Student Living



Callaghan Campus : Established 2001

Barahineban (or Bara to our residents) is the smallest residence at the Callaghan campus and provides studio accommodation for those seeking to be more independent.

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Blue Gum House

Central Coast Campus : Established 1998

A unique residential experience is the distinct advantage of Blue Gum House. Located at our Central Coast Campus at Ourimbah, Blue Gum House is the smallest of our residences offering an independent living environment in a picturesque location.

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Edwards Hall

Callaghan Campus : Established 1972

Edwards Hall, or 'Teds' for the initiated, is known for its spirited residential community committed to academic excellence.

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Evatt House

Callaghan Campus : Established 1990

Evatt House is more than just a place to live - it's about pride, enthusiasm and mass participation! Originally known as the 'country kid's college', Evatt House is a home away from home for its residents.

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International House

Callaghan Campus : Established 1989

International House (IH) is a unique residential community which promotes respect, participation and community spirit and welcomes residents from all over Australia and the world.

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North Residence

Callaghan Campus : Established 2015

Known as the Lifestyle Tower, North is the perfect place for students who wish to experience on-campus living in a more relaxed setting.

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South Residence

Callaghan Campus : Established 2015

South Residence, established in 2015 alongside North, East and West, is home to 194 residents per year. Compared to the traditions of our older style residences, South is still developing so every new resident that comes through the doors is contributing to its story.

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East Residence

Callaghan Campus : Established 2015

Residents of East Residence, affectionately known as the pirates, are known for their enthusiasm, competitive nature and playfulness. East encourages its residents to grow academically, socially and personally in an inclusive and engaging community.

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West Residence

Callaghan Campus: Established 2015

West Residence, established in 2015 along with North, East and South, is the home of the West Wombats. Known for their determination, reliability and friendliness, West is all about getting involved in the Student Living and broader community and supporting one another to be the best they can be.

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