Information about submitting an invoice, payment terms and contacting our accounts payable team.

Getting paid

We are open, ethical, rigorous and committed to the highest standards of financial integrity.

Before you can supply goods or services to the University and submit your invoice to our accounts payable team, you need to complete a creditor application form. Please email creditor codes or phone +61 2 4349 4546 for details on this form.

Please note, proposed suppliers will not automatically be approved as a creditor of the University, for example, where a supplier operates in competition to an already approved contracted supplier.

We recommend that you insist on a purchase order number before you supply any goods or services to the University. You need to include a valid University purchase order number on each invoice. You can read more about invoice essentials (PDF 337KB) here.

The University's standard payment terms are 30 days from the end of the invoice month.

Email our accounts payable team for more information.