Current HDR Projects

GCER has a strong cohort of PhD (Environmental Remediation) candidates undertaking innovative environmental remediation research.

HDR CandidateResearch Topic
Miss Ying XueThe Degradation Process of the Phenicol Antibiotics by the Advanced Oxidation Method
Mr Adnan Mohammed

Sustainability of Groundwater Use

Ms Ramadevi JettyEarthworm Gut microflora - PAHs interactions with Special reference to B(a)P
Mr Md. Zahangir HossainBiochar and Nutrient Interactions in Soil
Mrs Shruti SharmaIndigenous Communities' Diet and Associated Health Implications
Mr Syfullah ShahiarCadmium in Rice with Reference to Water Management and Cultivar Variations
Mr Kh Ashraf Uz-ZamanImplication of Nanotechnology for Water Treatment and Purification
Mr Abu Bakkar SiddiqueEffect of Iron and Manganese Plaques on Cadmium Bioaccumulation in Rice
Mr Manjurul Islam ChowdhuryInteraction of C6 PFAS - C. elegans in Soil and Aquatic Environment
Mrs Wanniarachchige Isiri PereraAlgae and Bacteria Interaction in Wastewater and Their Biotechnological Applications
Mr Md Harunur Rashid

Biofortification of Mung Bean with Zinc to Alleviate Malnutrition and Minimise Cadmium Uptake

Ms Nepheronia Ogburn

Agriculture Wasterwater-Grown Microalgae for Aquaculture Feed Production

Mrs Zahra SobhaniThe Polymer Types of the Nanoplastics Particles in Wastewater, Sludge and Soil
Ms Sedigheh AbbasiBioavailability and Toxicity of Metalloids in Mixed Contaminant Environments using Australian Native Plants
Mr Md HalimMicrobial Community Structure, Functional Diversity and Plant Growth Potential of Diazo-trophic Bacteria and Fungi in Maize Fields Under Heavy Metal Stress
Mr Kartik DharStudy of Anaerobic Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Coastal Marine Sediments by Improved Enrichment Culture and Combined Genomic-Proteomic Approaches
Mr Md. Rashidul IslamManaging Beryllium Contamination in Soils: A Risk Based Approach
Mr Md. Aminur RahmanApplicability of Modified Biochar Materials for Remediation of Arsenate and Arsenite Contaminated Waters
Mr Tanmoy SanaInteraction of C4 PFAS - C. Elegans in Soil and Aquatic Environment
Mr Md Meftaul IslamPesticide Use and Food Safety
Mr Qiushi Duan

Study on Occurrence and Distribution of Antibiotic Residues/ Pesticides/Nutrients in Drinking Water and Agriculture Aquatic Environment by Passive Sampling Method

Mr A. S. M. Fazle BariSoil Washing of Arsenic from Mixed Contaminated Sites at Abandoned Mines
Mr Anh HoangPhytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil Using Australian Native Vegetation
Mr Masud HassanRemoval of Heavy Metal Ions From Wastewater by Modified Sawdust
Ms Sania AfroseMicroplastics as a Vector for Contaminant Transport in Fresh Water Ecosystem: An Ecotoxicological and Molecular Assessment
Mr Mythili MurugesanImplications of Environmental Policies on Decarbonising a Regional Economy for Global Warming in Australia
Mr Md Al AminDevelopment and Validation of New Sensor for PFAS Monitoring from Diverse Sources
Mr Aravind UnnithanDeveloping Multi Dimensional Vapour Model
Ms Kaniz FatemaDegradation of Lignocellulose Waste by Using Bacterial Cellulases
Mrs Marjana YeasminSelenium Biofortification in Chickpea and Wheat Using Innovative Materials
Mr Amal DebMultifunctional and Biocompatible Clay Nanocomposites for the Remediation of Industrial Wastewater
Mr Anwar KhanInvestigate the Interaction Mechanism of NPs and ECs in WWTPs
Mr Santosh Kumar PaulControlled Release Formulations of Herbicide: Role of Nanocarriers in Loading and Releasing Behaviour of Active Ingredients
Miss Lauren BradneyTailings to Topsoil
Ms Awei BainivaluBioremediation of Oil in World War II Wrecks
Mrs Shabnam Bahremand AbrasiChemometrics Based Spectroscopy For Emerging Contaminants
Mr Praveen KuppanPhycosol - A Novel Innovative and Integrated Approach to Treat Winery Wastewater
Ms Aney ParvenPesticide Fate and Behaviour in Urban Soils in Relation to Contamination and Remediation
Mr Oluwadunsin OyetunjiCompost-Blended Fertiliser Products
Mr Prabin RautRisk of PFAS to crop plants
Mr Mohmmad ShaikePerfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) Present in Biota - Method Development and Assessment
Mrs Naveeda MajidNon-Wetting Soils: The Cause, Mechanism of Non-Wetting and Remediation
Mr James O'ConnorFood Waste Valorisation Products as a Nutrient Source and Carbon Amendments
Ms Bridie ClellandMicronutrient Dynamics Under Climate Change: The Atmosphere-Plant-Soil Nexus
Mr Ashkan KhoshyanRemediation of Emerging Contaminants
Mr Md Babul HossainCoal Tailings for Carbon Sequestration to Improve Soil Resilience and Crop Productivity in Sandy Soil
Mr Scott WarnerGroundwater Restoration and Protection: Influence Under Climate Change and Design Needs for Sustainable and Reliable Performance
Mr Louis FlemingThe Enhancement of Nutrients and Photosynthesis via Nanoparticle Application

The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.