International Work Experience in China

A 10 unit elective open to all UoN students

The Newcastle Business School is offering UoN students from any discipline an opportunity to develop real world skills whilst also gaining exposure to international cultures and lifestyles.

What's involved?

Students will undertake an international work-integrated placement during the University semester break.

  • Students will undertake lectures prior to going abroad about overseas travel and culture, career development and planning, workplace issues including professional standards of conduct, Equity and Diversity and WH&S requirements. This lecture series is held on campus at the University of Newcastle Precinct Campus in Auckland Street, Newcastle.
  • 4 week supervised International work placement in China
  • Participants will be enrolled in BUSN3500

Why participate?

  • Make yourself stand out from other students competing with you in the job market
  • Receive academic credit
  • Develop an international network of contacts, mentors, and friends
  • Discover a new country and become culturally immersed, working in a foreign environment

Do I need to speak the local language?

No. However before you participate in an overseas experience, it's recommended that you learn as much as possible about the language and culture.

Am I eligible to participate?

  • You must have completed 160 units prior to your experience
  • You must have a free 10 unit elective in your degree. Some Business and Commerce students may be able to use this as one of thier directed majors - please check with your program advisor.

What Do I Have to Pay?

Students will be required to cover the course cost of BUSN3500, a University of Newcastle Tuition Fee (10 units).

Students will also be required to meet all costs incurred for their overseas experience including payment to the overseas provider.

What Financial Assistance is available?

Students may be able to access financial assistance including the OS-HELP Loan and/or Global Traveller Grant:

OS-HELP: is an Australian Government Loan  that allows eligible Australian students to access up to $7998 to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP is applied to your HECS debt and standard conditions apply. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and any other travel expenses.

How do I organise my  placement?

CRCC Asia is a third party provider who will organise your placement. More information including dates and costs of your internship are available at the following link: