinical Medicine
MEDI3330Stroke: From Risk to Recovery
MEDI4014Reproductive Medicine
MEDI4015Womens, Adolescents and Childrens Health
MEDI4016Medicine & Surgery
MEDI4110Medical Science Honours Research Project
MEDI4110AThesis (Part A)
MEDI4110BThesis (Part B)
MEDI5012Psychiatry/Primary Health Care Selective
MEDI5013Anaesthesia & ICU/Oncology & Palliative Care
MEDI5014Surgery/Emergency Medicine
MEDI5015Medicine / Psychiatry / Palliative Care / PHCS
MEDI5016Critical Care
MEDI6010Neurobiology of Pain
MEDI6020Critical Reasoning
MEDI6030Pain Assessment I - Medical
MEDI6040Pain Assessment I - Psychosocial
MEDI6101Specialty and Sub-specialty
MEDI6102Pathways to Medical Practice
MEDI6130Basis of Drug/Alcohol Problems
MEDI6145Motivating Health Behaviour Change
MEDI6160Clinical Assessment Of Drug/Alcohol Use
MEDI6170Clinical Approaches To Drug Alcohol Problems II
MEDI6190Psychiatric Epidemiology
MEDI6201Transition to Practice
MEDI6202Pathways Experience (Capstone)
MEDI6295 Managing Challenging Behaviours: Psychological Solutions
MEDI6320Stroke: Acute Management
MEDI6330Models of Clinical Practice
MEDI6340Stroke Rehabilitation
MEDI6350Stroke: Knowledge Transfer
MEDI6400Mental Health Emergency Care
MEDI6801Primary Health Care
MEDI6802Contemporary Issues in Chronic Disease Management
MENT: Postgraduate ManagementBack to top
MENT6010Entrepreneurship: Mngmnt Cohesion and Dissonance
MENT6020Contemp National & International Enterprise Issues
MENT6030Self Management and Change
MENT6050Organisational Dynamics and Diversity
MENT6060Managing in an Electronic Work Environment
MENT6080Innovation and Enterprise
MENT6090Corporate and Industry Strategies
MENT6200Financial Dimensions Of Management
MIDI: MidwiferyBack to top
MIDI1201Introduction to Midwifery and Psychophysiology
MIDI1202Midwifery Clinical Practice 1
MIDI2101Optimising Psychophysiology in the Childbearing Year
MIDI2102Consultative and Collaborative Care 1
MIDI2103Midwifery Clinical Practice 2
MIDI2201Consultative and Collaborative Care 2
MIDI2202Evidence Informed Health Care
MIDI3102Issues in the Childbearing Year
MIDI3103The Midwife and Contemporary Maternity Care
MIDI3201Transition to Professonal Practice
MIDI4930Midwifery Honours Thesis Completion
MIDI6520Contemporary and Collaborative Evidence Based Midwifery
MIDI6580Midwifery Professional Practice Issues
MIDI6591Optimising Childbearing
MKTG: MarketingBack to top
MKTG2010Marketing Research
MKTG2100Principles of Marketing
MKTG2101Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2102Advertising and Promotion Strategy
MKTG2103Retail Marketing
MKTG3000Strategic Marketing Management
MKTG3001Industrial Marketing Management
MKTG3040Services Marketing
MKTG3060International Marketing
MKTG3070Applied Marketing Research
MKTG4000Theory in Marketing
MNGT: ManagementBack to top
MNGT2001Business Strategy
MNGT2002Business Venturing
MNGT3001Project in Business
MNGT3002Knowledge Management
MNGT3003Leadership and Entrepreneurship
MNGT3004Organisational Structures and Design
MNGT3005Managing Organisational Change
MNGT3010Strategic Management
MNGT3150International Business Issues and Cases
MNGT4000Theory in Management
MNGT4100Management IVA
MNGT4110Management IVB
MNGT4120Management IVC
MNGT4130Management IVD
MNGT4150Thesis in Management - I
MNGT4160Thesis in Management - II
MRSC: Medical Radiation ScienceBack to top
MRSC1010Medical Radiation Science 1A
MRSC1100Diagnostic Radiography Methods 1
MRSC1110Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice 1
MRSC1201Basic Radiation Therapy Methods IB
MRSC1210An introduction to oncology in Australia
MRSC1220Radiation Therapy Professional Practice 1B
MRSC1300Nuclear Medicine Methods 1B
MRSC1330Nuclear Medicine Professional Practice 1B
MRSC2100Diagnostic Radiography Methods IIA
MRSC2110Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice IIA
MRSC2150Diagnostic Radiography Methods IIB
MRSC2160Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice IIB
MRSC2200Radiation Therapy Methods IIA
MRSC2220Radiation Therapy Professional Practice 2A
MRSC2250Radiation Therapy Methods IIB
MRSC2270Radiation Therapy Professional Practice IIB
MRSC2300Nuclear Medicine Methods IIA
MRSC2330Nuclear Medicine Professional Practice IIA
MRSC2350Nuclear Medicine Methods IIB
MRSC2380Nuclear Medicine Professional Practice II B
MRSC2501Medical Radiation Science Instrumentation IIA
MRSC2560Diagnostic Radiography Instrumentation IIB
MRSC2570Radiation Therapy Instrumentation IIB
MRSC2580Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation IIB
MRSC3100Diagnostic Radiography Methods IIIA
MRSC3110Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice IIIA
MRSC3111Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice IIIA
MRSC3150Diagnostic Radiography Methods IIIB
MRSC3160Diagnostic Radiography Professional Practice IIIB
MRSC3200Radiation Therapy Methods IIIA
MRSC3220Radiation Therapy Professional Practice IIIA
MRSC3251Advanced and Future Radiation Therapy Methods IIIB
MRSC3255Transition to Radiation Therapy Practice IIIB
MRSC3270Radiation Therapy Professional Practice IIIB
MRSC3300Nuclear Medicine Methods IIIA
MRSC3330Nuclear Medicine Professional Practice IIIA
MRSC3350Nuclear Medicine Methods IIIB
MRSC3380Nuclear Medicine Professional Practice IIIB
MTEC: Music TechnologyBack to top
MTEC6700Applications of Music Technology
MTEC6701MIDI and Sequencing Techniques
MTEC6702Advanced Musical Scoring Techniques
MTEC6703Studio Sound Techniques
MTEC6704Live Sound Techniques
MTEC6705Music and Digital Media
MTEC6706Computer Assisted Instruction in Music
MTEC6707Music and the Internet
MTEC6709Specialised Technology Project A
MTEC6710Specialised Technology Project B
MUSI: MusicBack to top
MUSI1011Practical Music Studies (Education) 1
MUSI1012Practical Music Studies (Education) 2
