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For further detail and funding prior to 2009 see individual Researcher Profiles


Excellent researchers: Using learner profiles to enhance research learning
Australian Research Council (DP)
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Kylie Shaw, Emeritus Prof Sid Bourke, Prof Dennis McInerney (HKIEd)


Equity groups and predictors of academic success in higher education
National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE)
Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Erica Southgate, Ms Suzanne MacQueen, Dr Mark Rubin, Dr Heather Douglas (USW)

Research Training and Transformational Knowledge
Research Program 2014, The University of Newcastle
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Dr Kylie Shaw, Emeritus Prof Sid Bourke, Dr Kath Grushka, Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Rob Cantwell, Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez

The changing world of volunteerism: Challenges and opportunities
Linkage Pilot Research Grant, The University of Newcastle,
Prof Max Smith, Prof Allyson Holbrook, A/Prof Kevin Lyons, Dr Daniella Forster


Modelling doctoral provision by universities: A multidimensional organisational analysis
Near Miss Grant, The University of Newcastle
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Emeritus Prof Sid Bourke, Dr Johanna Macneil

Educating, informing and preparing high school teachers to engage and inspire the next generation of computer scientists
CS4HS, Google Inc
Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez

Teaching mathematics for social justice using project-based learning: An exploration of teachers' professional development
New Staff Grant, The University of Newcastle
Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez


Evaluation of the Flagship Projects for the NSW volunteering Strategy
Research Grant, NSW Department of Education and Communities
Prof Max Smith, Prof Allyson Holbrook, A/Prof Kevin Lyons, Dr Johanna Macneil, Dr Daniella Forster

Coursework in Australian PhD programs: What's happening, why, and future directions?
Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)
Dr Margaret Kiley

Which factors contribute to increase the number of secondary students in high level mathematics? A study about relevance and technology use
Early Career Researcher Grant, The University of Newcastle
Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez

People, Places, Pedagogy, Paradigm and Purpose: Evaluating Innovation and Building Research Capacity within a K-12 School
Association of Independent Schools
Dr Kylie Shaw, Dr Kathryn Holmes, Dr Rachel Buchanan, Mr Greg Preston

Investigating student study behaviors in blended-learning environments
Mr Greg Preston


A cross-national study of the relative impact of an oral component on PhD examination quality, language and practice
Australian Research Council (DP)
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Prof Sid Bourke, Emeritus Prof Terry Lovat, Dr Margaret Kiley, Prof Brian Paltridge, A/Prof Sue Starfield

The NSW Child Development Study
Australian Research Council (LP)
Prof Vaughan Carr, Dr Kristin Laurens, Prof Allyson P Holbrook, Prof Rhoshel Lenroot, Ms Sally Brinkman, Dr Miles Bore, Dr Elizabeth Maloney, Dr Maxwell Smith, Mr Robert Stevens, A/ Prof John Allan

Innovative Teaching and Learning Research Project
NSW Department of Education and Training
Prof Sid Bourke, Dr Kathryn Holmes, Mr Greg Preston, Dr Kylie Shaw

Indigenous Research Higher Degree candidature in Australian universities: Exploring identity at the cultural interface
Australian Research Council (IRDS)
Dr Kathleen Butler, Prof Allyson Holbrook

Building local leadership for research education
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Emeritus Prof David Boud , Dr Andrew Solomon, Dr Jo McKenzie, Dr Margaret Kiley, Prof Angela Brew, Dr Janne Malfroy

Visual media texts: Teaching and assessing the Humanities and Social Sciences in a post-literate age
Department of Education, Training & Youth Affair
Dr Kath Grushka

Artmaking, visual narratives and well-being: A study of people living with autoimmune illness
Early Career Researcher Grant, The University of Newcastle
Dr Kath Grushka


Adaptive Knowledge Production
Educational Research Institute Newcastle (ERIN)
Prof A. Holbrook, Prof Sid Bourke, Prof John O'Connor, Dr Margaret Kiley, Dr Jill Scevak, Prof Stephen Crump, Dr Shen Chen, Dr Kath Holmes, Dr Eva Petersen, Dr Kathleen Butler

I've done a coursework Masters now I want to do a doctorate: Can I?
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Dr Margaret Kiley (Project Leader)

Where are our doctoral candidates coming from and why?
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Dr Margaret Kiley


Influences of metacognitive beliefs on success in PhD candidature
Australian Research Council (DP)
Prof Sid Bourke, Dr Robert Cantwell, Dr Jill Scevak, Prof Allyson Holbrook

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