Obtaining an ISBN or an ISSN

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier for a book or book-like item to allow that specific publication to be distinguished and located.

An ISBN may be allocated to:

  • printed books and pamphlets
  • conference proceedings
  • research reports and other reports, providing they are one off and not intended to be updated or issued regularly (e.g. annual reports should obtain an ISSN)
  • graphic novels
  • maps
  • audio CDs/CR-ROMs
  • educational/instructional computer software
  • educational/instructional films
  • multi-media kits containing printed material
  • online publications

Within each category there are eligible and ineligible materials set down by the ISBN Agency. For full details see the International ISBN Agency Users' Manual.

The Library's Scholarly Publishing team can allocate ISBNs for University of Newcastle publications. To qualify for an ISBN from the University, the publication must:

  • Be produced by current staff and/or students of the University of Newcastle
  • Be an eligible material as outlined by the ISBN agency*
  • Have the University of Newcastle as the sole publisher
  • Be available for sale or distribution outside the University of Newcastle

*For more information consult the ISBN Users' Manual. (http://www.isbn-international.org/page/info)

An ISBN should be printed on the reverse of the title page, along with copyright and publisher information. It must be printed exactly as given somewhere inside the book for it to be valid.

To request an ISBN, please email Scholarly Publishing, Content & Discovery at nova@newcastle.edu.au Please supply the following information:-

  • Author/Contributor(s)
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Number of pages
  • Binding (e.g. paperback)
  • Subject category
  • Publication date (day/month/year)
  • Price
  • Method of sale/distribution outside the University
  • Printing and size of print run
  • Medium (audio, digital, e-book, multimedia pack, print, video, other - please specify)
  • Format (e.g. CDROM, DVD, PDF)

An ISBN for a personal publication can be obtained by the author themselves, online from the Thorpe-Bowker website or email myidentifiers@thorpe.com.au

The National Library provides a free Prepublication Data Service (previously known as CIP - Cataloguing-In-Publication). A brief prepublication catalogue record will be created and available in Libraries Australia and Trove - the national discovery service in 48 hours. This service is available for authors who wish the details of their upcoming publications made available to Australian libraries, library suppliers and the book industry for acquisition purposes. Once your publication has been published the catalogue record will be updated to full cataloguing standards.

The National Library of Australia sets out the conditions for legal deposit. Legal deposit is a statutory provision which obliges publishers to deposit copies of their print publications in libraries in the country in which they are published within two months of publication. More information is available on the Legal Deposit web site.

For any University of Newcastle publication, two copies are required to be supplied to the University Library's Collection Management Services team – one copy will be sent to the National Library, the second copy will be sent to the State Library of New South Wales.

Please send these to Collection Management Services, Auchmuty Library, Library Services, Academic Division, University of Newcastle.

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ISSNs are unique identifiers for serial publications. The library does not assign ISSNs for serials that the University of Newcastle publishes. Instead, if you are publishing a new journal or other serial format publication, contact the National Library of Australia. ISSNs are free of charge and an application for an ISSN can be made using the Australian ISSN Agency online application form. For more information or assistance please contact the National Library of Australia ISSN by e-mail: issn@nla.gov.au

For further information please contact:

Scholarly Publishing, Content & Discovery
Auchmuty Library
Library Services
Academic Division
University of Newcastle
Email: nova@newcastle.edu.au

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