MUSI1060Introduction to Digital Music Making
MUSI1142Performing Baroque Music
MUSI1151Chamber Choir 1
MUSI1152Chamber Choir 2
MUSI1160Keyboard & Music Proficiency
MUSI1162Wind Ensemble Studies/Conducting
MUSI1181Film Music
MUSI1190World Music
MUSI1201Principal Study 1
MUSI1202Principal Study 2
MUSI1221Principal Study Double Major 1
MUSI1222Principal Study Double Major 2
MUSI1461Collaborative Music Making 1
MUSI1462Collaborative Music Making 2
MUSI1501Guitar Notation Systems and Styles
MUSI1631Creative and Analytical Studies in Music 1
MUSI1632Creative and Analytical Studies in Music 2
MUSI1700Introduction to Music Technology
MUSI2001Introduction to Guitar
MUSI2002Introduction to Keyboard
MUSI2003Introduction to Percussion
MUSI2011Practical Music Studies (Education) 3
MUSI2012Practical Music Studies (Education) 4
MUSI2014Introduction to Guitar 2
MUSI2015Introduction to Keyboard 2
MUSI2016Vocal Studies for the Primary School
MUSI2102Researching Australian Music
MUSI2161Conducting & Music Direction
MUSI2162Wind Ensemble Studies/Conducting 3
MUSI2171Romantic Music
MUSI2182Popular Music Performance
MUSI2190Twentieth Century Art Music
MUSI2201Principal Study 3
MUSI2202Principal Study 4
MUSI2221Principal Study Double Major 3
MUSI2222Principal Study Double Major 4
MUSI2231Principal Study Double Performance 3
MUSI2232Principal Study Double Performance 4
MUSI2461Collaborative Music Making 3
MUSI2462Collaborative Music Making 4
MUSI2631Creative and Analytical Studies in Music 3
MUSI2632Creative and Analytical Studies in Music 4
MUSI2701Sound Engineering
MUSI2702Film Soundtrack Creation
MUSI2703Advanced Music Publishing Techniques
MUSI2704Instructional Music Software
MUSI2705Digital Music Production
MUSI2706Music Digital Editing
MUSI2821Pedagogy I
MUSI2822Pedagogy II
MUSI3011Practical Music Studies (Education) 5
MUSI3012Practical Music Studies (Education) 6
MUSI3102Researching Australian Music
MUSI3142Performing Classical Music
MUSI3152Ensemble Project
MUSI3172Studies in 19th Century Music 2
MUSI3181Jazz Performance
MUSI3201Principal Study 5
MUSI3202Principal Study 6
MUSI3221Principal Study Double Major 5
MUSI3222Principal Study Double Major 6
MUSI3231Principal Study Double Performance 5
MUSI3232Principal Study Double Performance 6
MUSI3461Collaborative Music Making 5
MUSI3602Music Research Studies
MUSI3631Creative and Analytical Studies in Music 5
MUSI3632Advanced Studies in Western Music
MUSI4401Research Project Development
MUSI4402Research Methods
MUSI4403Music Honours 3
MUSI4404Music Honours 4
MUSI4604Honours Research Project
NHIL: Natural History IllustrationBack to top
NHIL1001Natural History Field Studies 1
NHIL1002Natural History Studio Studies 1
NHIL1003Natural History Field Studies 2
NHIL1004Natural History Studio Studies 2
NHIL2001Advanced Field Studies
NHIL2002Natural History Theoretical Studies
NHIL2003Scientific Illustration Methods and Applied Studio Practice
NHIL3001ANatural History Illustration Major Project - Part A
NHIL3001BNatural History Illustration Major Project - Part B
NHIL3002Natural History Illustration Dissertation
NHIL3003Natural History Illustration External Project
NHIL4001Natural History Illustration Honours A
NHIL4002Natural History Illustration Honours B
NHIL4003Natural History Illustration Honours C
NHIL4004Natural History Illustration Honours D
NUDI: Nutrition and DieteticsBack to top
NUDI1000Fundamentals in Nutrition 1
NUDI2110Community Nutrition Practice
NUDI2200Nutrition 2
NUDI2220Food Science 2
NUDI3220Clinical Nutrition 1
NUDI3230Clinical Nutrition 2
NUDI3240Dietetic Practice
NUDI3250Nutrition Education Programs
NUDI3280Nutritional Biochemistry
NUDI3300Food and Nutrition Service Management
NUDI3310Public Health Nutrition
NUDI4231Community and Foodservice Professional Practice 1
NUDI4232Community and Foodservice Professional Practice 2
NUDI4233ACommunity and Foodservice Professional Practice A
NUDI4233BCommunity and Foodservice Professional Practice B
NUDI4241Clinical Professional Practice 1
NUDI4242Clinical Professional Practice 2
NUDI4245AClinical Professional Practice in Dietetics A
NUDI4245BClinical Professional Practice in Dietetics B
NUDI4270Sports Nutrition
NUDI4280Independent Professional Practice
NUDI4290Paediatric Nutrition & Dietetics
NURS: NursingBack to top
NURS1010Foundation Studies in Nursing 1A
NURS1020Foundation Studies in Nursing 1B
NURS1101Foundations of Professional Practice 1A
NURS1102Primary Health Care
NURS1120Nursing Practice 1B
NURS1130Nursing Practice 1A
NURS1161Concepts of Health & Wellness
NURS1162Mental Health Literacy and Mental Health First Aid
NURS1201Foundations of Professional Practice 1B
NURS1202Clinical Practice 1B
NURS1210Clinical Practicum 1A
NURS1220Clinical Practicum 1B
NURS1272Partnerships in Health Practice
NURS2010Foundation Studies in Nursing 2A
NURS2020Foundation Studies in Nursing 2B
NURS2101Foundations of Professional Practice 2A
NURS2102Clinical Practice 2A
NURS2103Mental Health Professional Practice
NURS2130Nursing Practice 2A
NURS2140Nursing Practice 2B
NURS2150Nursing Practice 2C
NURS2162Health, Social Disadvantage and Substance Abuse
NURS2163Complementary Therapies in Healthcare
NURS2182Prudence in Nursing
NURS2193Nursing Therapeutics and Aged Clients
NURS2194Gastrointestinal Nursing Therapeutics
NURS2201Foundations of Professional Practice 2B
NURS2202Clinical Practice 2B
NURS2203Health and Illness in the Older Person
NURS2210Clinical Practicum 2A
NURS2220Clinical Practicum 2B
NURS2230Clinical for International Nurses
NURS2283Prudence and Nursing Research
NURS2295Mental Health Nursing Therapeutics
NURS2296Cardiovascular /Respiratory Nursing Therapeutics
NURS3010Foundation Studies in Nursing 3A
NURS3020Foundation Studies in Nursing 3B
NURS3101Foundations of Professional Practice 3A
NURS3102Clinical Practice 3A
