Graduate Researchers
Roland-Batty, William, PhD, Effects of solar rotation on convection and active region evolution
Skinner, Geoffrey, PhD,  Constraining the physics driving solar active region emergence through the application of machine learning techniques
Williams, Joshua, PhD
Warden, Liam, PhD

2021 Barnett, R.L., PhD,  Density modifications in a fusion plasma driven by the ponderomotive force, now in a permanent position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A.
2018 Currie, J.L., PhD, Dynamics of HF radar backscatter in the middle and high latitude ionospheres, now a post-doc at ANU 
2017 Shah, A., PhD, The interaction of storm-time ULF waves with Earth's radiation belts in the presence of a realistic ionosphere boundary 
2014 Norouzi-Sedeh, L., PhD, Doppler clutter in HF radar systems produced by ULF waves
2012 Halford, A., PhD, EMIC wave association with geomagnetic storms, the plasmasphere and the radiation belts
2011 Liu, Y., PhD Multi-satellite observations of ULF waves in the Earth's magnetosphere 
2007 Chhogyel, S., M.Sc Relationship and dynamics of region 1 and region 2 Birkeland currents 
2006 Green, D.L., PhD The Mie and Helmholtz representation of vector fields in the context of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling 
2005 Ables, S., PhD Observations of 1-10 mHz cusp latitude ULF waves 
2003 Terkildsen, M.B., PhD Ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling at high latitudes: A study of radiowave absorption using the southern hemisphere imaging riometer experiment 
2003 Howard, T., PhD The generation and propagation of Pc3-4 ULF waves at high latitudes 
1998 Dowdell, G., PhD The polarisation of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves propagating in the middle magnetosphere 
1998 Dunlop, I.S., PhD Observations and modelling of hydromagnetic waves in the ionosphere 
1997 Neudegg, D., PhD Polar magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling: ULF wave and particle signatures 
1997 Nguyen, T.S., M.Sc A statistical study of electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave properties in the middle magnetosphere: CRRES spacecraft results
1996 Marshall, R.A., PhD Observations of hydromagnetic waves in the ionosphere 
1996 Chaston, C.C., PhD Electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves in the near-Earth magnetotail: Observations and theory 
1996 Li, Y., PhD, Characteristics of low latitude Pi2 geomagnetic pulsations
1994 Lee, S.H., M.Sc A ground satellite study of field line resonances in the inner magnetosphere
1993 Waters, C.L., PhD, Low latitude geomagnetic field line resonance 
1992 Hu, Y., PhD, Electromagnetic Waves in the Magnetosphere with Frequencies near the ion Cyclotron Frequency: Propagation, Amplification and Wave-Particle Interaction 
1991 Ziesolleck, C.W.S., PhD, Spatial characteristics of low latitude Pc3-4 geomagnetic pulsations 
1991 Feng, Q., Conjugate measurements of very low latitude Pc3,4 geomagnetic pulsations 
1991. Ostwald, P., M.Sc, Azimuthal phase structure of Pc3-4 geomagnetic pulsations 
1982 Webster, D.J., PhD, ULF goniometer studies on Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations 
1976 Duong, M.D., PhD Ionospheric propagation and dispersion of Pc1 pulsations 
1972 Summers, W.R., PhD, Polarisation of Pc1 micropulsations at middle and low latitudes
1971 Knott, R., M.Sc, The propagation of Pc1 geomagnetic micropulsations in a thermal magnetosphere
1971 Bagnall, F.T., PhD,  A contribution to Pc1 propagation concepts
1970 Paine, R.L., M.Sc, Aspects of the VLF emissions: The quasi-periodic VLF emissions
1968 Manchester, R.N., PhD (1968) An investigation of the propagation of hydromagnetic emissions away from their generation latitude to both high and low latitudes

Honours Researchers
2020 Adams, Lachlan, Analysing flows on the Sun’s surface to untangle the problem of coronal heating
2017 O'Sullivan, C., Comparison of methods for field aligned current density modelling
2016 Barnett, R. L., Time dependent model of the geomagnetically induced current coast effect
2016 Warden, L., Analysis and parameter study of a 2 1/2-D magnetohydrodynamic ULF wave propagation model
2016 Williams, J. S., A hybrid model for the generation of EMIC waves in the Earth's magnetosphere and foreshock 
2013 Freeland, L., The HF radio sky at southern polar latitudes
2012 Currie, J., Ground magnetometer and radar observations of ultra-low frequency, impulsive geomagnetic pulsations
2012 Przybylski, D., Application of the Constrained Interpolation Polynomial (CIP) - Method Of Characteristics (MOC) to the simulation of ULF waves in the magnetosphere 
2011 Nolan, C.A., The Kelvin Helmholtz instability
2011 Birt, K.A., Modelling of the electromagnetic interaction between biological cells and light 
2009 Smith, E.A., Microscale fluctuations in GPS signals 
2008 Cox, S.P., Investigation of ULF wave effects on radio astronomy 
2006 Rogers, L.J., Plasma density estimation from field line resonances in the magnetosphere 
2006 Ford, M., Propagation of Pi2 ULF plasma waves through near-Earth space 
2005 Grew, R.S., Plasmasperic mass density and composition during an extended magnetic storm 
1998 Loto'manusiu, P., Remote sensing of plasma density in the plasma trough 
1998 Howard, T., The propagation of ULF plasma waves at high latitudes 
1996 Price, I.A., Diagnosis of the ionosphere using resonant ULF waves 
1994 Gardiner, B., Kelvin-Helmholtz instability within the magnetotail: Theory and observations
1991 Chaston, C.C., Modelled ground and ionospheric signatures of magnetospheric flux transfer events 
1987 Walker, J.I., Dynamic spectral analysis of harmonically structured Pc3-4 pulsations seen by the ISEE 1/2 spacecraft
1986 Waters, C.L., Spectral analysis of Pc3 geomagnetic pulsations
1984 Chong, W.T., Microcomputer recording of Pc3 geomagnetic pulsations
1984 Lau, J.S., Ground-satellite studies of Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations 
1978 Muldoon, L., Investigation of geomagnetic micropulsations and atmospheric phenomena in the frequency range 0.2-5 Hertz 
1975 Wawrzyniak, S., Location of the source of IPDP micropulsations 
1974 Crotty, J., Determination of magnetospheric electron densities using whistlers

Summer Scholarship Researchers
2020 Alley, Camron, Long-lived Pre-emergence Bipoles (DVCRI Summer Research Internship)
2020 Ferguson, Megan, Identifying Sunspots using Machine Learning (FSCI Summer Vacation Scholarships)

Undergraduate Researchers
2021 Andronicus, Jacob, Mapping and tracking for local helioseismology (SENG4211)
2021 MacRae, Lachlan,  A software package to analyse the magnetic field structure of the Sun (SENG4211)
2021 Craig, Jack,  The distribution of explosive energy release events in turbulent, magnetised plasmas (SCIE3500)
2021 Alley, Camron, Long-lived Pre-emergence Bipoles (SCIE3500)
2021 Dunn, Liam, Measuring the size of stars using asteroseismology (SCIE3500)
2021 Rodak, Frederick, Constraining the reciprocal interstellar communication term in Drake's Equation (SCIE3500)

2020 Henley, Scott, On designing a Boxcount-based Fractal Analysis program using Python for interrogation of Simulated Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence structures (PHYS3330)
2020 Roberts, Hayden, Identifying Emerging Active Regions (PHYS3330)
2020 Grabham, Alex, The Solar Wind (PHYS3330)
2020 Wilkins, Chloe, Magnetohydrodynamics and the Coronal Heating Problem (PHYS3330)

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