We are committed to our journey towards being a culturally responsive organisation - developing and embedding policies and protocols of how we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and communities will enhance our relationships, trust and the results we can achieve together.

Our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a valuable tool to create strategic, sustainable, and measurable promotion of reconciliation. They are designed around three pillars:


RAPs build understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and history, promote meaningful engagement, increase equity and equality, and create sustainable employment and economic opportunities.

The Office of Indigenous Strategy and Leadership led the development of the RAP, supported by the University's RAP Working Group which consists of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff from every College and Division of the University.

This Reconciliation Action Plan brings to life the University’s commitment to engagement and community collaboration for reconciliation.

Download PDF (17.9 MB)

Artwork story: The creation of this work was inspired by a group discussion with the University of Newcastle’s RAP working group and the thoughts they had about what reconciliation means to them and the University.

Jasmin's Craciun's RAP artwork
Artwork by Jasmine Craciun (2022).

Reconciliation events

Each year we host a number of Reconciliation events you can get involved in. These include:

  • Ngarrama vigil (25 January)
  • National Reconciliation Week (27 May - 3 June) events including Rising from the Embers Festival,  Reconciliation Ball and Reconciliation Awards
  • RAPs in the Region events for local businesses and organisations wanting to embed authentic Reconciliation practices
  • High school insight days including Numeracy Gala Day

Ngarrama 3:03

This is a free, family-friendly public event to engage the community in meaningful reconciliation through truth-telling and historical acceptance.

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