NURS3104Chronic and Complex Care across the Lifespan
NURS3105Supervised Project
NURS3106Leading, Teaching, Mentoring and Clinical Supervision for Health Professionals
NURS3107Mental Health Professional Practice (Advanced)
NURS3108Care of the Compromised Neonate
NURS3109Gender and Health
NURS3130Nursing Practice 3A
NURS3140Nursing Practice 3B
NURS3163Sexuality & Families
NURS3184Prudence & Professional Nursing
NURS3197Emergency Nursing Therapeutics
NURS3198Health Breakdown Among Indigenous Populations
NURS3201Transition to Professional Practice
NURS3210Clinical Practicum 3A
NURS3220Clinical Practicum 3B
NURS3273Transition to Professional Practice A
NURS3274Transition to Professional Practice B
NURS4020Design and Method for Qualitative Research in Nurs
NURS4030Introductory Epidemiology and Biostatistics
NURS4120Knowledge and Theory Development in Nursing A
NURS4130Knowledge and Theory Development in Nursing B
NURS4301Nursing Research Methods
NURS4302Nursing Research Strategies
NURS4303Nursing Research Frameworks
NURS4920Honours Thesis Development
NURS4930Honours Thesis Completion
NURS6010Nursing Practicum
NURS6030Counselling 1
NURS6035Therapeutic Engagement & Psychosocial Interventions
NURS6055Mental Health Nursing in Acute Care
NURS6060Drug & Alcohol Issues in Mental Health Nursing Practice
NURS6061Contemporary Mental Health Nursing
NURS6070Mental Health Nursing of Older People
NURS6085Forensic Mental Health
NURS6095Mental Health Nursing in Community Settings
NURS6120Contemporary Nursing
NURS6190Issues in Aged Care
NURS6200Investigative Report
NURS6250The Experience of Ageing
NURS6440Leading Through Practice
NURS6450Symptom Management in Clinical Practice
NURS6451Information Management in General Practice
NURS6452Contemporary General Practice
NURS6520Contemporary Midwifery
NURS6580Midwifery Practice Issues
NURS6591Optimising Childbearing
NURS6610Issues in Critical Care Nursing
NURS6620Biophysical Processes and Health Assessment
NURS6621Contract Learning A
NURS6622Contract Learning B
NURS6623Leadership and Management in Practice
NURS6624Leading Change in Practice
NURS6640Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context
NURS6650Infection Control
NURS6711Palliative Care Practice
NURS6770Advanced Nursing Practice Contemporary Acute Context
NURS6811Assessment: The Neonate, Child, Young Person & Family
NURS6812Disord & Interv in Child & Adol Mental Hlth Nurs
NURS6814Pregnancy Birth and the Family
NURS6815Special Care of the Newborn
NURS6816Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
NURS6817Adolescent Development
NURS6818Disorders and Interventions in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Nursing
NURS6820Acute and Chronic Illness in Children
OCCT: Occupational TherapyBack to top
OCCT1110Introduction to Occupational Therapy
OCCT1201Introduction to Occupational Therapy Practice
OCCT1242Group Processes in Occupational Therapy
OCCT2150Enabling Occupation: Mental Health and Wellbeing
OCCT2151Occupational Therapy and Everyday Living
OCCT2220Psychology & Sociology for Occupational Therapy 2
OCCT2252Motor and Process Abilities in Occupations
OCCT2253Communication for Occupational Therapy Practice
OCCT2254Beginning Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy
OCCT3120Introduction to Psychosocial and Mental Health Issues in Occupational Therapy Practice
OCCT3160Adapting Environments
OCCT3161Intermediate Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy
OCCT3200Applied Psychosocial Mental Health in Occupational Therapy Practice
OCCT3201Group Work in Occupational Therapy
OCCT3262Occupation and Productivity
OCCT3263Occupational Science in the Community
OCCT3264Children, Youth & Families: An Occupational Approach
OCCT4110Advanced Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy
OCCT4111Rural and Remote Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy
OCCT4112Occupational Therapy Program Evaluation
OCCT4163Occupational Science in the Community
OCCT4170Leisure and Occupational Lifestyles
OCCT4171Occupational Science in National and International Contexts
OCCT4172Researching and Developing an Occupational Therapy Intervention
OCCT4210Occupational Science in International Contexts
OCCT4211Occupational Therapy Specialty Practice Topics
OCCT4212Occupational Therapy Program Design
OCCT4273Advanced Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy
OCCT4274Transitioning into Occupational Therapy Practice
OHSE: Occupational Health and SafetyBack to top
OHSE1120Occupational Health
OHSE2610OHS Practice
OHSE2630Occupational Health
OHSE2640Hygiene & Toxicology I
OHSE2720Ergonomics for OHS
OHSE2730Occupational Safety
OHSE2740EOHS Management I
OHSE3620Epidemiology & Environmental Health
OHSE3630Hygiene & Toxicology II
OHSE3640Research Methods in EOHS
OHSE3710International Perspectives on EOHS
OHSE3740Risk Assessment & Management
OHSE6010Occupational Health
OHSE6020Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology
OHSE6030Occupational Safety
OHSE6050Current Practice in Occupational Health and Safety
OHSE6060Safety in the Workplace
OHSE6070Management for Occupational Health and Safety
OHSE6090Research in Occ Health & Safety
OHSE6101Workplace Injury Management
OPSM: Operations and Supply ManagementBack to top
OPSM2000Supply Chain Management
OPSM3000Managing Logistics Operations in Supply Chains
OPSM3001Supply Chain Strategy
ORHL: Oral HealthBack to top
ORHL1001Oral Health and Ill-health
ORHL1003Assessment of Oral Health Status
ORHL1004Communicating Oral Health Messages
ORHL1101Oral Health Sciences I
ORHL1102Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills I - Introduction to the Clinical Environment
ORHL1103Oral Health Promotion I
ORHL1104Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills II
