The University of Newcastle, Australia

Activate your account

New students

  • Before you are able to use any University computer, system or online service you need to accept your offer and activate your student account.
  • If you applied via UAC, before you activate your account you need to accept your offer. If you have not yet done this, follow the instructions for accepting your offer
  1. Open the NUaccess Activate User Account utility for Students.
  2. Activate Account
  3. Enter your Student Number, Date of Birth and the Program Code you wrote down in Step 1.
  4. Click the checkbox beside "I'm not a robot". A Captcha test will appear.
  5. Complete the Captcha test by clicking all appropriate images that meet the request at the top of the test and then click Verify.
  6. Click Next once you have successfully completed the Captcha test.
  1. The Terms and Conditions of Use page will now be displayed. You must accept the University Computing and Communications Facilities Terms and Conditions in order to finish activating your account and access any University systems or services.
  2. Accept Terms
  3. Read the policy, and click the I Accept button if you agree to these conditions.
  1. The Set Password page will now be displayed
  2. Set Password
  3. Enter a new password, re-enter your new password to confirm and click Save.
  4. The Account Activation Complete page will now be displayed.
  5. Your student user account is now active and ready to use.
  6. Account Activation Complete

Current, Returning or Continuing Students

You don't need to activate your student account again. Your existing username and password are still valid. If you have forgotten your password, the NUaccess Reset Password utility for Students is available to help you reset your password.