The University of Newcastle, Australia

The Centre for Ironmaking Materials Research (CIMR) is a partnership between NIER and BHP Billiton, aimed at defining the link between fundamental iron ore and metallurgical coal properties and their performance in the ironmaking process.

Both these materials are major export earners for Australia. To meet strong demands, particularly from China, new deposits are being developed at unprecedented rates. Almost always these materials have slightly different properties, and this could adversely alter the performance of the important iron ore sintering and cokemaking processes.

The outcomes of research carried out by CIMR have the ability to help users of Australian iron ores and metallurgical coals to:

  • Increase the levels of these ores and coals in their blends - to increase the market share of the Australian component as production increases
  • Define required technological changes when using materials from new deposits - to help customers maintain, optimise or increase production and/or quality of the sinter and coke produced
  • Broaden their range of new raw materials that can used effectively - to increase the Australian resource base
  • Increase their energy efficiency in sintering and cokemaking - to reduce greenhouse emissions