ORHL1105Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills III - Dental Hygiene
ORHL2002Oral Pathology
ORHL2003Introduction to Oral Health Promotion
ORHL2004Caries and Pain Control
ORHL2005Evaluating Oral Health Promotion
ORHL2101Oral Health Sciences II
ORHL2102Oral Health Sciences III
ORHL2103Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills IV - Dental Therapy
ORHL2104Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills V - Dental Hygiene
ORHL2105Oral Health Promotion II
ORHL2106Oral Health and Community
ORHL2107Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills VI - Clinical Practice
ORHL3001Dental Hygiene Clincial Practice I
ORHL3002Oral Health; Children and Adolescents
ORHL3003Oral Health Promotion Project
ORHL3004Oral Health and the Special Needs Community
ORHL3005Oral Health Administration
ORHL3007Indigenous Oral Health
ORHL3101Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills VII - Adult Clinical Practice
ORHL3102Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills VIII - Clinical Practice
ORHL3103Oral Health Promotion III
ORHL3104Oral Health Therapy Clinical Skills IX - Clinical Practice
ORHL3105Preparation for Practice
ORHL6001Restorative Dentistry
ORHL6002Paediatric Dentistry
ORHL6003Management of Acute Conditions in Oral Health
ORHL6004Comprehensive Oral Health Care
PACC: Professional AccountingBack to top
PACC6000Financial Accounting 1
PACC6001Management Accounting
PACC6002Auditing and Assurance Services
PACC6003Business Finance
PACC6004Financial Accounting 2
PACC6005Financial Accounting 3
PACC6006Taxation Law
PACC6008Business Decision Making
PACC6009Business Law
PACC6010Company Law
PDTY: PodiatryBack to top
PDTY1202Fundamentals of Podiatry Practice
PDTY2101Introduction to Podiatry Clinical Skills
PDTY2102Pharmacology in Clinical Podiatry Practice
PDTY2103Advanced Foot Anatomy & Biomechanics
PDTY2202Podiatric Medicine
PDTY2203Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatry
PDTY2204Professional Practice
PDTY2205Diabetes and Wound Management
PDTY3101Advanced Paediatric and Adult Foot Management
PDTY3102Podiatric Surgery
PDTY3103Podiatric Biomechanics
PDTY3104Podiatric Specialisations
PDTY3201Seminars and Case Reports
PDTY3202Advanced Podiatry Practice
PDTY3203Specialised Podiatry Practice
PHAR: PharmacyBack to top
PHAR1101Introduction to Pharmacy and Formulation Sciences 1
PHAR1201Introduction to Pharmacy and Formulation Sciences 2
PHAR2101Dermatology and Topical Formulations
PHAR2102Cardiovascular and Renal Health
PHAR2202Drug Design and Discovery
PHAR2203Gastrointestinal Health and Solid Dosage Formulations
PHAR2204Clinical Pharmacotherapy 1
PHAR3101Endocrinology and Injectable Dosage Formulations
PHAR3102Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat Health, Respiratory Health and Related Formulations
PHAR3103Mental and Neurological Health
PHAR3104Clinical Pharmacotherapy 2
PHAR3201Women's Health, Men's Health and Genitourinary Dosage Formulations
PHAR3202Rheumatology and Pain Management
PHAR3203Clinical Pharmacotherapy 3
PHAR3204Research Methodology and Health Technology Assessment
PHAR4101Cancer, Critical Care and Palliation
PHAR4102ATransition to Professional Practice in Pharmacy (Part A)
PHAR4102BTransition to Professional Practice in Pharmacy (Part B)
PHAR4103APharmacy Research Project (Part A)
PHAR4103BPharmacy Research Project (Part B)
PHAR4104APharmacy Projects (Part A)
PHAR4104BPharmacy Projects (Part B)
PHAR4201Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Health Care
PHAR4204Clinical Leadership in Health Care
PHAR6111Pharmacy Practice 1
PHAR6112Pharmaceutics 1
PHAR6114Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PHAR6121Pharmacy Practice 2
PHAR6122Pharmaceutics 2
PHAR6123Human Genomics and Biomolecular Analysis for Pharmacy
PHAR6124Applied Pharmacology and Basic Microbiology/Immunology
PHAR6131Pharmacy Practice 3
PHAR6132Pharmaceutics 3
PHAR6133Pharmacotherapeutics 1
PHAR6211Pharmacy Practice 4
PHAR6212Pharmacotherapeutics 2
PHAR6213Molecular Pathogenesis
PHAR6214Epidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics
PHAR6221Pharmacy Practice 5
PHAR6222Pharmacotherapeutics 3
PHAR6223Pharmacotherapeutics 4
PHAR6224Pharmacy Management
PHAR6231Pharmacy Practice 6
PHAR6232Pharmacotherapeutics 5
PHAR6233Pharmacotherapeutics 6
PHAR6701Introduction to Pharmacotherapeutics and Prescribing for Advanced Nursing Practice
PHAR6702Integrated Pharmacotherapeutics for Clinical Practice
PHAR6703Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Midwifery Practice
PHIL: PhilosophyBack to top
PHIL1020Philosophy 1A
PHIL1030Philosophy 1B
PHIL1060Introduction to Philosophy of Psychology
PHIL1080Understanding Western Civilisation
PHIL2021Reality and Knowledge
PHIL2030Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2120Philosophy and Film
PHIL2140Chinese Philosophy
PHIL2400Political Philosophy
PHIL2420Critical Thinking
PHIL2451Philosophy and the Good Life
PHIL2830Applied Ethics
PHIL2920Philosophy and the Digital Generation
PHIL3000Worldviews, Nature and Morality
PHIL3015Existentialism: Philosophy and Literature
PHIL3035Philosophy of Eastern Religion
PHIL3060Ethics and the Self
PHIL3070Scientific Knowledge & Scientific Method
PHIL3251Philosophy, Modernity and Islam
PHIL3430Rationality and Philosophy
PHIL3460Philosophy and Human Relationships
PHIL3500Democracy, Economy and Global Warming
PHIL3512Moral Theory
PHIL3580Ethical Issues
PHIL3822Enlightenment and its Discontents
PHIL3851Power and Subjectivity
PHIL3910Ethics, Technology and Engineering
PHIL3930Human Values & Commercial Prac
PHIL3941Human Rights, East and West
PHIL4050Philosophy Honours I
PHIL4060Philosophy Honours II
PHIL4070Philosophy Honours III
PHIL4080Philosophy Honours IV
PHIL6910Technology and the Environment
PHTY: PhysiotherapyBack to top
PHTY1020Physiotherapy II
