PREP1020 - Essential Numeracy

A basic level of numeracy is essential, not just while studying but also in everyday life. From doing the shopping to designing a rocket travelling to Mars, numeracy skills are in constant demand.

This online course aims to remind students of the fundamental rules of arithmetic which underpin all higher levels of mathematics. Topics covered include:

* Order of operations
* Whole number arithmetic
* Fractions
* Decimals
* Percentages

This course is appropriate for students wishing to enrol in foundation-level programs.


To register for PREP1020 Essential Numeracy, you need to visit Open Education Blackboard and self enrol.

You will need to create an account for Open Education Blackboard using your UON student number as your username.  Please follow these instructions if you need help.

Do not use Internet Explorer to complete your enrolment or access the course — Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are preferred.

After you have self-enrolled, you can log back into the course by using the Open Education Blackboard link above or simply search for 'Open Education Blackboard' via your internet browser.