Priority Research Centre

About us

The Teachers and Teaching Priority Research Centre aims to achieve high quality research, training and knowledge translation in the development and testing of interventions and innovations that will be used and sustained in the practice of teaching and teacher development across a broad range of contexts.

Members of the UON Teachers and Teaching Research Centre

(from left to right) Back row: Elena Prieto-Rodriguez, Sally Patfield, Leanne Fray, Max Smith, David Lubans, Matthew Harper, Skye Gibson, Daniel Hickmott, Drew Miller. Front row: Jess Harris, Nicole Thew, Le Hoang Le, Jenny Gore, Felicia Jaremus, Stephanie Reed, Brooker Rosser, Wendy Taggart.

Teachers and Teaching, an education research centre in the School of Education at the University of Newcastle, investigates teacher professional learning (including preservice, induction, inservice and leadership) and teaching practice (including curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment) with particular emphases on quality, equity and technology.

The research centre aims to examine these interrelationships throughout teachers' careers and across curriculum areas and schooling contexts. It targets populations, such as Aboriginal teachers, curriculum areas, such as mathematics education, and social and educational challenges, including student aspirations and the integration of ICT with pedagogy.

In order to improve the quality of teaching and teacher education in the interests of students everywhere, Teachers and Teaching combines the disciplinary and methodological expertise of educational researchers to address issues at the forefront of state and national policy agendas and at the cutting edge of academic scholarship. Research and training activities cover the spectrum of theory development and measurement, intervention conceptualisation and testing, and knowledge transfer.