PHTY1040Introduction to Physiotherapy
PHTY2010Physiotherapy III
PHTY2020Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy I
PHTY2030Neurological Physiotherapy I
PHTY2040Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy I
PHTY2060Physiotherapy Clinical Practice I
PHTY3020Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy II
PHTY3050Physiotherapy IV
PHTY3060Physiotherapy Clinical Practice III
PHTY3070Advanced Neurological Physiotherapy
PHTY3080Physiotherapy Through Life Stages
PHTY3090Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
PHTY3100Critical Thinking in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
PHTY4010Physiotherapy Clinical Practice IV
PHTY4040Physiotherapy Clinical Practice V
PHTY4060Physiotherapy in Community Health
PHTY4070Advanced Concepts in Physiotherapy
PHTY4080Advanced Concepts in Physiotherapy in Community Health
PHYS: PhysicsBack to top
PHYS1150Everyday Physics
PHYS1200Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences
PHYS1205Integrated Physics
PHYS1210Advanced Physics I
PHYS1220Advanced Physics II
PHYS1250MRS Physics & Radiation Protection
PHYS2100Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS2160Modern Optics
PHYS2170Quantum Mechanics and Semiconductor Physics
PHYS2190Mathematics of Physical Systems
PHYS2240Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PHYS2250Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity
PHYS2300Energy and the Environment
PHYS3310Lasers and Applications
PHYS3320Optical Communications
PHYS3330Industrial Project and Seminar
PHYS3345Optical Fibre Technology
PHYS3350Quantum, Atomic & Molecular Physics
PHYS3360Advanced Electromagnetism
PHYS3375Statistical Mechanics and Transport Processes
PHYS3390Solid State and Nanoscience
PHYS3990Specialist Topics in Physics
PHYS4110Physics Honours 4110
PHYS4120Physics Honours 4120
PHYS4210Physics Honours 4210
PHYS4220Physics Honours 4220
PHYS4310Photonics Honours 4310
PHYS4320Photonics Honours 4320
PHYS4330Photonics Honours 4330
PHYS4340Photonics Honours 4340
PHYS6010Contemporary Issues in Energy
POLI: Political ScienceBack to top
POLI1010Australian Politics and Government
POLI1020Introduction to Politics
POLI2001Ideas in Political Science
POLI2020Foundations of Modern Politics
POLI2030Politics and Power in Asia
POLI2050Political Theory and Social Change
POLI2120Challenging Political Discourses
POLI2130Principles of Public Policy
POLI2140The Politics of Globalisation
POLI2150Foundations of International Relations
POLI2160Global Power and World Order
POLI2170Regime Change and Altered States
POLI2180Politics, Policy and Government
POLI2190United States Politics and International Relations
POLI2200The Global Politics of Indigenous People
POLI2202Global Terrorism: Politics and Problems
POLI2203International Political Economy and Global Development
POLI3001Organisations, Politics and Society
POLI3002Power and the State
POLI3020Foundations of Modern Politics
POLI3050Political Theory and Social Change
POLI3120Challenging Political Discourses
POLI3130Principles of Public Policy
POLI3140The Politics of Globalisation
POLI3150Foundations of International Relations
POLI3160Global Power and World Order
POLI3170Regime Change and Altered States
POLI3180Politics, Policy and Government
POLI3190United States Politics and International Relations
POLI3201Politics of Genocide: A Global Comparison
POLI4001Politics Honours 1
POLI4002Politics Honours 2
POLI4003Politics Honours 3
POLI4004Politics Honours 4
PSYC: PsychologyBack to top
PSYC1000Introductory Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC1010Psychology Introduction 1
PSYC1020Psychology Introduction 2
PSYC1030General Psychology
PSYC1200Pre-professional Psychology I
PSYC2200Pre-professional Psychology II
PSYC2300Cognitive Psychology
PSYC2400Biological Psychology
PSYC2500Introduction to Abnormal Behaviour
PSYC2505Foundations of Psychology and Sociology for Health Professionals
PSYC2600Personality and Social Psychology
PSYC3000Advanced Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
PSYC3001Advanced Psychological Measurement
PSYC3200Pre-professional Psychology III
PSYC3300Advanced Cognitive Psychology
PSYC3301Advanced Perception and Learning in Psychology
PSYC3400Advanced Biological Psychology
PSYC3500Advanced Health Psychology
PSYC3501Advanced Psychopathology and Neuropsychology
PSYC3505Psychology and Sociology of Mental Health for Occupational Therapy
PSYC3600Advanced Social and Organisational Psychology
PSYC3700Advanced Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC4000Advanced Methodology
PSYC4100Critical Issues and Controversies in Psychology
PSYC4200Pre-Professional Psychology 4
PSYC4201Psychological Assessment & Introduction to Counselling
PSYC4400Advanced Topics in Biological, Cognitive & Developmental Psychology
PSYC4500Advanced Topics in Personality,Social,Clinical & Health Psychology
PSYC4800Critical review and analysis of specialised research topic
PSYC4802APsychology Honours Thesis Part A
PSYC4802BPsychology Honours Thesis Part B
PSYC4803APsychology Graded Honours Thesis Part A
PSYC4803BPsychology Graded Honours Thesis Part B
PSYC4810Critical review of advanced research topic
PSYC4815AAdvanced Psychology Project pt A
PSYC4815BAdvanced Psychology Research Project Pt B
PSYC4816APsychology Ungraded Honours Thesis Part A
PSYC4816BPsychology Ungraded Honours Thesis Part B
PSYC6000Foundations of Applied Psychology 1
PSYC6050Foundations of Applied Psychology 2
PSYC6110Psychology Skills in the Workplace
PSYC6120Organisational Interventions
PSYC6130Influencing People in Organisations
PSYC6140Leadership and Organisational Change
PSYC6150Group Dynamics in Organisations
PSYC6210Interviewing and Assessment
PSYC6230Community Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
PSYC6501Professional and Ethical Practice
