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Newcastle Youth Studies Group

About us

The Newcastle Youth Studies Group examines inequalities that affect young people's lives across national and international contexts. It has a particular focus on Australia, South-East Asia and the Pacific

Youth studies has been identified as an area of priority in the School of Humanities and Social Science via strategic network funding in the Faculty of Education and Arts. Members of the group have recently received Australian Research Council Discovery Project funding of $197,433 for a project called Young Hospitality Workers and Value Creation in the Service Economy.

Working collaboratively, the youth studies group at the University of Newcastle has established research expertise in issues such as:

  • young people and social change
  • sport and popular culture
  • health and wellbeing
  • youth homelessness
  • class, gender and ethnicity inequality
  • geographic and spatial inequalities
  • generations
  • diaspora and exile
  • masculinity and violence
  • the body and affect
  • reflexivity and youth subjectivities
  • precarious work
  • global youth cultures
  • popular culture
  • online identity

The group has demonstrated research methodological expertise in an array of quantitative and qualitative methods including: large surveys, interviews, focus groups, visual methods, ethnography, figurative methodology and discourse analysis.

Youth studies group members