Training and events

UON researchers and graduate research students wanting to learn more about data analysis, research software, programming and research computing have access to a wide range of training courses, workshops and events. Courses and events are delivered by Intersect, a UON partner organisation, and are available to UON staff and HDR students at no cost unless otherwise indicated. For more information, see the Intersect training web page.

Online Training


UON staff and students are able to enrol in free online self-paced training through MATLAB Academy. See this page for more information and to get started.


UON has a site licence for SAS which includes a number of e-learning packages. Access requires creating a SAS account, and an access code that can be obtained by lodging a request through custom research request webform in service UON.


A range of video tutorials are freely available on the QSR website.

Hands-on training

Unix Shell and Command Line Basics

11am Monday, 3rd Jun 2019

The Unix environment is incredibly powerful but quite daunting to the newcomer. Command line confidence unlocks powerful computing resources beyond th...

Getting started with HPC

9:30am Tuesday, 4th Jun 2019

Is your computer's limited power throttling your research ambitions? Are your analysis scripts pushing your laptop's processor to its limits? Is your ...

Databases and SQL

9:30am Wednesday, 5th Jun 2019

A relational database is an extremely efficient, fast and widespread means of storing structured data, and Structured Query Language (SQL) is the stan...

Programming with MATLAB

9:30am Thursday, 6th Jun 2019

MATLAB is an incredibly powerful programming environment with a rich set of analysis toolkits. But what if you're just getting started – with MA...