UON Prep
UON Prep Bridging Courses

Who can enrol?

Studies indicate that the first year of university is the most critical period in determining success. That's why you need to be as well-prepared as possible with academic content and skills. To help prepare for and make the most of your studies, we have developed a number of flexible options designed to 'top up' your subject knowledge and introduce you to the skills you need to commence tertiary study.

On-campus Courses

On-campus courses are open to all current students at the University of Newcastle.

Online Courses

Our online short courses are open to anyone wishing to refresh their skills in a particular subject. You do not need to be a student at the University of Newcastle.

What do past UON Prep Bridging course students think?

I completed the Writing Academic Essays Course in February 2018. I think more people need to know just how useful these courses are. The statistics regarding the higher success of students who complete these courses blew me away!  I can see just how spot on these statistics are as I am leaps and bounds ahead of the other students with my essay writing".

"It is a good starting point for those students who haven't had to write an essay of any kind before."

"I think the instructor was very supportive and approachable, covered the subject at a good pace and broke things down to be more easy to understand."

"The teacher was patient and helpful."

"The lecturer was amazing, it was great to get a taste of what university may be like in the weeks leading up to week one."

"The Academic Survival Skills Online course has helped me to feel confident going into my studies, especially with my essay and report writing."