PSYC6502Counselling and Clinical Intervention
PSYC6503Clinical Psychology with Adults
PSYC6504Psychology Clinic Placement
PSYC6505Research Development
PSYC6506Clinical Psychology with Children and Families
PSYC6507Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessment
PSYC6508Psychology Placement 2
PSYC6509Advanced Clinical Psychology with Adults
PSYC6510Advanced Clinical Psychology with Children and Adolescents
PSYC6511Research Project 1
PSYC6512Psychology Placement 3
PSYC6513Clinical Psychology of Special Groups: Intellectual Disabilities/Older Adults
PSYC6515Research Project 2
PSYC6516Psychology Placement 4
PSYC6517Psychology Placement 5
PSYC6518Research Project 3
PSYC6519Research Project 4
PSYC6520Research Project 5
PSYC6521Research Project 6
PSYC6522Research Project 7
PSYC6523Research Project (Doctorate Final)
PSYC6530Clinical Research Project (Masters Final)
PSYC6540Clin Psyc PhD Placement 1
PSYC6541Clin Psych PhD Placement 2
PSYC6601Health and Psychology
PSYC6606Facilitating Best Practice Health Care
PSYC6720Pre-Professional Practice for Graduate Diploma
PSYC6740Advanced Topics in Experimental Psychology
PSYC6750Advanced Topics in Applied Psychology
PSYC6780Literature Review of an Advanced Research Topic
PSYC6781AGradDip Research Project Part A
PSYC6781BGradDip Research Project Part B
PSYC6782AGraduate Diploma in Psychology Research Project Part A
PSYC6782BGraduate Diploma in Psychology Research Project Part B
PUBH: Public HealthBack to top
PUBH1010Foundations in Health
PUBH1020Foundations of Early Childhood Health & Well-Being
PUBH1030Foundation Studies in K-6 PDHPE
PUBH1080Studies in Population Health and Health Promotion
PUBH2020Foundations of Child Health & Well-Being
PUBH2030Foundation Studies in K-6 PDHPE
PUBH2040Health of Populations & Young People
PUBH2060Strategies for Health Behaviour Change in the Community
PUBH2300Personal Development and Health Issues in the Primary School
PUBH3040Personal Development Issues in Health
PUBH6150Introduction to Quality and Safety in Health Care
PUBH6170Quantitative Methods for Quality & Safety
PUBH6200Transdisciplinary Health Research
PUBH6210Qualitative Methods in Health Research
PUBH6220Health Social Science I
PUBH6250Health Economics
PUBH6260Clinical Economics
PUBH6279Quality Improvement Project Part I
PUBH6280Quality Improvement Project Part II
PUBH6290Economic evaluation of health care
PUBH6300Introduction to Public Health
PUBH6301Chronic Disease and Injury Control
PUBH6302Social and Ecosystem Health
PUBH6303Special Project in Public Health
PUBH6304Global Health
PUBH6305Global Health Systems and Policy
PUBH6850Minor Thesis Part I
PUBH6860Minor Thesis Part II
PUBH6870Minor Thesis Part III
PUBH6880Minor Thesis Part IV
PUBH6980Managing Quality in Health Care
RELT: Religion and TheologyBack to top
RELT1010Theology: Searching the Spiritual
RELT1011Christianity: History of a Global Religion
RELT1012Heresy and the Formation of the Churches
RELT1020World Religions
RELT1021Religion in Film
RELT1022Buddhist and Other Contemplative Practices
RELT1023Service Care in Religious Organisations
RELT1030Introduction to Biblical Literature: Scrolls and Scriptures
RELT1031Biblical Hebrew Language Studies I
RELT1032New Testament Greek Language Studies I
RELT2010The Many Faces of Jesus
RELT2012Church, State and Civil Society
RELT2013Spirituality, Religion and Visual Culture
RELT2014Sacramental Theology
RELT2015History of the Christian Churches in Australia
RELT2020Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
RELT2021Directed Studies in Religion and Theology
RELT2022Religious Ethics
RELT2023Interreligious Dialogue
RELT2024Psychology of Religion
RELT2025Islam: History, Theology and Culture
RELT2030Reading Scrolls and Scriptures: Methodologies
RELT2031Biblical Hebrew Language Studies II
RELT2032New Testament Greek Language Studies II
RELT2033Hebrew Bible
RELT2034New Testament
RELT3010Modern Theology: Confession and Controversy
RELT3011Directed Studies in Theology
RELT3012Apocalypse Now: Theology at the End of the World
RELT3020Religion in the Secular World
RELT3021Directed Studies in Religion and Civil Society
RELT3022Jewish Thought after the Holocaust
RELT3023Islam: History, Theology and Culture
RELT3024Religious Law
RELT3030Scrolls and Scriptures: Uses and Abuses
RELT3031Directed Studies of Scriptures
RELT3032The New Testament in the Greco Roman World
RELT3040Theology Work Integrated Learning
RELT4010Religion and Theology Honours I: Methods and Theory
RELT4020Religion and Theology Honours II: Directed Study
RELT4030Religion and Theology Honours III: Research Thesis Preparations and Literature Review
RELT4040Religion and Theology Honours IV: Final Thesis Submission
RELT6001Advanced Studies in Liturgy: Theory and Practice
RELT6002Origins and Development of the Early Church
RELT6003Advanced Studies in Theological Ethics
RELT6004Advanced Studies in the Hebrew Bible
RELT6005Advanced Studies in the New Testament
RELT6006The Many Faces of Jesus Christ: Advanced Studies in Christology
RELT6007Theology of Religious Education
RELT6009Ecological Theology
RELT6010The Christian Churches in the World: Advanced Studies in Ecclesiology
RELT6011Advanced Studies in Education and Missiology
RELT6012Advanced Studies in Education & Mission 2
RELT6013Critical Studies in Faith and Culture
RELT6014Advanced Sacramental Theology
RELT6015Missiology: Critical Studies for a Secular, Plural, Globalised World
RELT6016Spiritualities, Practices and Values for Professional Leadership
RELT6017Advanced Studies in Spirituality
RELT6018Contemporary Studies in Spirituality 2
RELT6019Advanced Studies in Liturgical Spirituality: The Paschal Mystery
RELT6020Leadership for Mission: Critical Studies in Theology, Purpose and Praxis
RELT6021Youth Ministry - Foundations
RELT6022Religion and Young People in Australia
RELT6023Social Teaching of the Catholic Church
RELT6024Contextualising Youth Ministry
RELT6025Advanced Studies in Contextualisation
RELT6026Ministry: Life of the Church
RELT6027History of the Catholic Church in Australia since 1788
RELT6029Mary and the Christian Tradition
RELT6030Biblical Studies - Foundations
RELT6032Advanced Studies - Directed
RELT6033Advanced Biblical Studies
RELT6037Advanced Studies in Canon Law
RELT6038Advanced Canon Law 2
RELT6040Theological Studies: Foundations
RELT6044Studies of Religion: Living Conversations, Interfaith Connections
RELT6045Advanced Studies in Pastoral Practice
RELT6050Religion and Theology in the 21st Century
RELT6051Research and Presentation Skills in Theology
RELT6052Integration Project A
RELT6053Integration Project B
RELT6054Religion and Popular Culture in the 21st Century
RELT6055Advanced Studies in Islam
RELT6056Philosophy and Theology
RELT6057Advanced Studies in Judaism - Past and Present
RELT6058Interfaith and Inter-religious Dialogue
SCIM: General Science and TechnologyBack to top
SCIM1040Foundations of Science and Technology
SCIT: Science and TechnologyBack to top
SCIT2100Science and Professional Communication
SCIT2500Project and Advanced Studies
SCIT3000Work Integrated Learning in Science and Information Technology
SCIT3500Project and Advanced Studies II
SENG: Software EngineeringBack to top
SENG1110Introduction to Software Engineering 1
SENG1120Introduction to Software Engineering 2
SENG2050Introduction to Web Engineering
SENG2130Software Development
SENG2200Programming Languages and Paradigms
SENG3130Software Architecture & Quality Management
SENG3150Software Project 1: Requirements Engineering and Design
SENG3160Software Project 2: Software Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance
SENG3300User Interface Design
SENG3400Network and Distributed Computing
SENG4210BSoftware Engineering Project Part B
SENG4400Enterprise Software Architectures
SENG4800Final Year Software Engineering Project
SENG4800AFinal Year Software Engineering Project Part A
SENG4800BFinal Year Software Engineering Project Part B
SENG6050Introduction to Web Engineering
SENG6110Introduction to Software Engineering 1
SENG6120Introduction to Software Engineering 2
SENG6130Software Architecture and Quality Management
SENG6140Software Architecture and Quality Management
SENG6150Software Project 1: Requirements Engineering and Design
SENG6160Software Project 2: Software Implementation, Testing and Maintenance
SENG6210ASoftware Engineering Masters Project (Part A)
SENG6210BSoftware Engineering Masters Project (Part B)
SENG6220Programming Languages and Paradigms
SENG6300User Interface Design
SENG6350Software Development
SENG6400Network and Distributed Computing
SOCA: Sociology and AnthropologyBack to top
SOCA1010Society and Culture: A Sociological Introduction
SOCA1020Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
SOCA1030Introduction to the Sociology of Religion
SOCA1040Constructions of Childhood, the Family and Society
SOCA1200Health Sociology I
SOCA2065Environment and Society
SOCA2081New Media and Society
SOCA2102Sociology of Childbirth and Midwifery
SOCA2325Cultural Worlds of Health and Illness
SOCA2400Globalisation, Social Justice and Development
SOCA2490Psychology & Sociology for Occupational Therapy 2
SOCA2505Sociology and Psychology of Mental Health for Occupational Therapy  
SOCA3000Introduction to Studies in Governmentality
SOCA3089Sociology of Death and Dying
SOCA3095Economic Sociology - A Case Study Approach
SOCA3165Australian Families: A Sociological Analysis
SOCA3168Social Science Research
SOCA3173Aborig Peoples & Racialised Policy in Aust
SOCA3174Aboriginal Culture and Politics in Australia
SOCA3177The Social Life of Music
SOCA3178Health, Illness and Society
SOCA3220Youth Culture and Risk
SOCA3230Identity and Culture
SOCA3240Violence and Social Order
SOCA3280Global Change and Public Health
SOCA3290People's Power: Social Movements and Community Activism
SOCA3315Living the Body
SOCA3350The Sociology of Food
SOCA3351Social Policy and Social Justice
SOCA3360Social and Cultural Deviance in the City
SOCA3370Madness and Society
SOCA3412Business, Mass Media & Consumption
SOCA3500Studying the Social: Contemporary Approaches in Sociology and Anthropology
SOCA3630Drugs in Culture
SOCA3666Consumption and Everyday Life
SOCA3850Indigenous Peoples of the Contemporary World
SOCA3902Religion and Politics in Contemporary Society
SOCA4090Sociology and Anthropology Honours I
SOCA4100Sociology and Anthropology Honours II
SOCA4110Sociology and Anthropology Honours III
SOCA4120Sociology & Anthropology Honours IV
SOCA6100International Health and Global Justice
SOCA6120Beyond Globalisation: Social Changes and Global Challenges
SOCA6190Gender and Social Change
SOCA6240Project Design and Evaluation
SOCA6440Supervised Reading 1
SOCA6500Minor Thesis
SOCA6570Social Change and Development
SOCA6571Development and Social Change
SOCA6590Environmental Issues and their Social Context
SOCA6640Social Science Research Methods
SOCA6670Social Change and Development Research Project
SOCA6680Food Sociology: Understanding the Social Appetite
SOCA6690Rural Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture for Community Development
SOCS: Social ScienceBack to top
SOCS1100Professional Practice and Key Debates in the Social Sciences
SOCS2100Organisational Management and Social Behaviour
SOCS2200Social Analysis: Key Perspectives in the Social Sciences
SOCS2300Ethical Debates in the Social Sciences
SOCS2400Applied Social Research
SOCS3100Policy Development , Program Management and Evaluation
SOCS3200Applied Social Research Project
SOCS3300Bachelor of Social Science placement
SOCS4001Social Science Honours I
SOCS4002Social Science Honours 2
SOCS4003Social Science Honours 3
SOCS4004Social Science Honours 4
SPSW: Social Welfare PolicyBack to top
SPSW1001Introduction to Human Services and Community Welfare
SPSW1002Social Issues in the Human Services
SPSW1401Working in Human Service Organisations
SPSW2001Human Rights, Advocacy and Social Change
SPSW2002Working with Communities
SPSW2003Social Policy in Australia
SPSW3001Progressive Counselling: Human Services Policy and Programs
SPSW3003Case Management
SPSW3008Mental Disorder: Critical Practice Approaches
SPSW3015Human Services and Community Welfare Practicum
SPSW3070Regional Social Policy and Planning
SPSW3358Globalisation & Comparative Public Policy
SPSW3401Helping and Counselling Skills in the Human Services
SPSW3402Child Protection and Child Welfare: Theory and Practice
SPSW3403Australian Public Policy & Social Outcomes
SPSW3404Juvenile Justice
SPSW3408Young People and the State
SPSW3411Gendered Violence: Theory and Practice
SPSW3413Casework, Case Management: Theory and Practice
SPSW3414Australian Social Policy
SPSW4010Social Policy Studies in Welfare Hons
SPSW4020Social Policy Studies in Welfare Hons II
SPSW4030Social Policy Studies in Welfare Hons III
SPSW4040Social Policy Studies in Welfare Hons IV
SPTH: Speech PathologyBack to top
SPTH1001Child Speech and Language 1
SPTH1002Child Speech and Language 2
SPTH1080Introduction to Clinical Practice
SPTH2001Fluency Across the Lifespan
SPTH2002Child Language 3 and Hearing across the Life Span
SPTH2003Complex Communication Needs 1
SPTH2004Complex Communication Needs 2
SPTH2080Clinical Practice
SPTH2210Speech Path in Education & Community Settings 1
SPTH2220Speech Pathology in Education & CommunitySettings2
SPTH2230Complex Communication Needs
SPTH3001Adult Speech and Language
SPTH3002Swallowing Across the Lifespan
SPTH3004Voice across the lifespan
SPTH3020Speech Pathology IIIB
SPTH3080Clinical Practice
SPTH3110Speech Pathology in Medical Settings 1
SPTH3120Speech Pathology in Medical Settings 2
SPTH4010Speech Pathology IV
SPTH4030Professional Issues 1
SPTH4035Professional Issues 2
SPTH4080Clinical Practice
SPTH4090Clinical Practice
SPTH4120Special Topics
SPTH4210Research Review
SPTH4211Research Preparation
SPTH4420Speech Pathology in South East Asia
SPTH4440Speech Pathology Honours Thesis
SPTH6901Speech, Language and Swallowing Disorders
SPTH6902Studies in Human Communication Disorders
SRMT: Sustainable Resource ManagementBack to top
SRMT3040Community Resource Management
SRMT3050Sustainable Land Management
SRMT3060Restoration Ecology
SRMT4110Sustainable Resource Management Honours 4110
SRMT4120Sustainable Resource Management Honours 4120
SRMT4130Sustainable Resource Management Honours 4130
SRMT4140Sustainable Resource Management Honours 4140
STAT: StatisticsBack to top
STAT1020Statistical Reasoning and Literacy
STAT1060Business Decision Making
STAT1070Statistics for the Sciences
STAT2000Applied Statistics and Research Methods
STAT2010Fundamentals of Statistics
STAT3010Statistical Inference
STAT3030Generalized Linear Models
STAT3040Time Series Analysis
STAT3100Total Quality Management
STAT3120Applied Bayesian Methods
STAT3170Surveys and Experiments
STAT3990Topics in Statistics
STAT4101Directed Studies I
STAT4102Directed Studies II
STAT4103Directed Studies III
STAT4104Directed Studies IV
STAT4105Directed Studies V
STAT6100Total Quality Management
STAT6107Statistics for the Sciences
SURV: SurveyingBack to top
SURV1110Surveying 1
SURV1120Surveying 2
SURV2130Surveying 3
SURV2180Electronic Surveying
SURV2340Survey Computing
SURV2650Spatial Data Systems and Remote Sensing
SURV3350Analysis of Observations
SURV3510Geodesy 1
SURV3610Photogrammetry 1
SURV3930Land Boundary Definition.
SURV4110Industrial Surveying
SURV4410Astronomy and Satellite Positioning
SURV4720Land Valuation
SURV4730Town Planning
SWRK: Social WorkBack to top
SWRK1001Introduction to Social Work 1
SWRK1002Introduction to Social Work 2
SWRK2001Social Work Theory and Practice A
SWRK2003Interpersonal Skills for Professional Practice
SWRK2200Social Work Theory and Practice B
SWRK3002Social Work Theory & Practice C
SWRK3005Social Work Research
SWRK3007Social Work Ethics
SWRK3300Field Practicum 1
SWRK4001Social Work Theory & Practice D
SWRK4006Social Work Thesis part I
SWRK4007Social Work Thesis part II
SWRK4009Social Work Honours Project
SWRK4200Families, Schools and Community
SWRK4300Social Work Theory and Practice F
SWRK4400Field Practicum 2
SWRK4500Social Work Research
SWRK6002Community Practice
SWRK6005Assessment in Child and Family Practice
SWRK6006Working Against Violence
SWRK6008Capacity Building in the Human Services
SWRK6009Community Practice Through Schools
SWRK6010Evidence Based Practice
SWRK6050Human Service Practice with Men and Boys
SWRK6100Policy and Program Evaluation
SWRK6200Transformative Leadership in Human Services
SWRK6300Current Developments in Human Service Delivery
SWRK6600Working with Grief and Loss
SWRK6700Young people, drugs and inequality: social and cultural perspectives.
TEHE: Teacher Education Higher EducationBack to top
TEHE6010Principles and Practice of Higher Education
TEHE6020Course Design
TEHE6030Assessment of Student Learning
TEHE6040Supervision and Mentoring
TEHE6050Designing Online Learning
TEHE6060Student Centred Learning
TOUR: TourismBack to top
TOUR1000Tourism Principles and Practices
TOUR2000EcoTourism and Resource Management
TOUR2001Tourism, Culture and Heritage Management
TOUR2002Visitor Management
TOUR3000Leisure Tourism and Environmental Issues
TOUR3001Tourism Planning and Policy
TOUR3002Events Management
TOUR3003Tourism Marketing
TOUR4000Theory in Tourism
TRAU: TraumaBack to top
TRAU6001Introduction to Trauma Care
TRAU6002Post-Injury Critical Care.
TRAU6003Torso Trauma
TRAU6004Musculoskeletal Trauma